Modular vestibule: depth in the catalog, furniture up to 40 and 35 cm, manufacturer of cabinet cabinets and sections 50 cm

The furniture set consisting of separate modules, provides the possibility of unlimited imagination in the development of an individual interior of the hallway Furniture set consisting of separate modules, provides the possibility of unlimited imagination in the development of an individual interior of the hallway If the apartment has a small hallway, this becomes a serious problem in terms of organizing an interesting and comfortable interior. This complexity arises in most people. The modular hallway is an excellent choice in favor of convenience and aesthetic appearance, besides this option is not inferior to the spaciousness of other furniture designs that are included in the headset. Modular hallways perfectly fit into any interior, as their colors are endless, it is thanks to this that the work of designers each time exceeds the previous model.

    Modular furniture for hallways: the secrets of popularity
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Modular furniture for hallways: the secrets of popularity

Absolutely everyone had to go to work to run around the apartment or home in search ofNecessary things. Do you know how to avoid this?It is enough only to organize the hallway space in such a way that all the necessary things are in one place. It would seem strange, but the standard cabinet furniture will not be able to provide such an opportunity. But the choice in favor of the modular hallway will significantly reduce all the unpleasant moments. Modular hallways are the most popular.

Modular hallway is organized for the owners by all the rules of increased functional comfort, and its original layout is completely identical to other furniture designs The modular hallway is organized for owners according to all the rules of increased functional comfort, and its original layout is completely identical to other furniture designs.

The secret of their popularity lies in:

  • Functionality. It is based on the fact that the assembly and installation of furniture can be done at the discretion of the owner based on the structure of the room. In addition, the arrangement can be carried out in a chaotic manner;
  • Practicality. Buying a modular hallway means making a step towards a variety of interiors that you can create as you wish. All this can be explained by the fact that modular furniture, in contrast to the cabinet, is easier. Its permutation will not be very difficult;
  • The unity of style. The arrangement of bedside tables, hangers and cabinets will not cause problems, since the overall design unites absolutely all elements;
  • Savings. Finished furniture is always a big money waste and it is not possible to buy it partially. As for the modular hallway, its purchase can be partial based on its own budget. That is, the acquisition can begin with a cabinet or bedside table and end with a hanger.

Arrangement of the hallway is the main point, as it is for her guests that creates the first impression of the owner living in this room.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

module Despite the fact that it is easy to equip the hallway with modular furniture, it is still necessary to make a lot of efforts, because creating an ideal interior, thereby creating a business card holder. To date, among furniture from the manufacturer there is a huge selection of various modular vestibules, it remains only to choose the sets based on their preferences.

Valuable breeds from which the modular wall is made, look dignified only thanks to carved patterns, and a rough cork or a smooth painted plaster only accentuate the contrast, but will not suit classical style lovers Valuable rocks from which the modular wall is made look dignified only through carved patterns, and a rough cork or a smooth colored plaster only accentuate the contrast, but will not be suitable for fans of the classical style.

Modules have a number of undeniable advantages, For example:

  • This option is perfect for even the most complex structure of the room, in addition, the functionality of this furniture is much higher than the cabinet;
  • They have many internal fillings, which are varied in their parameters, they can be shelves, boxes for clothes and shoes, and other pleasant things that will be useful to every owner;
  • Modular furniture differs from the standard factory that is made of one material and color scale, and its components can not only be swapped, but also supplemented with all the necessary elements;
  • You can buy such an entrance hall already assembled. Based on the appearance you can choose exactly the kit that fits perfectly to the structure of the room, and the remaining free space played an important role;
  • Modular furniture makes the corridor modern and ergonomic.

However, despite the fact that recently such furniture has increased the number of fans, and the positive qualities are very obvious, there are also negative sides. The most important drawback is that such furniture does not suit the true admirers of the classic interior, as it is made from precious stones, and the decorations of the exterior are primitive without the use of carved patterns. This type of furniture is not suitable for conservative adherents, it is chosen by researchers new and foreign.

How to properly arrange the hall sections

If the choice has fallen on such an entrance hall, then we can assume that this is the stage to simplify your life. How to correctly place the included sections?There are several tips that will help to properly equip the interior.

In order to realize the idea of ​​creating an ideal hallway, you will have to choose a single set of furniture, but the result is worth it In order to realize the idea of ​​building an ideal hallway, you will have to choose a single set of furniture, but the result is

Following the tips listed below, you can create the perfect hallway:

  1. The travel bar on the hallway must be freeAnd make up from 60 to 80 cm;
  2. Panels equipped with hooks are best placed in several rows. The top should be at a height of 160 cm, they will be designed for adults and teenagers, placing long outerwear. The bottom hooks will be best attached to a height of up to 120 cm. These hooks are ideal for bags, children's clothing and short jackets. However, it will be more correct to hang panels from the calculation of the growth of household members;
  3. Horizontal furniture, which is designed for re-training, is best placed at a height of 40 cm from the floor. Such an arrangement will help with comfort to shoe, tie up shoelaces, and also to clean shoes;
  4. The logical sequence in the alignment has a very important role. It is necessary to pay attention to what the family do when they come home. If, at the entrance to the premises, first put the bag, the umbrella is then undone and undressed, the ideal location will be the following: a door, a bag panel, an umbrella stand, a shoe box and a cabinet. Only after this sequence should take into account such trifles as the shelf for the phone or other attributes;
  5. A very important element of the entire system is the mirror. It is desirable that it reflects the entire growth of a person, not just the head or torso. If it is not possible to hang it, a mirror cabinet can take on this function.

In order for the hall to look perfect and keep the unity, it is best to choose one kit, rather than compose it from different. This guarantees a good combination of not only the species, but also the width with height.

Modular entrance halls of depth 35-40 cm

Purchasing a modular hallway, the seller not only acquaints with what is available, but also provides a catalog with models. The choice of many are kits made of laminated chipboard or MDF.Colors and shades can be very different, starting from plum and ending with ash and black gloss. With regard to the capacity parameters, it is necessary to compare the choice with the structure of the hallway, but most often choose modular vestibules with a depth of 35 and 40 cm. Do not think that the volume will be small. This opinion is erroneous, in addition, in contrast to the depth, you can always order more width. Cabinets with such parameters will ensure comfortable use and ensure careful storage of things.

Unusually and effectively looks compact modular vestibule, especially if it is designed for a narrow room A compact modular hallway looks unusual and spectacular, especially if it is intended for a narrow room

An important feature of a modular hallway with such depth is their compactness. They are ideal for a narrow hallway or corner accommodation.

Compact modules are often brightly decorated, while more overall models can not be decorated decorously. Therefore, the choice of hallways with minimal dimensions has a wider choice.

Variants of modular vestibules( video)

Modular hallways are not only a practical choice, but also a significant step towards economy, as well as a modern interior. They will allow the most rational use of available space.

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