Wardrobe room: photo options, depth in the manufacture of 18 square meters. M, examples and types, the rules of partitions

A cloak room using modern technologies can be created in the premises of any area dressing rooms with modern technology, you can create the room of any size In the field of interior design and a new trend - specially equipped rooms for the storage of clothes and footwear. This room is the dream of any mistress. Today, developers in the construction of apartments of improved planning, without fail, allocate space for the wardrobe. Owners of ordinary apartments should not be upset, because with a competent re-planning of their homes to allocate space for your favorite things you can always. To do this, you need to carefully understand what a dressing room is.

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Dressing in

room Store your wardrobe in a separate room in our dayIs considered simply a necessity. Thanks to special built-in storage systems, clothes can be distributed by season and size. Also in the dressing room can be conveniently placed ironing board, which allows you to quickly prepare the selected outfit.

The modern dressing room has the following advantages:

  • Clothes and shoes are in order;
  • Plenty of space for placing items of the wardrobe;
  • The necessary outfit is always in sight, and there is no need to waste time searching for it;
  • Wardrobe can be arranged in any corner of the house;
  • Can be divided into separate parts.

Wardrobe in a separate room - it Dressing in a separate room - it is very practical and convenient

Designers distribute dressing rooms on the species, it is open and closed. Also on the interior, the dressing room can be decorated according to one's own preference. The design of the room depends on its direct purpose.

Storage systems can be installed as it will be convenient and comfortable in any horizontal and vertical. The decoration of the walls in the dressing room does not require special conditions or skills, it is enough to choose nice wallpaper or paint the walls in warm colors. The ceiling can be finished with suspended structures. Color is chosen light, because it visually increases the space. If a separate clothing room is equipped with a window, original curtains or blinds can be hung on it. Also the dressing room can be female and male or something in between.

Variants of dressing rooms

First of all, you should consider the types of dressing rooms. The open view of the dressing room is a dedicated space without the installation of partitions or doors. The lack of these elements create a feeling of continuation of the bedroom interior.

Open cloakrooms have their advantages and advantages:

  • Clothing is always in sight;
  • You can arrange such a wardrobe in small rooms;
  • The room space is spacious. Together with advantages there are also disadvantages.


  • Clothing that is in sight, gets to the eyes of strangers;
  • To maintain the aesthetic appearance, you need to clean more often.

A large dressing room accommodates things of all family members large dressing room accommodates all things family members

Closed dressing implies partitions, screens or sliding doors. There may also be options for separate rooms.

main advantages of the - is:

  • All things are in one place;
  • Even if there is a mess in the dressing room, no one has the opportunity to contemplate it;
  • To clean up, change clothes at any time of the day, without interfering with the rest of the family.

Among the shortcomings can be identified the availability of space for the construction of a separate wardrobe space, the installation of separate lighting and if you build a wardrobe in the bedroom, this significantly reduces the total area.

How to make a wardrobe room

In order to build a wardrobe of your dreams, it is necessary to work hard.

For this planning rules will help:

  • Determine the location of the dressing room;
  • Measure the area, calculate the parameters and create sketches;
  • Pick up the necessary materials.

Create a drawing is necessary for the competent distribution of the direct destination of the dressing room space, as well as for calculating the number of necessary materials and fittings. The allocated space for the room, whose purpose of storing things, should be in a remote corner of the house or apartment. It can be a distant wall in the bedroom, meanders, pantry, a place under the stairs.

The dressing room needs good lighting The dressing room needs good lighting

The simplest and most rational solution is to build a walk-in closet in the pantry. To do this, you need to get rid of unnecessary items stored in the pantry, adjust the walls, carry out lighting and install storage systems.

You should also consider the ventilation system. Proper ventilation in the dressing room will save owners from many problems, such as mold, heavy air and unpleasant odor. Lighting is very important for any wardrobe. A converted pantry without proper light may seem too dark and not cozy. For this purpose point lights can be used, they make the room more joyful.

Fence the wardrobe from the common space of housing fashionable sliding doors, harmony doors or doors with built-in mirrors. In order to design a rational, practical and beautifully dressing room, the shelves should carefully distribute the space used.

Depth of the dressing room

The most optimal form for the dressing room is a rectangle in which there are no excesses and corners. The smallest depth of the room can be 3 m2.The components of the storage system in such cloakrooms are better to choose L-shaped.

