Wrought iron hangers in the hall: metal photo, wall and floor, for the dress of the banquet, the parameters of the angular

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Forged hanger in the hallway - it Forged hanger in the hallway - it's stylish and incredibly beautiful First of all, entering the house, we get into the hallway, so I want it to be cozy and functional. In the corridor, there must necessarily be a place where you can hang clothes and put on headgear, but what if, due to the size or the style of the interior of this room, it is impossible to put a cabinet in it?Clothes hangers - will be a great replacement for him. They do not take up a lot of space, but they hold a large enough amount of clothes and hats, some of them have a comfortable seat.

    • Forged hangers in the hallway: types
    • Metal hanger in the hallway: pros and cons
    • Hanger for the hallway forged: design options
    • A little about the manufacture of the hammered hanger
    • Beautiful forged hangers in the hallwayVideo)
    • Examples of forged hangers in the hallway( photo in the interior)

Forged hangers in the hallway: types

Forged hangers have original design and are excellent for hallways with interiors in the roomssicheskom style or pompous style amps. There are several types of such storehouses for outerwear, they, without a doubt, will add a medieval charm to your home.

Pick up a wrought-iron hanger for the hallway should be tailored to the interior, so that it harmoniously complements the design of the room The forged hanger for the hallway should be selected with the interior in mind so that it harmoniously complements the design of the room

Varieties of forged hangers:

  1. Wall mounted metal hangers are suitable even for hallways with miniature dimensions, they hardly occupy a functionalSpace. Often, such hangers are made in the form of a shelf-grid for hats, at the bottom of which there are hooks, where you can hang the outer clothing, but there are other options with a more original design. They can be of different sizes and have more than ten hooks. Forged constructions of this type are attached to the wall using self-tapping screws.
  2. Simple forged floor hangers are often used to place outdoor clothes for restaurants and offices. Such hangers can have one massive metal leg that is branched at the top into several hooks, and they can be made in the form of an arched construction on two legs with openwork forging and air hooks for clothes. They are best placed near the wall in order to avoid their falling due to overweight.
  3. Floor hangers with a seat for re-training and a mirror will replace your entire cabinet, while not particularly blocking the room. They can be equipped with hooks for outer clothing, a shelf for storing headgear, an umbrella stand, a soft seat or a bench, and even a place where shoes can be put. Like simple forged hangers, this option is desirable to place near the wall.

To make the hallway more functional, you can put under the wall hanger a banquet of an open or closed type, decorated with forged elements, creating a stylish ensemble.

When choosing an outdoor hanger, please note that it is sufficiently stable and able to withstand a large number of heavy outerwear. Remember that such an element of the interior in addition to beauty, must also have convenience in operation.

Metal hanger in the hallway: pros and cons

Forged products have always been distinguished for their elegance, but thinking through the interior of the corridor one should think not only about its appearance, but also about the fact that all the items in it are durable and functional.

Metal hangers meet all the requirements of corridor furniture and have only one drawback - a high price.

The advantage of forged hangers is that they can be of all shapes and sizes The advantage of forged hangers is that they can be of all shapes and sizes

If you really want to have a forged hanger in your house, but you can not afford finances, you can purchase several original forged hooks, and yourselfMake up an ensemble with a banquet.

If this defect does not scare you, it's time to talk about the merits of such products:

  • A wide variety of design solutions for forged hangers make them suitable for almost any interior, except perhaps modern and high-tech.
  • Metal is one of the most durable materials, so products made from it are capable of withstanding impressive loads.
  • The compactness of most models of forged hangers allows you to use them in a room of absolutely any size.
  • The material from which such structures are made is treated with special compounds that prevent corrosion.
  • Forged hangers have an incredibly long life, they practically do not change over time, and peeling paint can always be updated or written off to the artificial effect of antiquity.

Thanks to all these advantages, metal hangers are ideal for decorating the hallway. They not only add comfort to any room, but also will pleasantly surprise your guests.

Hanger for the hallway forged: design options

Each forged product is unique as it is produced by hand, so there can not be two identical hangers. You can ask the master to make you a hanger on your sketch or to get ready work. Either way, you can be sure that every forged element in your home carries a particle of the soul of its manufacturer.

Forged hangers can be made in any style. Usually they are covered with black paint, but there are other options. For their decoration can be used stones, wood, glass and even plastic.

Especially expensive look forged hangers, combined with elements of mahogany or oak.

Metal hanger will easily decorate the interior and make it more refined Metal hanger will easily decorate the interior and make it more refined

Let's look at some examples of how metal hangers can be decorated:

  • Wall hangers made with art forging can be madeIn the form of an animal or a bird.
  • Another interesting variant of the wall hanger is the product, inside of which the whole action takes place. This work is a real picture of metal. Here can be depicted a battle scene, a girl sitting by the river or a lizard waiting for prey, settling on the branches of trees.
  • Some variants can fit into the modern laconic interior, if they are executed, for example, in the form of an umbrella, or for example, a person standing at the threshold in a coat and hat.
  • The most common forged hangers have the appearance of a lattice, which is braided by flowers and leaves.
  • Floor racks without a seat can be made in the form of a street lamp and have a place under the pots.
  • The floor structure, which includes a banquet and forged hooks, can partly consist of wood.
  • Floor rack with a banquet can be corner, this option is suitable for corridors of small size.

We have given only a few design options for forged hangers for the hallway. Whichever model you choose, remember that it should account for the general interior of the room and have suitable parameters. It is better, if in your corridor besides the hanger there will be other forged elements.

A bit about making a forged hanger

Metal forged hangers, unlike wooden and plastic ones, are always made in hand, so they have such an inimitable design.

Unfortunately, you can not make such a hanger yourself if you do not have the skills of art forging for metal.

Pick up a metal hanger that fits perfectly into the interior of the corridor, you can in a specialized store or you can make it to order The metal hanger that fits perfectly into the interior of the corridor can be found in a specialized store or it can be made to order

Here are the main steps in the manufacture of forged products:

  • Selection of quality metal.
  • Forging products.
  • Anti-corrosion coating.
  • Primer.
  • Coating with colored enamel or black powder.

As you can see all the stages are quite complicated, so if you want to do it yourself, you have to first learn from the master.

Beautiful forged hangers in the hallway( video)

Furniture made in the art of forging, will last for many years and once will not go out of fashion, you can even pass such products inherited from generation to generation.

Examples forged hangers in the hall( photo interior)

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