Wardrobe in the hall: corner furniture in the corridor, a room with a closet in a one-room apartment, niche and design

By equipping the dressing room in the hallway, you must first think over the design of the room and pick up a practical furniture set When adjusting the dressing room in the hallway, you need to think in advance about the design of the room and choose a practical furniture set It's great if you can select a separate room for clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this. Usually to look for a place for a dressing room it is necessary, tearing off such necessary meters from other rooms. And then the dressing room in the hallway is the way out and the right solution for this problem, respectively, the most important is the question: how to plan and arrange everything correctly?

    • Convenient walk-in wardrobes in anterooms: furniture and its placement
    • Corner dressing room in the hall
    • Individual furniture for the hallway: cloak-room for ordering
    • We use a storage room: a dressing room in the corridor
    • Ergonomics in the interior: a dressing room(Photo)
    • Detail: closet-wardrobe in the hallway( photo examples)

Convenient wardrobes in anterooms: furniture and its placement

Quite a typical place for installationarderobnoy is an entrance hall: it hosts and guests leave the apartment clothing, footwear and headgear. Hallways are an ambiguous and mysterious place of planning zones: they are either too large, or too small, or narrow with niches.

The dressing room next to the entrance has advantages:

  1. All necessary items are at hand directly at the exit. The hall itself avoids the confusion;
  2. Additional features of the dressing room include the ability to store non-seasonal clothing and footwear. In the dressing room there will always be a place for economic trivia and useful equipment, such as a broom, a mop, rags, etc. The alarm panel or counter can also be hidden inside.
Select wardrobe for the hallway, taking into account the size and features of the room Selecting a wardrobe for the hallway should take into account the size and features of the room

If the full dressing room in the hallway does not find space, but there is a niche, you can safely build in a niche cabinet, and the passage itself will be a dressing room space. It is only necessary to hang a few mirrors there and place the pouf.

You can find a place for a dressing room depending on the size of the hallway:

  1. A small hallway - here a wardrobe can become a volumetric closet to the ceiling width from one hallway wall to another. Inside you can hide the stand for shoes, shelves for things and much more;
  2. Large hallway - for this option will have to fence off part of the room, you can even grab a window. Shelves for shoes can be placed under the windowsill, the doors should be made more sliding, thus saving space;
  3. A long and narrow corridor can be an option for a dressing room. Wardrobes are placed along the wall, but on the contrary - pouffes or benches. If the corridor is wide, the cabinets are placed on both sides.

Built-in furniture is cheaper than a cabinet, therefore, when building a wardrobe in a niche, there is no need to create an external frame, only the door-compartment in the whole opening is put.

Corner dressing in the hallway

For the halls with large areas suitable corner wardrobe, inside of which you can draw up a large storage system with hooks, shelves, drawers, etc. The design itself should not look too massive, therefore, creating it, you need to provide open and closed zones.

The cloakroom angular shape fits perfectly into the interior of the small hallway The angular shape cloakroom fits perfectly into the interior of the small entrance hall

The minimum of the area allocated for the corner wardrobe should be 3 m2. . Even this area will be more roomy than a simple wardrobe.

It is necessary to take into account the necessary conditions for installing a corner wardrobe:

  1. When creating a project of a premise, it is necessary to divide it into two parts. On one will be installed shelves and boxes, on the other - bars for hangers;
  2. Doors need to be selected sliding or accordion. The door-coupe in the width of the entire dressing room will fit perfectly into the interior design. On them you can paste beautiful photo wallpapers or decorate with mirrors;
  3. If you plan a small corner wardrobe, it's worth making cabinets and shelves without doors to save space. Small dressing rooms are good in that they are placed where the closet can not fit.

In the dressing room you need to properly place shelves, shelves and boxes, because the order and easy access to things - this is exactly what distinguishes it from the pantry with junk.

Individual furniture for the hallway: wardrobes to order

When buying furniture for a wardrobe to order, you can immediately think over its contents, considering all the needs. There can be different configurations of hangers, different types of shelves for shoes, boxes, mirrors, hooks, coasters and much more.

Wardrobe for the hallway can be purchased at a specialized store or make it to order Wardrobe for the hallway can be purchased at a specialized store or made to order

It is very important to choose a good interior lighting. It is worthwhile in advance to consider the installation of point or rotary luminaires on the ceiling, as well as built-in backlighting and shelves.

There are a number of positive aspects for wardrobe closets:

  1. There are no limitations in size and design;
  2. Wardrobe can be created exactly the right room;
  3. The ideas of the project fully adapt to the budget. First, the cost is determined, and then the options are selected;
  4. The selection of filling, materials and fittings takes place in advance. The buyer himself determines the final quality of the product with the help of professionals;
  5. There is an opportunity to create an exclusive material.

If you choose the material, then the most convenient storage system can be a wardrobe from the chipboard. She can not rearrange the shelves, because they are skeleton and make the racks stable, and the chipboard does not tolerate moisture, but there are many pluses for this material. The material is economical, saving on accessories is also possible. If the opening allows, you can purchase any accessory in addition. All compartments are separated from each other, since each is delineated by partitions between the shelves.

Mesh cloakrooms and wardrobes made of metal allow to rearrange the shelves and are universal. They are moisture resistant. The disadvantages are the high cost of the product.

We use a pantry: a wardrobe in the corridor

Often in the corridors you can find half-forgotten, and even completely unused and cluttered pantries. It can be perfectly used for your own needs, but first you should evaluate its condition.

Dressing room is a great way to quickly and compactly hide shoes and clothes The dressing room is a great way to quickly and compactly hide shoes and clothes.

Before placing the dressing room in the pantry, you need:

  1. To release the pantry from unnecessary things, it must be completely empty;
  2. Bring the walls in good condition: they must be aligned. Next, you can install the built-in furniture;
  3. The floor needs to be leveled, put a cover. If the dressing room has at least a little space, the person will disguise himself on the floor, so he must be comfortable and comfortable for the feet;
  4. Understand the ceiling. It does not matter what it will be: hinged, painted or pasted wallpaper. First of all, it must contain good lighting.

Warm flooring is not an obligatory, but desirable condition for a dressing room. Shoes and wet clothing will dry faster if it is available.

Ergonomics in the interior: dressing room in the hallway( video)

The correct location of the places where clothes and shoes will be stored is the key to comfort and functionality in the life space of each family member. One of the first steps in this way is the layout and equipment of the wardrobe, which is necessary for both large premises and one-room apartments. Filling systems of the resulting design will make it convenient to use, and things will always be at hand, which, of course, will make life easier for the household.

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