Storage systems for the wardrobe designer: Ikea and Leroy Merlin, with their own hands for shoes, photo clothing

The dressing room is necessary so that you can store all your things in one place A cloakroom is needed so that you can store all your belongings in one place Keeping things in order can be much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Culprits in the apartment may be different. And the lack of space, and little time for cleaning, and the amount of things that exceeds the number of places for storage. To have enough space for all things, you can use storage systems. What kind of person does not want his things to be an ideal order. The dream of any woman is her own dressing room, where the shoes are sorted by the color and heel height. For many girls, the dream has become a reality, their house allows you to make a dressing room. But how to turn it into a really practical place, where everything has its own shelf or hook?

    • Storage system in the wardrobe of the chipboard and other types of systems
    • Different storage systems for the dressing room: pros and cons
    • Choose storage systems for the dressing room: where to store things
    • Cloakroom storage systems:Where to decompose
    • Storage of shoes in the dressing room: what to look for
    • Ergonomics of the dressing room: how to store
    • Calculation of storage systems for the dressing room: designer( video)
    • Examples of storage systemsWardrobe storage( photo)

Storage system in the wardrobe of the chipboard and other types of systems

The storage system in the dressing room must be selected extremely carefully, because the chosen type depends on the convenience of the location of things. The market has a huge number of storage systems and it is very easy to get lost. Visiting stores like Ikea, Ob, or Leroy Merlin, you can easily get confused in the range of this product.

Meanwhile, there are the following types of storage systems in the cloakroom:

  • Storage system from chipboard;
  • Metal walk-in closets;
  • Mesh dressing.

What are they different about?The system of storage from chipboard is very often built into the dressing room. For some it is very convenient, because it is easier for them to adapt to the already existing order of the shelves. But in most cases this type of system is not called universal because of the lack of the ability to re-arrange the position of the shelves at its discretion.

There are several types of systems for storing things in the dressing rooms There are several types of systems for storing things in the wardrobes

This is because the storage system from the chipboard serves both as a frame for the dressing room and a place for arranging things. When ordering this type of dressing room, you need to spend a lot of time planning the space inside.

Change anything then it will be impossible. Among other things, this type of system does not tolerate moisture, so in this dressing room you can not place wet or wet shoes, clothes, etc. Built-in wardrobe from the DSP is good in that it does not spoil the walls in the house. Everything is already nailed and nailed, it remains only to embed.

Mesh and metal wardrobes can be attributed to the universal type of systems, because they can be disassembled, wetted, etc. These two types allow the owner of the dressing room to plan and reschedule the space any number of times, which is an undoubted plus when the number of things in the house can increaseIn a geometric progression( for fans of shopping).

Different storage systems for the wardrobe: pros and cons

The above types of storage systems have their pros and cons, like everything else in the world.

If you choose a built-in storage system from chipboard, you will be pleased with its following qualities:

  1. It is cheaper than others because of the material: The chipboard is famous for its inexpensive value, especially the Russian one. But, if you suddenly have a desire to buy a cheaper but better product, you can pay attention to the imported type of chipboard.
  2. You can always save on the details for the dressing room: for example, you can store shoes and shoes not in the shoe store, but on the shelf in the shoebox. Instead of trousers, you can use a regular clothes bar, and put the bags on a shelf, not on numerous hooks.
  3. Many are very attracted by the surface "under the tree", it adds more closet to the dressing room and warmth, makes it more spacious.
  4. The organization of the space in this dressing room is such that it is very easy to separate clothes from clothes, shoes from bags and so on. The space between the compartments looks very stylish.

Each of the storage systems for the dressing room has its advantages and disadvantages Each of the storage systems for the dressing room has its advantages and disadvantages

The mesh and metal wardrobes also have a number of advantages.

These include:

  • Ability to rearrange and outweigh the shelves with your own hands, add or subtract details at your discretion;
  • Resistance to moisture: if the room is wet, it is better to use a metal or mesh wardrobe.

Now let's move on to the minuses. Metal and mesh dressing rooms have two significant disadvantages: the price and the requirements for detail. If in detail, the price is overstated( often because of the brand rather than because of the material), and accessories should belong to the same system that is installed. About the minuses of the DSP type system has already been mentioned above: the lack of possibility to change anything in the order of accessories and the instability to moisture.

We choose storage systems for the dressing room: where to store things

Each room can have an additional assistant in storage. The designer of storage systems allows any place for equipping the wardrobe. For example, in the hallway the best place for the storage system will be the closet. Here you can store absolutely all clothing, from top to home.

The only advice: do not store bed-clothes together with jackets and coats. Even in a separate closed box. For bedding is better to equip the storage system in the bedroom or in the worst case in the living room.

To store things you can use boxes, shelves and baskets You can use boxes, shelves and baskets for storing things

What you need to fill the storage compartment for storing things:

  • Use many shelves;
  • Boxes;
  • Baskets;
  • Boxes for storing large items;
  • Boom in an amount of 1-3 pieces.

Before installing the storage system elements, think about what things will be stored there and how often you will use them. A bedding is best placed in drawers under the bed. Well, if they are closed, so that they do not get dust.

Cloakroom storage systems: where to decompose

To properly use each meter of space, you can turn to the help of modular storage systems.

They can be located in:

  • Chairs;
  • Sofa;
  • Armchairs;
  • Beds;
  • Nightstands.

You can equip a modular storage system, or, for example, shoes You can equip a modular storage system, or, for example, shoes

Find a place to store shoes, for example, you can on the door by hanging a special suspension structure there, or above the door.

The location of the elements of the storage system is limited only by your imagination. Try to pull yourself away if you want to leave something on the floor, instead of putting it in place. Then your wardrobe will be a worthy rival of any design from the film about fashion.

Storage of shoes in the dressing room: what to look for

It is very important that shoes are stored in a place where it can remain well-groomed and last long.

Such places include:

  • Shelving;
  • Cabinet;
  • Shelves for shoes retractable.

The rack is one of the most popular ways of storing shoes. There, it can remain clean, protected from dust and other external stimuli.

Shoes in the dressing room can be stored on drawers or shelves Shoes in the dressing room can be stored on drawers or racks

Ideally, if the rack is the same height as the dressing room. Then it will be not only functional, but also beautiful.

Separate shoe cupboard suitable for families with a large number of people or shoe shopaholic. In such a cabinet, there must be many shelves and compartments, so that it is possible to split the shoes according to the season, the size of the heel, according to their purpose. The cabinet must be protected by a door. Shoe can be modular.

Ergonomics of the dressing room: how to store

What should be done to make the ergonomics of your wardrobe an exemplary one?

First, take care of the following inventions:

  • Clothes hangers;
  • Baskets;
  • Hooks.

For convenient storage of things take care of that in the dressing room there were clothes hangers, baskets and hooks For convenient storage of things, take care of the garment hangers, baskets and hooks in the dressing room.

How will these acquisitions help you?Buying clothes hangers will keep it in proper and undressed condition for a long time. Especially it concerns dresses, blouses and skirts. Some people like to keep them in a folded position, which they later regret. Baskets can be used for underwear, scarves, bracelets, beads, for storing accessories of different kinds, and much for what else. Hooks should hang everything that can hang. Namely, belts, bags, towels, jewelry and so on.

Calculation of storage systems for a dressing room: designer( video)

Remember that the main guarantee of a successful dressing room is order and accuracy. Do not be too lazy to sort your things by color, style and season. Do not let things happen outside of their usual place even for a second. If you want to leave the laundry after washing in the basket, drive the thoughts away. After all, you have a beautiful dressing room, where everything should be in place, and linen in a special box. Examples

dressing storage systems( photo)