Shelf in the hallway: wall for the phone, corner photo, for headgear and trifles, organizer in the corridor

To store small things in the hallway, a stylish wooden shelf For storing small items in the hallway, a stylish wooden shelf is ideal. Shelf is a multifunctional object of the interior. Regardless of which room in the house, the shelves will still remain a necessary pantry for various trifles. It is very practical to return home to throw on her scarves, gloves, keys. And for the owners of small apartments, the regiment in the hallway can become a real wand-rescue. If you wisely pick up a shelf in the hallway, you can not only purchase an assistant for storing things, but also an original and stylish decoration for the house.

    • Wall shelves in the hallway
    • shelf for hats and outerwear in the hallway
    • small shelf for the phone in the hallway
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    • wall Corner shelves in the hallway
  • It is believed that any interior can be saved on wall shelves. Fortunately in our time there is a variety of different shelves. Today, more creative models are in great demand, and examples are presented in the form of a single board. At the same time, they are made mostly of materials based on wood or glass.

    Beautifully in the interior of the hallway will look original and creative hanging shelves Beautifully in the interior of the hallway will look original and creative hanging shelves

    Very original look shelves of glass in combination with metal. Shelves made of pure wood can also be purchased.

    Such shelves can be made in the form of a perfectly smooth board of natural color, and also be painted in any color. In addition to the traditional horizontal dash on the wall, you can find a bunch of other designs, and not infrequently - it's a whole intricate composition. This solution will fit organically into the creative interior of the hallway, which needs a bright design. Wall shelves - a simple, inexpensive and efficient approach, with which you can decorate the voids on the walls.

    Shelf for hats and outerwear in the hallway

    The hallway is the place where any house starts. It turns out that the hallway is that part of the house that first gets to the gaze of the guests and, proceeding from it, creates the first impression of housing. Guests who come to the house first get into the hallway, leave their things there.

    Additionally, you can choose a shelf for hats In addition, you can choose a shelf for headgear

    There are so many different types of shelves where you could hang, put things:

    • Hangers with shelf;
    • Hangers with a shelf for hats;
    • Wall hangers;Hanging shelves for clothing.
    • .

    Ergonomic and comfortable clothes hanger helps to find several solutions at once. It is also not limited in terms of design. Designers today offer a thousand different options for hangers, manufactured and various types of materials.

    One of the most common and exclusive options is a forged hanger. Forged hangers with a shelf for hats, made in one style, look very beautiful and unusual. Shelf for hats will serve as a place for storing absolutely all hats. It can be fixed over the clothes hanger, well, or in any other place.

    Shelves with a hanger perform several functions at once, clothes can be hung on a hanger, and shelves can serve as a home for gloves, bags, hats, scarves, etc. They fit well into any interior, do not clutter up space and allow you to place your outer clothing.

    A small shelf for the phone in the hallway

    When a whole wardrobe is placed in the hallway, of course, it is wonderful. But there are small and narrow hallways, then you will have to look for another solution for placing all the components of the hallway. One of them is, to a greater extent, a phone.

    The advantage of a small shelf for the hallway is that it is quite practical and functional The advantage of a small shelf for the hallway is that it is quite practical and functional

    This shelf can be very simple in design, but this does not mean that it can not fit into the overall interior and be aesthetically beautiful.

    Depending on what kind of shelf will fit more into the room, you can divide it into several types:

    • Classical shelf-board for the phone;
    • Shelf-organizer for the phone;
    • Shelf with special drawers for small items;
    • Shelf for phone with hooks( for keys or umbrella).

    The phone shelf for the hallway can not only emphasize the style of the hallway, but also be very functional.

    Miniature shelf in the hall for small things on the wall

    As mentioned before, a part of things is left in the hallway( outer clothing, hats, umbrellas, keys and other trifles).If it is not prudent to equip the corridor, it will quickly accumulate unnecessary trash.

    It is believed that the fewer things are visible, the room seems neater.

    Compact mini-shelf in the corridor will help to hide excess objects in the room Compact mini-shelf in the corridor will help to hide excess items in the room

    In the hallway, you can install special hanging shelves for small things, so that everything lies in one place, causing a sense of order. For these purposes, large and dimensional shelves are not needed, small and miniature shelves are sufficient. Such shelves can be bought in furniture stores or ordered in online stores. However, before ordering such things through the Internet, for example, having made a choice in favor of shelves for the hallway "Ikea", you can try to make a shelf for small things with your own hands.

    This shelf for small items has a very simple design and it will not be difficult to manufacture. To produce it, you can use a conventional plaque made of fiberboard, particle board, gypsum board, or even waste furniture production. Make a thing in the hallway and it will make you happy!But also it is possible to make such shelves from wooden bars or natural wood. They are very nice looking with built-in lamps, it will be cozy if you arrange the mirror next to each other. Moreover, the mirror is considered an integral part of the corridor.

    Corner shelves in the hallway

    In modern hallways often there is an unfilled corner or on the contrary the hallway is very small and narrow, and it is not possible to put there a large wardrobe or other bulky shelves. And things( outer clothing, shoes, hats, umbrellas or even any small things) need to be put somewhere.

    Many people prefer to choose a corner shelf, because it is characterized by functionality and stylish design Many prefer to choose a corner shelf, because it is characterized by functionality and stylish design

    It is in this situation that corner shelves can come to the rescue. This design can consist of several shelves, or it can be a stylish forged corner shelf of several shelves, and a number of shelves of glass will look beautiful.

    Such structures can be mounted on a wall, in the form of hanging shelves, or placed on the floor. Also, the corner shelves can be open or closed. The advantage of closed corner shelves is that with the help of doors it will be possible to hide from the view of others some things or simply accumulated rubbish, which is a pity to throw. And open the same corner shelves on the contrary help to show guests some beautiful souvenirs, pictures, photos. Although at first glance it may seem that the corner shelves are very small and there is nothing to fit in, it's a mistake. A huge plus of corner shelves is their spaciousness and the way they can fill an unfilled, ugly corner with a benefit and even, perhaps, emphasize the overall style of the interior.

    Like any other furniture, corner shelves can be made by yourself. For this, natural small wood planks, fiberboard, particle board, gypsum board, glass, and even a window profile may be suitable.

    So, hallways are in every house, and it starts with any house. If you take a good look and think about it, even a very small hall with different shelves, different shapes can be arranged in a single style, that any hallway will only emphasize the individuality and taste of the owners. And you can save by making shelves for the hallway with your own hands.

    Beautiful shelf in the hallway( video)

    "The theater starts with a hanger, and the house with a hallway."That is why it is best to decorate your anteroom beautifully and functionally.

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