Hallways in the corridor are small-sized: photo and corridor design, interior with their own hands, stylish modules

The design of the corridor can be very different, but it depends more on the layout of the room and its dimensions The design of the corridor can be very different, but it depends more on the layout of the room and its dimensions. The corridor is one of the important premises in the house, as it is where visitors are welcomed. Therefore this room should be not just beautiful, but stylish, fashionable and most importantly functional. It is worth noting that according to the manner in which the hall is equipped, many conclude that not only the whole house, but also their taste preferences. Quite often people have to equip small hallways, which is already a big problem.

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Convenient compactHall

In the corridor should be as convenient as possible so that you can place all seasonal footwear of household members, clothes and accessories.

The interior of the hallway should be created based on such qualities as:

  • Convenience;
  • Practical;
  • Aesthetics.

However, the corridor can be simple in appearance, but it is roomy and multifunctional. This is a completely logical explanation and consists in the fact that a large and uncomfortable dressing room will bring discomfort from both its appearance and use. Accordingly, in the arrangement of the corridor, it is advisable to think through each step.

Correctly selected furniture in a small hallway will make it visually lighter and more spacious Correctly selected furniture in a small hallway will make it visually lighter and more spacious

For a harmonious distribution of space in the room, which comes on arrival home, you will need to set a clear goal for what the interior is created for.


  • For beauty;
  • For roominess;
  • For your convenience.

If the room, albeit small, allows, then it can be divided into functional areas. In particular, the place for re-training and changing clothes, as well as for storing items of the wardrobe. Place for re-training should be equipped with a convenient pouf, rug and spoon for shoes. According to the rules, a hanger should be placed out of the shoe zone at arm's length, in order to hang clothes there and not to leave it on the floor. The presence of additional compartments, for example, hooks, shelves, mirrors and cabinets - is a personal preference for each owner of the premises.

Interior of the small corridor

The corridor is the connecting space through which all the rooms in the apartment are connected. That is why the interior of such a room in the house should be harmonious and be combined with a common style solution of the whole house.

To create a pleasant looking corridor design, you should pay attention to:

  • Decor for the whole house;
  • Ceiling;
  • Floor cloth;
  • Finishing of doorways.

The design of the corridor should be in a warm color scheme, so that as soon as a person gets into your house, he could feel as comfortable and pleasant The design of the corridor should be in warm colors so that as soon as a person enters your house, he could feel as comfortable and pleasant

Today, the most important and correct solution is the design of door and window openingsIn a dwelling in one style. Thus, the integrity of space is traced, as well as harmony and balance. Sharp color changes can cause not only irritation, but also a sense of lack of taste in the owners of the house.

In the corridor should not be missing such interior items, which look too bulky, large-sized and completely absurd for this space.

As an example, you can name:

  • Large enclosed wardrobe;
  • Bright carpet with a huge ornament;
  • Massive vintage mirror.

Decor in the corridor is acceptable, but in limited quantities. Do not overdo with the placement of many figures, postcards, figurines and similar products, as all of them in this room create a sense of disorder.

Modular small hallways in the corridor

Buy hallways in 2017 is not a problem, as furniture factories offer a huge choice.

There are such basic constructions of vestibules as:

  • Case;
  • Built-in;
  • Modular.

The choice is really huge and sometimes it's not as easy as it seems.

At present, the modular dressing room is considered to be the most practical, compact and modern Currently, the modular dressing room is considered to be the most practical, compact and modern

First of all, one must take into account the fact that the hallway should include such basic elements as:

  • Mirror;
  • Cabinet;
  • Shelf;
  • Poof;
  • Hanger.

Design naturally depends on the owner of the house, as he can choose a design that completely conceals all items of the wardrobe from prying eyes or vice versa an open cabinet with a built-in mirror.

Modular structures are unique in that they do not really take up much space and consist of several elements, so you can change them in places or completely eliminate them from the premises if necessary. Modular hallways are a fashionable solution for the arrangement of corridors.

