Repair in the corridor and hallway: in the apartment photo, a common example, how to make a design, a room with your own hands, the euro

When arranging the hallway, remember that it should not only be practical, but also beautiful When adjusting the hallway, remember that it should not only be practical, but also beautiful Many repair in the apartment begins with the hallway and corridor. For some, these places are the final stage in repair. Anyway, they must be repaired qualitatively to long please the eyes of their owners. Now there are many repair shops where you will be doing well, but expensive. If you decide to repair yourself, we present useful recommendations that will help save your time and money.

    • How to start repair in the corridor, what types of hallways are
    • How to make repairs in the corridor taking into account the type of room
    • Example of repair in the corridor of the Khrushchev
    • How to make euro repair of the corridor
    • Doing repairsBathroom and corridor with their own hands
    • Repair corridor in a regular apartment: what to look for
    • Corridor repair( video)
    • Design and repair corridor in the apartment( interior photo)

How to start remOn the corridor, what types of hallways are

Repair in the corridor and hallway should be carried out according to a certain algorithm of actions. If you do it in a chaotic manner, you can incur many difficulties and troubles. For example, starting repair in the hallway from the floor, there is a risk of it staining when repairing the ceiling or walls. Making the starting point of the decoration of the walls, you can stain them when repairing the ceiling.

Before you start repair, you must first make a plan of work and think over the design of the hallway Before proceeding with repairs, it is necessary first to plan the work and think over the design of the hallway

Based on this, the ideal algorithm for repairing the hallway and corridor in the apartments looks something like this:

  1. First of all, Ceiling repair and lighting installation. At this stage, you can pull or hang the ceiling, plaster and paint it, hang the light source.
  2. The second stage - the liberation of the hallway and the corridor from excess furniture and wall decoration. The walls in the corridor and the hallway should be finished taking into account the fact that the hallway is one of the dirtiest places in the house.
  3. The third stage - floor repair, flooring of parquet, linoleum or laminate.
  4. The fourth stage is the installation of furniture.

Repair of an entrance hall and a corridor in a usual small apartment does not take much time and money. The only thing to consider is a number of factors, for example, the type of premises.

In the Khrushchevs the hallway looks like a box. This type of room is in modern buildings and in stalinkas, and this room is the simplest for repair because of its size. As a rule, the area of ​​the hallway-box is not more than 5 m2, includes exits in the bathroom, living room and bedroom, sometimes in the kitchen. The only minus the repair of this room is the difficulty of installing furniture.

The next type is the hallway-corridor, which is typical for panel houses. In the hallway, the corridor is usually narrow, but long. Therefore, it is necessary to properly organize the space in this type of hallway. In block Khrushchevs there is a special type of hallway, where a narrow corridor runs along the doors to the living rooms and branches off towards the kitchen and the bathroom. Doing repairs in such a room is difficult because of the narrowness of the space and a small amount of space for furniture.

How to make repairs in the corridor taking into account the type of room

Make repairs in the hallway is simple enough, if it is small. You need to start from the ceiling. You can make a hanging or stretch ceiling or whitewash the old one. The color of the ceiling is best left white, in extreme cases you can use the color of melted milk, this color will look good in a square room, the ceiling in the corridor is better to make a white or milky shade. If you do not want to spend energy on whitewashing the ceiling, ask for help from specialists in suspended ceilings. In a very short time you will get beautiful ceilings in the hallway and corridor. In small areas, this does not greatly leak the wallet.

Choosing a furniture set, designers recommend taking into account the dimensions and features of the hallway When choosing a furniture set, designers recommend taking into account the dimensions and features of the hallway

Another version of the ceiling repair - a mirror ceiling. It will work, if you have a hallway-box or a vestibule-compartment. This option is suitable for any square small room with relatively high ceilings.

The design of small rooms should visually expand the space. To do this, it is necessary to finish the walls well.

You can expand the space with walls in several ways:

  1. Wall decoration with white plaster, home comfort will give a light beige color of the walls in the corridor and the hallway.
  2. Change the color of wallpaper in the hallway and corridor, a different texture of wallpaper or a different paint color, using the method of a smooth or sharp transition between colors.
  3. Use arches or partitions to separate space. The most expensive and complex way to expand space.

Expanding the space with the help of color should take into account some of the nuances. The contrast wall should be absolutely visible, it should be visible at the entrance to the hallway. Using too dark colors is acceptable in a small area, as small accents.

