Laminate room corridor: wall decoration in the hallway, photo kitchen, which floor to choose, tile is better narrow, reviews

Laminate is a great way to make the floor practical and beautiful Laminate is a great way to make the floor practical and beautiful. When repairing, every detail must be considered: from the installation of the ceiling and floor to small details of the decor. Currently, there are many options for flooring. The main thing is to choose the cover that will be most suitable for a particular room. If the bathroom or toilet is best equipped with a stone or ceramic tile, it is better for the bedroom and the living room to choose a parquet or a laminate. It is not so difficult to install such types of flooring yourself. Following the recommendations and instructions will help in this matter.

                    • Laminate in the hallway and in the kitchen
                    • Laminate flooring with our own hands in the corridor(Video)
                    • Design examples of an apartment with a laminate( photo interiors)

A choice of laminate for the hallway-kitchen

The layout, as well as the size of the premises, are completely different: what is perfect for apartments-stIt would be terrible to look in ordinary apartments. Therefore, when choosing a floor covering, it is necessary to be guided by the type of living quarters, and of course, by common sense. Important role played by the budget, because not everyone can afford to spend only a large amount of money to install a floor. However, there is an opinion that the cheaper the material, the worse it is.

Selecting a laminate for the kitchen-hallway, you should consider the size and features of the room When choosing a laminate for the kitchen-hallway, you should consider the size and features of the room

Of course, there is some truth in this, but the high cost of things does not speak of its durability and durability. Often the high cost may depend on the brand of the chosen product.

It is worth noting that such a coating as a laminate is almost universal. It can be installed in the living room or in the bedroom. Laminate also looks great in the hallway-kitchen.

In the beginning, it should be noted that this type of flooring can be of two main types:

  • For domestic use;
  • For use in industrial environments.

The second kind, of course, differs in properties and, although it is much cheaper, but it is not worthwhile to install it in such premises as an apartment or a house. For the hallway, the kitchen is perfect for the first type of laminate. For a room where mechanical damage is simply unavoidable, it is necessary to choose a laminate with additional sputtering, which will provide additional resistance to the material, and, importantly, moisture resistance.

Also worth mentioning about the choice of the color of the coating. In this case, for a room like the hallway, the kitchen is better to choose dark colors. They will give the room extra solidity and save from divorce during cleaning.

Which laminate to choose for the hall: varieties

The corridor or hallway needs careful selection of the floor covering. The decoration of this room is especially important, because it is the hall that makes the first impression of the whole apartment. It is from the hallway that the guests are introduced first.

After the hallway, you should pay attention to the kitchen, as a rule, this room is located nearby, and often they are combined.

In the interior of the hallway will look great laminate of rectangular shape The interior of the hallway will perfectly look laminate of rectangular shape

Choose the floor for the hallway - the task is not simple. With a modern choice of floor coverings, the eyes just run away. Along with the laminate, tile will be an excellent solution, but it is slippery enough, and if you drop it on such a floor, for example, a phone, you can say goodbye to it.

For such a premise, of course, a laminate is better. It is not inferior to the characteristics of the tile, but it is also easier to install. Even in a narrow room to install it is not difficult.

Now there are two main types of laminate boards:

  • Rectangular;
  • Square shape.

Installation of both the first and the second type is almost equivalent in complexity. It should be remembered that for even floors you can get a thinner coating with a thickness of only 6 mm, but for rough floors a thicker version of 12 mm is better. This thickness will perfectly hide all the defects and make the floor more even.

Ideas for design: which laminate will decorate the hallway

Opinions and reviews are completely different, so a floor covering like laminate can delight some and completely disappoint others.

Decorate the interior of the hallway can be done with a laminate with imitation of ceramic tiles Decorating the hallway interior can be done with a laminate with the imitation of ceramic tiles

So, in addition to the color range: from dark colors to light, there are all kinds of drawings on the boards or squares of the laminate, for example imitation:

  • Wood cover;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Natural stone;
  • Crocodile leather.

The last kind of drawing is quite difficult to meet. It is important to remember that it is possible and a combination of different drawings, which will also look good and unusual. As mentioned earlier, laying the laminate does not cause much trouble. The main thing is to remember that before installing the coating itself, you need to properly prepare the floor, namely, lay the substrate.

The substrate is simply necessary for leveling the floor covering, as well as noise insulation and protection against sudden temperature changes. Also with the substrate the floor will become more moisture resistant.

Before laying the substrate, it is necessary to clean the floor covering along and across the dust and dirt and only after that it is possible to make a transition to the installation of the substrate.

Laminate in the hallway and in the kitchen

The combination of the hallway and the kitchen is quite common in modern apartment layouts, therefore it is worthwhile to lay the laminate flooring from the kitchen corner in the direction of the door. When choosing a floor, it's also worth remembering that they should be the opposite color to the ceiling. For example, if the ceilings are everywhere white, then the floor is better to put dark shades and vice versa.

It is worth remembering that the laminate class also plays a role. Therefore, when choosing and buying material, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the characteristics in order to avoid unforeseen unpleasant consequences.

You can repair the corridor yourself, the main thing is to purchase in advance all necessary materials and high-quality laminate It is possible to repair the corridor yourself, the main thing is to purchase in advance all necessary materials and high-quality laminate

So, it's time to proceed to the part where we put the laminate on our own.

The process itself is quite simple and consists of several stages:

  • Preparation and cleaning of the original floor;
  • Substrate mounting;
  • Installation of laminate;
  • Decoration of corners with plinths.

Each of the steps is fairly simple and has already been described above. It remains to describe the process of installing the laminate. It is important to remember that you do not need to rest against the floorboards, you need to leave a gap of about 1 cm from the walls.

Most types of laminate are already ready for the final installation, so you do not need to additionally process the seams with a sealantOr glue, it is enough just to bring one board to the other at an angle of 45 degrees and snap the lock. After the entire floor is covered with a laminate, you need to decorate the corners with skirting boards. This is also done quite easily and does not take much time.

We lay laminate with our own hands in the corridor( video)

So, a light or dark floor will be chosen, according to all design rules or not, with a picture for a tree or an outdoor photo gallery - all this does not matter, the beauty of flooring is its proper installation andStrength. Together with the right approach and diligence, you can get an excellent combination of coatings and interior styles. To derive such perfection will be a pleasure, and all the magnificence of the final work will appear not only in a figurative form, but also in reality.

Examples of apartment design with laminate( photo of interiors)