Bench in the hall: a forged couch, a soft box, a chair with a seat, an armchair in the corridor Ikea, a folding chest

The bench is able to significantly improve the aesthetic qualities of the hallway and make it more functional bench can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the hallway and make it more functional create a cozy atmosphere in the house - the main task of all, without exception. The hallway room is most often visited in the house. All those who come in are sure to get into this room. Some guests do not even go beyond the corridor, for example - a postman or a courier. The first impression of the hosts is formed by the design of the hallway. Furniture in the interior plays an important role, it determines the style and emphasizes the design. Furniture for the hallway is chosen individually according to the size and layout of the room.

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bench in hallway 5 embodiment

bench in the corridor is also needed as a hanger for clothing or shoe rack. On the bench you can sit down to get dressed or take off your shoes, put bags with the products of a women's handbag or just sit down on the path. In spacious halls instead of a bench they put a comfortable soft sofa, but not very large corridors perfectly manage a bench.

An excellent option is to purchase a bench that has a specially allocated place for slippers An excellent option is the purchase of benches, which provides space for slippers

Besides plenty of options to choose:

  1. Wooden benches practical, made in different styles of wood. Such benches last very long, they can be decorated with various decorative pillows. They are made of solid wood and have a beautiful natural pattern.
  2. Benches made of pressed sawdust are not a very expensive option. They are usually functional enough, they have a folding seat and capacious boxes under it.
  3. A forged bench can become an ornament for the hallway. Function it performs only the basic - it can sit, it is strong enough, will last for a long time. For her always a soft seat, you can replace it with a soft comfortable pillow.
  4. For a modest interior, a bench in a metal frame is suitable. Convenient and practical, for a small hallway is an excellent option, does not stand out in the interior, does not take up much space.
  5. A woven bench is popular in application. She is not strong, but she is very attracted by her appearance. Beautiful interlacing of different vines create softness in the interior, besides, an eco-friendly material is used for their manufacture.

You need to choose a bench based on the functionality necessary for further use in the corridor.

If the bench in the corridor is only needed as a place to sit, you can choose a forged or in a metal frame. For storage of some things, it will be ideal to choose benches with inner drawers, additional shelves. And if you need more space for shoes, then you should buy a bench design with a shelf for shoes. Great compatibility of the functions of the benches from the headset. They can combine all the necessary boxes and shelves, some have a special compartment for umbrellas and hooks for bags.

couch in the hall: a comfortable tradition

Use in the interior hallway couch has become a tradition. A convenient piece of furniture appeared in the 18th century, and in 19 it became an obligatory subject and was used mainly in women's chambers. Gradually there were various variants of such a necessary piece of furniture, they were used in living rooms. The couches are also popular in modern times.

Soft couch with backrest - an excellent piece of furniture, which is nice to sit down after a hard working day A soft couch with a backrest is an excellent piece of furniture, which is nice to sit down after a hard day at work.

The couch in the hallway is placed as a sitting place when the interior is made in classical style or in the Baroque style -Impressive furniture.

Modern couches have different shapes and are made in multiple embodiments:

  • Wooden couches;
  • Soft couch with drawers;
  • Couch with forged elements;
  • Leather couch-ottoman;
  • Folding.

In addition, they are with and without backrest, with and without armrests. Armrests can be present partially - either only on one side or one full, and the second slightly reduced. For the hallway is selected based on the dimensions of the corridor area.

In the hallway headsets there is often a built-in couch. If the hallway room is spacious, then you can install a soft, voluminous couch resembling a more armchair. In small corridors the couch will perfectly replace the benches and puffs. The soft part of the couch can be made from various materials from textile natural fabrics to leather coverings. Next to the couch, you can place a coffee table or a curb with decorative drawers.

A forged bench in the hallway: the ideas of

An excellent seating option in the hallway is a forged bench. The original look of the product harmoniously fits into the interior, will give a finished look to the room and decorate it. The soft surface of the bench can easily be selected for any design plan.

The forged bench will fit well into the interior, made in the classic style

It can be various designer pillows or a soft comfortable mattress. Pillows can dilute the rigorous look of the bench, impart color and variety.

For this type of bench there is no need for a corridor of a large area, there are several bench options:

  • Forged bench is an elongated one;
  • The bench is compact;
  • Forged chair;
  • Forged stool.

The forged bench in the hall fits perfectly, the material is practical, does not corrode, is made to order if desired. The kind of forged products is aesthetic, which is especially important for small hallways. The wrought-iron banquet combines also the shelf for shoes is very functional for a small hallway.

Functional soft bench with a drawer for the hallway

A good benchmark for the hallway is a soft bench with drawers. There are a lot of manufacturing options, you can make a comfortable shop with your own hands. Quite simply looks like a chest, converted into a bench.

A bench with a drawer allows not only to sit on it, but also place various things, for example, shoes The drawer with the drawer allows not only to sit on it, but also to place various things, for example, shoes

Its cover is covered with soft material based on foam rubber or sintepon, the side walls are decorated or draped, and the inner volume is a drawerAnd is used to store various items.

The factory bench for hallway soft has many options:

  • Bench with drawers from below;
  • Bucket cases wicker-bottom;
  • Bench with drawers on the side;
  • Bench with drawers and shelf for shoes.

Multiple variants are presented on furniture markets. The wicker boxes in the sets look original, roomy and practical. Boxes on the side of the bench form an additional surface where you can put various magazines or put a vase of flowers, and boxes of different depths are suitable for storing items. A shop with drawers from below can have a different number of shelves, the doors are swinging or sliding. Shelves for shoes are usually under the bench, and boxes on one or two sides of the bench, a very roomy option.

Comfortable bench in the hallway( video)

In conclusion, we note that Ikea offers excellent budgetary furniture options. Shelves for shoes combined with a bench of good quality materials of natural wood - hardwood or pine.

Examples bench in the hall( photo interior)