An example of repair in the corridor of the Khrushchev

Let's give an example of repair in the corridor "with burrow" in a typical Khrushchev apartment. This type of repair can be done by one's own hands. Just need to know a few secrets. The very first thing you need to know about - corridors with a mink will not tolerate arches and partitions. They will reduce the already low ceiling, significantly reduce the space.

Wall decoration with bright wallpaper is suitable for a small hallway Wall decoration with bright wallpaper suitable for a small hallway

To repair a narrow corridor, it is necessary to use the method of the sides of the light. Determine the side of the world where the living room goes.

If it is the south-east, south, south-west side, the design can be arranged as follows:

  • A branch to the kitchen past the bathroom can be separated by a special overhead beam of a dark color;
  • A section of the corridor leading to the kitchen is made up with kitchen utensils;
  • A narrow corridor is divided by color: we put the darker one closer to the exit, the lighter one is closer to the living room;
  • You can use hangers as storage space.

To make this type of hall look lighter, the kitchen can be made light in the tone of the corridor. The design of the corridor and the kitchen can be different.

How to make euro repair of corridor

It is quite possible to make euro repairs in the corridor, in the bathroom and in other parts of the apartment. Euro repair in the house is preferable to hand over to professionals, but if it is decided to do it on their own, you should give preference to light materials. Start the euro clearance from the walls.

For the corridor, it is best to choose washable wallpaper For the corridor, it is best to choose washable wallpaper

It's best to decorate the walls with wallpaper, after having prepared a smooth surface for them. Since the corridor and the hallway are the two dirty places in the apartment, the choice of wallpaper should be appropriate.

The following types of wallpaper are suitable:

  • Wallpaper for painting;
  • Flizeline wallpaper;
  • Washable wallpaper.

Give priority to the latest type of wallpaper. In addition to the above materials, you can use the walls with MDF or laminate. This method is often used for office premises.

We repair the bathroom and the corridor with our own hands

Why do we repair the bath and the corridor?In order to slightly expand the area of ​​the hallway due to the bathroom and its amalgamation.

A small hallway, as a rule, is furnished with a minimum amount of furniture, so as not to clutter free space A small hallway is usually furnished with a minimum amount of furniture so as not to clutter free space

The basic rules for this extension are:

  • Light colors;
  • Minimum of unnecessary accessories;
  • No furniture and wallpaper.

How to use extra space?It is recommended to put there a wide high bedside table or a small table. As a small decor, you can use pictures or a vase of flowers.

Repairing the corridor in a normal apartment: what to look for

To make cosmetic repairs in the corridor and hallway, you need to pay attention to all the details, including flooring.

What is recommended for flooring in corridor and hallway:

  • Tile;
  • Parquet;
  • Linoleum.

Particular attention in the arrangement of the hallway and the corridor, experts recommend turning to the finish of the floor and the choice of flooring Special attention is paid to floor finishing and the choice of flooring

. It is not possible to repair the floor with the help of a laminate. Although this is the cheapest way of finishing the floor, it will not last long in the context of the hallway and corridor. Laminate - this is, in fact, a paper that when you first contact with water( which is likely in the hallway and in the corridor) will swell and, at best, in a year the floor will need to be changed again.

That's why it is better to use linoleum or a parquet board for a hallway and a corridor. Do not want to spend money on new linoleum coverings?Use the tile. It is very quickly laundered, and in the hallway it looks just perfect.

Buying wallpaper for the hallway and the corridor, pay attention to the vinyl wallpaper. They are well washed, so you will not be afraid to accidentally stain them. Ideal for an apartment where there are pets. In addition to them, you can also use PVC coating. An interesting drawing will be reliably protected by a waterproof film, therefore, they can also be washed.

Foamed vinyl is suitable for those who want to have a durable wallpaper. These wallpapers are not afraid of mechanical damage, serve a very long time and are moderate in value. Building materials for repair - this is an occasion to seriously delve into the study of suitable paints, wallpapers and parquet. If you are not sure of your own abilities, consult a professional for advice. Use in the repair only quality and proven materials that are trusted by consumers. Do not be afraid to seek advice from experienced repairers, because inappropriate building materials can cost you a lot of money and turmoil.

Corridor repair( video)

Repair in the corridor and hallway can be simple and enjoyable if you approach the matter with knowledge. Ask for help to specialists and remember that repairs can not be saved. Here, as there is an excellent saying "the miser pays twice".So, do not look, where in repair it is possible to save. Calculate everything before starting the repair and relate to your capabilities.

design and repair of the corridor in the apartment( photo of the interior)