The depth of the dressing room should be large enough to intelligently calculate the space used The depth of the dressing room must be large enough to intelligently calculate the space used.

The dressing room space is divided into several zones:

  1. The upper zone is located approximately 250 cm from the floor. There are mezzaninesAnd shelves designed to store items that are not in demand.
  2. The middle zone is located 60-160 cm from the floor, this part is considered the main one, it is in this zone that there are tremps and shelves with the most popular items.

The lower zone is located at the very bottom at 70 cm from the floor, designed for storing shoes. It is possible to correctly calculate the depth of the dressing room in this way: the necessary depth of the shelves is added to the width of the door and the passageway. The sum of this example is the necessary depth of the dressing room.

Materials used for the manufacture of the wardrobe

To make a convenient and functional wardrobe will help the right and high-quality materials. Modern production offers its customers the most interesting and original materials of decoration. The most practical material is a tree.

Modules and systems made of wood look natural, durable and beautiful. A more budgetary option is considered cabinets and boxes from chipboard and MDF.

Particleboard has a nice texture. Furniture has clear boundaries, which makes it convenient to arrange things The chipboard has a pleasant texture. Furniture has clear boundaries, which makes it convenient to arrange things

The material is less durable than wood, but with proper care it can last a very long time. Cabinet doors should be transparent so that the filling can be seen for quick retrieval of objects. A good solution is the use of plexiglas or clear plastic. For holders, aluminum material is suitable.

Metal has good appearance, can withstand considerable weight and is not subject to mechanical damage. When selecting the necessary materials, it should be remembered that their production must be of high quality. Storage systems can be assembled by yourself or purchased ready-made.

To purchase ready-made systems, you need to know exactly the dimensions and parameters of the room. If these options are not suitable, arrange a wardrobe can be made to order. The master will execute the drawing taking into account all wishes and requirements, and at the factory they will make the systems strictly according to the given figures.

Comfortable dressing room in the room 18 square meters. M: photo and modern ideas

If the dressing room has 18 m2, its design can be very diverse. Unfortunately, there are no definite rules for arranging a dressing room, but on the examples given, one can understand how to correctly implement your idea. Many designers offer their examples and pictures, which show the most daring ideas.

To determine the style of the dressing room, you must listen to the recommendations of experienced designers To determine the style of the dressing room, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of experienced designers

Their samples help you to think out all the steps that need to be done correctly:

  • It is necessary to think over the arrangement of all zones;
  • Pick up a color palette of walls and furniture;
  • Carry out wall finishing and furniture installation;
  • Selection and installation of lighting;
  • Addition of decorative elements.

The design of the dressing room can be made in the style of high-tech or art-deco - it all depends on the flight of fantasy. Very often in the modern style of design add classic elements that complement the overall picture of the interior of the apartment or house.

Examples of dressing rooms: photo

Samples of dressing rooms can be seen when ordering. Very good looking stylish shelves of dark wood, located on a white background of the wall. There are also many examples where all systems are made of chrome-plated metal, which makes the room stylish and modern. Often you can see the right location of clothes and accessories, as well as draw ideas for your project. Also very often you can find dressing rooms, where there is an original partition separating the bedroom from the wardrobe.

Partitions may look like:

  • Columns;
  • Garnishes;
  • With built-in furniture.

In the dressing room you can show a little creative and hang a mirror of an unusual shape or in the original frame In the dressing room you can show a little creative and hang a mirror of unusual shape or in the original frame

In addition to the main idea with the designer, you can consult about the correct placement of lighting. The only thing that is not visible in the photo-examples are ventilation systems, which is very necessary in the premises intended for storage of things. Especially it is necessary if there are a lot of things from natural leather materials, suede, etc.

It is worth not forgetting about the mirror, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern dressing room. Mirrors can be built into the doors or placed along the very small wall.

The layout of the dressing room( video)

In summary, you can safely say that the dressing room is a very useful room. The most convenient form of the wardrobe is a square or a rectangle. The most comfortable dressing rooms are those that have in the most remote corners of the dwelling. The dressing room must be compact and multifunctional. To create a design, you can see photos of famous designers. Beautiful elements of the decor will give a narrow room of coziness. In large dressing rooms, you can build in radial furniture sets. Furniture in the dressing room must be chosen convenient and practical. The dressing room can be created in large and small rooms.

Design dressing room( interior photos)