Stylish small hallways

Almost every second person faces such a problem as a small corridor. It is modular structures that will help to plan its arrangement correctly. There will be the possibility of a compact placement of things and accessories and besides it is modular furniture that helps visually hide all the disadvantages of the room, for example, uneven walls or ceilings.

Stylish hallways are modular, as they are mobile, and also:

  • Do not take up much space;
  • Cost inexpensively;
  • Are the most profitable.

In modular dressing rooms, the most convenient and carefully thought-out elements, so that the space will not be cluttered and thus the proper appearance of the room will not deteriorate. Very original look angular modular structures, which better than others hide the shortcomings of the room, for example, an unsuccessful repair or even its absence in a certain place of the hall. It is the corner furniture that is as compact and capacious as possible.

Modern stylish hallway can be made according to any design solutions Modern stylish hallway can be made according to any design solutions

If you choose an item of interior from high-quality material, it will last a long time and at the same time it will not bring discontent or discomfort from operation.

The peculiarity of the modular corner wardrobe for the corridor is that it is spacious and cozy, and also has a variety of details.

It can be:

  • Cabinet;
  • Cabinet;
  • Single shelf;
  • Mirror;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • mirror in the bedroom;
  • Mezzanine;
  • Stand;
  • Retractable pouf;Hanger and the like.

In order to choose the most optimal option, it is worth paying attention to the recommendations of specialists in the arrangement of such a room and do not forget about such a shortcoming of the corridor as a small residential area. The room should be furnished as rationally as possible, which will avoid problems during operation.

Hallways in the corridor with their own hands: small models

If you want to decorate the corridor with your own hands, then first of all, do not blindly follow the design solutions from the magazines, turn a blind eye to such a defect as the wrong form of the room, choose only what you likeview.

Creating a hallway with your own hands will save your money, as well as help you get a model that suits you Creating a hallway with your own hands will save your money, and will also help you to get a model that will suit you

Functionality and once again functionality. It is this criterion should stand in the first place, and only then the beauty and the like.

When decorating your wardrobe with your own hands, it is advisable to choose built-in hallways, as they do not take up much space and are easy enough to erect. The sides of the room will be used as the bottom, walls and top of the structure, and it is not so difficult to equip the shelves, as it is enough to choose reliable fasteners and to calculate the dimensions of each canvas.

Design of small corridors: photo

There are several other criteria that must be taken into account when planning the situation in the corridor.


  • Room size;
  • Wall height;
  • Lighting.
  • Very nice looking light colors, because with their help you can make the corridor spacious and light Very nice looking light colors, because with their help you can make the corridor spacious and light

    Skillful use of even the smallest space will give what you so strongly want - comfort and coziness. It is worth noting that it is extremely important to take into account every centimeter in small corridors. Sometimes you have to abandon certain preferences for the arrangement of the room, for example, the use of stucco in the decor or massive moldings.

    It is in this room that there must be elements capable of visually expanding its space. Each accessory, decor elements, furniture, textiles and similar interior details should be selected, solely based on the dimensions of the room.

    It is very important to carefully calculate the relationship between the height of ceilings and lighting in the room.

    Darkness is far from being the best friend, because firstly dim light can harm the health of the eyes, as well as cause stumbling and discomfort when moving. It is important to note that if the corridor does not have window openings, then the most correct way to lighten the room will be installing interior doors with glass in the door leaf. Naturally, they must be matte, but they are excellent for transmitting light.

    Modern hallways in the corridor are small( video)

    In conclusion, we note that as light sources, you can use wall lights, flat chandeliers, spot lights and LED lighting strips. The light switch must be placed on both sides of the corridor so that when moving around the room there is no discomfort. For today, luminaires with a brightness regulator are very in demand, which allow you to adjust the required level of illumination. Thus, at night you can leave the lamp in the night light mode and not worry about the fact that you can trip over while traveling.

    Details: entrance in a small corridor( photo examples)

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