Door mats for the hall: large on a rubber base, rubberized in the corridor, Ikea mud protection

Door mat is designed to keep dirt and dust on the doorstep doorway mat is designed to hold up to the threshold of the dirt and dust Mats Mats - an indispensable and almost invisible to the eye of any element of the hall. A high-quality mat is able to absorb dirt and microbes brought from the street, suitable for various types of soles of shoes, will save health and the overall atmosphere of the home. Buying door mats for the hallway, you need to be very picky to the quality, the firm-manufacturer and the very kind of carpet.

    • Carpet in the hall: variety
    • bright carpet in the hallway
    • These different mats, rubber-based hallway large
    • What is better to choose a rug for the hallway mud
    • How to choose a doorway mats hallway( video)
    • carpet samples in the hall( photo in the interior)

carpet in the hall: variety

rugs in the hallway were called barrier due to its properties. They are very convenient for washing with running water using a brush with a detergent. At will, you can choose a carpet of absolutely any sizes and shapes: square, oval, in the form of a semicircle, from very small to such that it can become a cover for half the hallway.

The mat on the rubber base is the most environmentally friendly, durable and durable doorway mat rubber base is the most environmentally friendly, strong and durable

There are several types of rugs Mats:

  1. hairiness. Helps to bring an element of coziness into the room. Such mats serve as protection against street dirt. To their merits, one can attribute the fact that their appearance wins before the appearance of standard rubber mats. Vorsinki perfectly retain all the dust and dirt, and the pile itself can be of absolutely any length. However, carpets with short nap are most suitable for cleaning. A disadvantage of such rugs is the difficulty of removing strong dirt( for example, a combination of earth and clay), as well as the fact that they need to be dried regularly;
  2. Rubber. The most versatile type of carpet. Due to the rubber base they have high wear resistance. Such models will well detain dirt, moisture, save from unpleasant odors. On the tile, this mat will not slip. The drawback is their appearance: usually the choice of patterns is very poor, and the colors are limited to the standard set;
  3. Foamed material. They are ideal for operation and, despite their modest appearance, are distinguished by their durability. They are characterized by high wear resistance, absence of wetting and rotting, the creation of good adhesion to the foot and the absence of slip on the tile. The disadvantages include the friability of the PVC coating of this type of carpet at low temperatures. Such models are better to buy for bathrooms, rather than hallways;
  4. Rubber-based. Natural rubber serves as a backing for these models. Such a rubberized mat will withstand huge temperature changes, so that it can be used both outside the room and inside. The mat is easy to clean, wash and wash, it can be vacuumed. Unfortunately, such models are distinguished by a high price and a small choice.

Dirt rubber mat can absorb about 5 liters of fluid, as its absorbency properties are very high compared with other types of carpets.

Very comfortable mat-side, which serves not to clean shoes, as it may seem, but prevents dirt from entering the apartment.

bright carpet in the hallway

asked whether to buy a carpet in the hallway, there is always a definite positive response. Another question is which models should be considered for purchase. In addition, the carpet should be pleasant to the eye, because it is the first thing that guests and owners of the apartment see when they cross the threshold. Bright and large carpets with a pattern or any other image will give a special and memorable look of the hallway.

To properly select a carpet, you need to consider several important things:

  1. Important characteristic of the future purchase: durability, reliability. The carpet should be pleasing for many years and maintain the comfort in the room;
  2. Tactile sensations are also important: the carpet to the touch should be pleasant;
  3. The carpet should be easy to clean;
  4. The ability to absorb moisture well and repel mud is also very important.

The carpet design should be selected for the interior of the hallway, it should be in harmony with the furniture and surrounding objects The carpet design should be selected for the interior of the hallway, it should be in harmony with the furniture and surrounding objects.

When choosing the color scheme of the carpet, you need to consider the role that it will play in interior design. For a hallway of calm colors, you should choose bright carpet colors, if the hall is full of bright details, it is worth considering that the colors are in harmony with each other.

The task of carpets is to create a comfortable atmosphere. To show your style, you can refer to the carpets in Ikea or Leroy Merlin. Having entered the site, you can choose good models from the photo, the choice there is huge, so the purchase will please the owner for a very long time. In the Hoff hypermarket, you can also find a huge number of products for every taste that will satisfy the most demanding customer: door mats, carpets in the kitchen, carpet, children's carpets and much more. If none of the models came up, you can try to crochet the rug with your own hands, so even beginners can master it. A rug made from rags, knitted on its own, is also very simple to make: strips are cut from unnecessary clothes and rolled into tangles, then the knitting itself takes place. Another interesting version of the rug from the cord, these rugs have a massage effect, do not shed and are excellent for hallways. Manufacture and sale of similar products can even become a hobby for some needlewomen.

Such different mats on the rubber base for the hallway are large

Floor coverings with rubber backing are very popular. The reason is in the variety of products and the large number of pluses of the substrate. The main material and the substrate itself should prevent moisture, various chemicals and not be afraid of temperature changes.

Rubber-based mats for the hallway have one major advantage-the coating material does not release hazardous substances Rubber floor mats for the hallway have one major advantage-the coating material does not release hazardous substances

The advantages of coatings with a rubber backing are obvious:

  • These carpets are versatile and can be laid out anywhere;
  • They can be given any form. The coating is easily cut to achieve the required configuration;
  • They are moisture resistant;
  • Possess excellent sound and heat insulating properties;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Possess increased cushioning properties;
  • Not subject to slipping;
  • Affordable price.

The competently chosen carpet will last 4-5 years.80% of the dust and dirt from the shoes remain on it, so you need a daily vacuuming and a weekly wash using detergent.

Which is better to choose a mat for the hallway mud protection

Any hostess will be happy to see a clean corridor and an anteroom. That's why you should not save on such an important thing as a mat. In the premises most often use nap and woven rugs. In the fight against dirt, nap models win, but the wicker look better. The durability of the rug depends on the density of the pile.

A mat of natural fiber is allowed to vacuum, but do not wash Door mat made of natural fiber is allowed to be vacuumed, but not washed

When choosing, you need to take into account the color characteristics: too dark and too light models are very dirty, but the rippling melange coloring will perfectly hide the dirt.

The mat can be from:

  1. Natural fiber. Coconut fiber does not darken, does not suffer from moisture and is easy to clean.
  2. Synthetics. Suitable for vacuuming and washing with cold water. Polyamide pile well absorbs dirt and moisture, polypropylene antistatic and permanently retains its color.

How to choose door mats for the hallway( video)

Of course, door carpets will not create perfect cleanliness in the room, but they are not created for this purpose. Make it easier to clean the apartment, make it a certain highlight, emphasize the interior of the hallway and prevent the entry of dirt, dust and water into the house they can. In the autumn period, they will be simply irreplaceable, and if you put such a carpet at the entrance, you do not have to worry about getting microbes into the apartment.

Carpet Examples of the hall( photo interiors)

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