Mirror with a shelf in the hallway: photo behind the shelf, own wall cupboard, narrow racks

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Mirror with a shelf in the hallway can look interesting and unusual Mirror with a shelf in the hallway can look interesting and unusual There are a lot of interior hallways in spacious hallways, but in typical small corridors and hallways one can not choose. Sometimes there is such a convenient wardrobe or chest of drawers that there is no chance, therefore it is necessary to be limited to a modest locker( this is at best), and a mirror with a shelf. But this can also be done interestingly!

      • Advantages or disadvantages: a mirror with a shelf for the hall
      • Types: a shelf for a hallway with a mirror
      • Ways of placing: a shelf with a mirror in the hall
      • Mirror surfaces in the hall
      • What is the additional benefitMirrors in the interior
      • Mirror in the hallway, ideas for placement( video)
      • Examples of a mirror with a shelf in the hallway( photo in interior)

Pros or Cons: mirror with a shelf for the hall

Before choosing, Measure all the pros and cons of such an interior element. After weighing everything, you will understand whether you need it at all, perhaps, to resort to other options?Of course, you need to compare advantages with obvious shortcomings.

Before you buy a shelf with a mirror in the hallway, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of this choice Before you buy a shelf with a mirror in the hallway, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of choosing

Advantages of a mirror with a shelf in the hallway:

  • Functionality - this design can easily fit into any interior;
  • Practicality of - on the shelf you can put a cosmetic bag, hygiene items, etc.;
  • Minimalism - you will not clutter up space;
  • Aesthetics - with the right decision it will look not only beautiful, but also very original;
  • Price - will cost you such a set, as it is easy to guess, inexpensive.

But without the pitfalls, of course, there was not. There are also disadvantages. It, for example, sharp corners - in a close corridor for them now and then you cling to your elbows. A small capacity is also a drawback, you can store a minimum of things there. Prerequisites for chaos also exist - keys, documents, everything is dumped on this poor wall shelf.

Types: shelf for the hallway with a mirror

Finally, the most interesting is the choice. And with a good search, it will not be that small. And even among the most common options is what to look for.

A mirror with a shelf in the hallway can be of several kinds Mirror with a shelf in the hallway can be of several types

Types of shelves with a mirror:

  • Classic - rectangle or oval with a lower shelf location;
  • Country is an oval with a highly decorated frame, an abundance of decor and all sorts of curls;
  • Ethnostyle - a mirror accompanied by ornamentation, dusty images typical of a certain culture;
  • High-tech - rectangular shape with emphasized functionality, unusual placement of shelves;
  • Minimalism is a rectangle without any frame with a narrow strip of wood in the role of a shelf.

As for the size, the vertical growth mirrors are most often used, but not strictly necessary. For example, one of the fashion options is a vertical hanging mirror with bevelled edges, or a horizontal mirror with a shelf. Separately, I want to say about the accentuating mirrors. They have such a task - to attract attention, to become an interior accent. Because this is usually a frame in stucco and curls, bright decor and, most often, the removal of shelves in a separate module.

Ways of placement: a shelf with a mirror in the hall

And here too there are quite a lot of options, although at the first thought of this it seems, except that one: a mirror, and below it a shelf. The most important thing is that not necessarily a regiment and a mirror should be a kit. This can be items bought in different places, and belonging to different collections.

The arrangement of the shelf relative to the mirror can be very diverse The position of the shelf relative to the mirror can be very diverse

How can you arrange the shelves:

  • If the shelf is not tight against the wall - then you can freely move it across the entire height of the mirror. This shelf can be taken, for example, in the center of the mirror and, in particular, in the upper part of the mirror. It turns out such an independent module, but tied to a rigid vertical space.
  • A separate shelf is localized under the mirror - on the side or above it will not look. Sometimes the shelf is shifted into a diagonal, or simply experiment with the distance between the mirror and the shelf.
  • Shelf with hanger. Another interesting option. These are adjacent to the mirror blocks, which have additional functionality. The shelf is above the hanger: otherwise jackets and coats will sweep away cosmetics and combs. Shelf system and mirror.
  • .This is a complex construction on a case basis. Drawers can be combined, usually a few more shelves and a retractable mirror. This is a very compact design that is suitable for small hallways.

The shelf can be combined even with a radiator - so the radiator is decorated so that the shelf is combined with it. The mirror will be on top. Another interesting option is a corner shelf with a mirror. Thus, a "dead" corner space is used. The shelf is triangular in cross-section, well, and the mirror panel will be fixed on one of the adjacent walls.

Mirror surfaces in the hallway

Mirror is not the only thing in the hallway where the reflective property of the surface is used. Mirror elements can be several. Such cloths carry a double functional load. Most often this is the mirror door of the closet.

Several mirror surfaces in the hall visually increase the room Several mirrored surfaces in the hall visually enlarge the room

They really increase the space considerably, but this will not save you from constant cleaning. We have to keep an eye on the purity of the mirror all the time. Another option is mirrored ceilings. With properly selected internal lighting, such ceilings will be an ornament of any interior. But from the mirrored floors it is worth noting - for a dwelling place this is too much workload.

What is the additional benefit of the mirror in the interior

If you choose a full-length mirror model, then it is always a winning option - it does not make the interior worse, it does not "clog" it. The entranceway white will become even more and even lighter, and the dark one will not look gloomy and crowded.

A successful solution for the hallway is a large full-length mirror A successful solution for the hallway - a large full-length mirror

A mirror in a baguette or frame that is installed opposite the door, makes the room stylish, adds sophistication, chic. Also, the mirror in the interior, installed in the right place, hides some defects and flaws of the room, walls, finishes.

Well, if you like to focus on decorativeness, think about highlighting. Thanks to her, you can create a beautiful composition - a mirror, light, and various charming pieces on the shelf. Therefore, you do not need to litter this very shelf. Let there is a beautiful box, a favorite photo frame, a sweet bottle of perfume, flowers and so on.

Mirror in the hallway, ideas for placement ( video)

The mirror in the hallway is a classic that can be decorated in a modern, bright, unusual way by making it yourself. And at first sight the apartment will be hospitable, cozy, and will demonstrate good taste of the owners.

Good choice!

Examples mirror with a shelf in the hall( photo interiors)

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