Choose the color of the corridor: hallway interior, yellow and ivory, corridor red and shimo, combination with alder

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Correctly selected style will make the corridor cozy and beautiful The correct style will make the corridor cozy and beautiful Color hallway interiors can be different, but it is important that they fit harmoniously into the overall design of the room. If you make mistakes at the time of choosing a shade or incorrect combination of several tones, you can get a negative and not the most pleasant result instead of excellent repair. What color to paint or glue the surface of walls, directly depends on personal preferences. For example, some are irritated by beige paint, including ivory, but you may like pink or purple atmosphere. It is especially important to keep harmony in a small corridor - it is worth abandoning the wallpaper or print on the walls with a small and frequent pattern, as they visually narrow the space.

    • corridor color: what to choose
    • Red hall: stylish design
    • Hallway Shimo colors: cozy interior
    • color combination in the interior hallway in
    • apartment Beautiful interior hallway( video)
    • corridor design with warm colors( interior photos)

corridor color: what to choose

today, the hall will suit most different color, as in vogue bright design solutions. In particular, it is possible to use shades of green and olive, the hallway can be blue or orange, and some do prefer to decorate in black or brown tones. Very modern look will be the covering of the walls in chocolate color and if you make repairs and paste wallpaper just such a shade, then the room will shine with new colors.

But due to the fact that chocolate - dark, you need to take care of:

  • penetration of natural light;
  • Availability of artificial lighting;
  • Decor, which can make the room more light and cozy.

The corridor and hallway designers are advised to decorate in light colors Corridor and hallway, designers are advised to register in bright colors very elegant look on the background of the white walls of chocolate set. These two tones are suitable for each other and their combination is simply divine. Very often such a combination can be found in the decoration of large halls in hotels and restaurants.

Few people know that it is now on sale there are fluorescent dyes, which can not simply decorate the surface of the walls or furniture in the hallway, but also create a kind of fairy tale.

To be more precise, such dyes glow in the dark, which allows you to make a kind of non-natural highlighting, which definitely will appeal to many household members. Typically, these paints are painted in those corridors in which children often come in order to divert their attention at the time of dressing or undressing.

Red hall: stylish design

Since the hall is literally an important place in the house, because it is through her fall into the other room, you need to think carefully about the repairs, not to disappoint guests with the first step.

Extremely unusual is the hall in:

  • Lilac;
  • Turquoise;
  • Golden;
  • Classical color, such as cherry, alder, ash and walnut.

The hallway will look stylish and creative, if it is framed in red hallway will look stylish and creative, if it is framed in red China to experts, Russia and others believe that it is extremely original will look red hall, which will be attended accessories in warm colors, such asYellow or peach. Do not be afraid of a bright scarlet color, because in fact, if it is used correctly, you can achieve an excellent design that can surprise even the most demanding critic.

Extraordinary colors are now at the peak of popularity, and if correctly to make not only their strength, but also designers recommendations, it is possible to arrange a corridor not only for this season, and for a few years, which does not expire even after a change of trend.

Due to the fact that in the hallway a person stays for a minimum amount of time, neither walls nor ceiling will pressure him, and therefore one can safely give preference to the brightest shades of it. In addition, as already mentioned, you can use colors such as yellow and peach, which will create a certain contrast, and it is also acceptable to use the minimum amount of white and gray. If you want to make walls in neutral color, then red, only a little muffled tone will do.

Important!Red visually reduces the space of the room, so if the hallway is small and needs is a red trim, it is desirable to make a beige background, and if you allow open spaces, it is permissible arrangement is not only the walls of the red paintings, but also the ceiling.

Shimo's hallway: cozy interior

Shimo color is a rare and quite new shade that has been used to make interior items. For example, now very fashionable hallways in this tone, especially in combination with golden accessories, for example curbs on shelves or furniture on a hanger.

Shimo is a light ash tree, which some confuse with color such as coffee with milk.

Furniture color shimo will visually increase space in the corridor color Furniture Shimo help visually increase the space in the passage

Unlike the latter, with clear Shimo it has sharp bands that are imitations of wood.

By Shimo appropriate colors can be very different and by different combination is possible:

  • Visually expand and narrow the space of the room;
  • Create different stylistic directions;
  • Carry out the most creative design solutions.

Basically, shimo is used in such styles as: Provence, classic and minimalism. It is in them priorities for light tones. As a supplement to furniture in the style of shimo, you can use a parquet board of French oak or a laminate such as bleached ash, and also install doors of the same color. The interior will be just wonderful.

The combination of colors in the interior of the hallway in the apartment

There are three categories of flowers, each of which has special and unique features.

Make the corridor and the hallway interesting and unusual with the help of the decoration of walls with bright colors Make corridor and hallway interesting and unusual, you can use the wall decoration in bright colors


  1. Warm colors - a red, orange and brown. Hallways in such colors will be pleasant, comfortable and cozy in appearance. Very warm will be on the soul after coming to such a room, especially in the period from autumn to spring, when everything around is damp, cold and unpleasant. Use colors in the corridor can be a variety of images, for example, in the decoration of walls and ceiling, floor, door leaves, as well as in accessories.
  2. Neutral color includes all shades of green, turquoise and light green. These colors are mostly chosen by those who prefer freshness, space, coolness and novelty. They symbolize youth and life. If the room is decorated in a classical style, then you should prefer emerald or malachite color. If there is no desire for drastic changes, it will be sufficient to hanging pictures or textiles in such tones.
  3. Cold hall - it's blue, blue and purple. They add cold to the interior, but with a competent selection of furniture and decoration materials, you can create a completely cozy corridor. It is especially important to place warm lighting in a room with such colors.

beautiful interior in the hallway( video)

regards combining different shades, it is necessary to pay attention to your own preferences. There are people who perceive different colors well, even contrasting with each other. Making out any room, you must first rely on the sensations of all household members to exclude discontent and re-conducting finishing works.

corridor design with warm colors( interior photos)

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