Walls in the hallway options for finishing the photo: the corridor of plasterboard, the color and design of the apartment, decorative materials

The material for wall finishing in the hallway should be practical and durable material for the walls in the hallway should be practical and durable Today, designers are increasingly focused on a stylish decoration. It is important to choose fashionable finishing materials, but remember that they must be practical and reliable, otherwise all repairs can go wrong. The walls in the hallway finish option can be very different. This allows the interior of the room to be finished, stylish and beautiful. Wall decoration should be durable. It is important to choose the quality of materials, their texture and color in advance.

    • Decorating the walls in the hallway and hallway: photo tips for beginning repairs
    • Decorating the walls in the hallway: the choice of quality materials
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Decorating the walls in the hallway and hallway: photo tips for beginning repairs

should be careful before repairto explore options for wall decoration depending on the room functions. Corridor - the place that is the beginning of the apartment, he, in a way, presents the whole apartment. The hallway room should be functional and practical.

It is important to determine in advance the type of materials for wall finishing. It should take into account the number of people living in an apartment or house, the presence of children and pets, the layout of the premises.

You can find the options for finishing on specialized websites. On many of them, professional designers can give online advice on arranging the hallway.

Dimensions of the room, play an important role in the choice of style and interior design room size, play an important role in the choice of interior style and design

What to consider:

  • size of the room;
  • Location of the hallway;
  • Style of the whole room;
  • Define the color palette;
  • Correctly place the accents;
  • Perform zoning of the room.

With the help of the walls, it is possible to zoning the hallway. Correctly selected color palette will help visually change the geometry of the room. It should be remembered that each style has its own features and characteristics, which affects the choice of colors and materials for decoration.

Decorating the walls in the hallway: the choice of materials quality

Otelochnye wall materials are abundant in the construction markets and in shops. The choice is so great that it is sometimes difficult to choose a material that will combine reliability, affordable price category and aesthetic appearance.

When choosing materials for the hallway, it is important to remember that it is exposed to moisture, dust and dirt every day.

When choosing materials, it is also important to take into account the illumination of the living room, its proximity to other rooms. Walls should harmonize in style with all style in an apartment or house.

Wall decoration should be durable, otherwise frequent repairs will not only get boring, but will also be quite costly Wall finishes must be durable, otherwise frequent repairs not only bored, but will be quite costly

Selection criteria:

  • Durability;
  • Moisture Proof;
  • Reliability;
  • Ease of care;
  • Stylish appearance.

Choose the right option, not much work, if you decide in advance with the main criteria and expectations from the material. Do not be guided only by taste preferences. The main thing is reliability and unpretentious finishing.

Walls in the corridor: finishes

For the repair process, proceed when the style of the room is selected. It is important to create a design project. It is made up of all the designers, in order to visualize the future interior of the hallway.

It is important to determine in advance several ways of harmonious and stylish design of the corridor, then choose the most practical of them.

Today, many trim the walls with wall panels. They are used to cover the corridor. They are easy to assemble, easy to care for and dismantled. With their help you can create a beautiful decor.

Wall panels can effectively hide surface defects wall panels help to effectively hide surface defects

Finishes panels:

  • reechnyh;
  • Tiled;
  • Sheet.

Each of the types has its own characteristics and features, which determine the methods of their installation. Wall panels may be made of wood, glass, plasterboard, plastics, fiberboard, MDF, particle board, PVC.Each material has its own price category.

How to decorate the walls in the hallway

Often the choice of finishing the walls depends on the financial situation of the owners of the apartment. If repairs are inexpensive, it is important to choose materials that have good characteristics. The most common type of decoration today is the wallpaper.

Wallpaper should be selected by such criteria: affordable price category, reduced wear rate. High density and beautiful design.

Today, these criteria are met by vinyl wallpaper. They are often chosen by the owners of apartments in which cats live. These wallpapers are easy to clean, have high density and wear resistance. On them, you can easily repair the scratches.

Wall-papers and decorative plaster will make the decoration of the walls in the hall an unusual and attractive Photo wallpapers and decorative plaster will finish the walls in the hallway unusual and attractive

finishing options:

  • wallpaper;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Plasterboard;
  • Wall panels;
  • with tiles.

Often, materials have a variety of qualities that will allow you to play with color, texture and shape. Different materials differ in the methods of installation. With interesting solutions and options for finishing can be found on the Internet, where the design ideas, pictures and ways of their implementation are presented. The walls can be decorated by hand. Walls can be wallpapered everywhere, or you can combine them with plaster. Beautifully in the halls will look houseplants. In the interior, you can use two finishes of different types in combination with a carpet or track.

stylish wall in the hallway: finishes( video)

The choice of finishing the walls of many factors affecting the hall: size room, width and height of the walls. Covering walls is an important task. Some believe that it's better to paste wallpaper, others use a combination of materials or. Designers are advised to decorate the corners with special decorative elements or. For example, brown walls should be made with beige inserts, blue - white. How beautiful the color combinations, each owner decides for himself.

design of walls in the hallway: finishes( photo interiors)