Closet-wardrobes wardrobe: photo room, for the design of corner shelves, the layout of furniture in the hallway, which is better

A beautiful wardrobe not only stylishly decorate the interior, but will also become an indispensable piece of furniture in the hallway Beautiful wardrobe is not only stylishly decorate the interior, but also become an indispensable piece of furniture in the hallway Sliding wardrobes have become an integral part of modern apartments - this furniture decorates the hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms. Cabinets can be corner, radial or standard rectangular. Small or large, containing open side shelves or without such that it is better to solve to you and to that given position in which the room is located. And it sets this position style, color scheme and just your preference.

    • Contemporary wardrobe-coupe
    • How to choose the design of closets wardrobes
    • Selection criteria: a dressing room, closets
    • What is included in the internal filling cabinet
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Contemporary wardrobe-coupe

many people can afford a real, full dressing room - a separate room, where not only canStore clothes, but even change clothes. Not all apartments, typical so precisely, can boast of space, where there is a place for a dressing room. Yes, there are often in the hallways of such small kladovochki, where often make a wardrobe.

But the system of small kladovochek not at all convenient - it is good to store there only small things, which are easy to get. And if the pantry is literally cluttered, it will be difficult to sort out there. Therefore, such a filling of the dressing room can hardly be called beneficial.

The perfect solution for the bedroom will be a spacious wardrobe, a wardrobe for the whole wall perfect solution for bedrooms will be spacious closet-wardrobe on the wall

solution lies on the surface - do in the bedroom large closet can be along the entire wall.

This arrangement is quite convenient because the room is zoned. It turns out big and small parts. And a smaller, simple and understandable form, turns into a dressing room.

These wardrobes are convenient:

  • that internally their content, you can design yourself by choosing the scheme of arrangement of shelves and drawers, which is convenient for you;
  • All things are in one place, and not scattered at different points of the apartment, with a large cabinet this is possible;
  • There is a clear zoning - and clear, understandable forms and designs always order space in the house.

Of course, it's very difficult to make such a cabinet with your own hands. But it's more than possible to think about design and content yourself. And this circumstance should be taken advantage of.

How to choose the design of wardrobe closets

The fact is that in the first place you have to start from the style in which your room is executed. The wardrobe is initially not harmonious with all interior styles, but as the capabilities of modern firms are great, you can even make such a strict closet cabinet under a certain style. And even Provence, country, too, can assume a closet, however, a special design.

The design of the closet should seamlessly complement the interior of the room wardrobe design should organically complement the interior of a room

facade decor wardrobes:

  • Classic room style involves wardrobe, decorated with columns and frescoes, mosaics and friezes. Of course, it is difficult to combine these elements with the design of a modern cabinet, but they can be present on the photo-printing of the cabinet.
  • For a modern-style room, facades with photo-prints and concise, strict patterns on mirrors are also characteristic.
  • Oriental themes are very popular in bedroom design. In this case, finishing with natural materials, rattan or bamboo is welcome. And, of course, plant motifs in the finish.
  • In a minimalistic style, the cabinet's facade should be just plain, without different fanciful fragments.

If you doubt that the wardrobe can generally "adjust" to the interior style, refer to the photo gallery. There you will see examples of cabinets, the finishing of which is incredibly close to the style in which the room is decorated.

Selection criteria: dressing room, wardrobes

The selection of the cabinet begins with the selection of the type of construction. You need to take into account both the layout of the room, and some particular features of attaching furniture. In addition to filling the cabinet, the main stuffing of this furniture, which determines the quality of your dressing room, both mechanisms and materials are important.

Choosing a practical closet for the bedroom, be sure to consider the size and features of the room Choosing a practical wardrobe for the bedroom, be sure to consider the size and characteristics of the premises

Rate cabinet on the following criteria:

  • door opener. There is a monorail mechanism, and there is a roller. Monorail option is considered more reliable, because the door in this case is protected from accidental slippage. And the grooves in use will not be clogged.
  • Material of rollers. Metal - the most durable material, you can take and plastic with Teflon coating. Cheap plastic clips will not last long.
  • Capacity. Get into this cabinet should anything you want in it together, but no extra, empty, uncomfortable shelves and sections in it should not be.

evaluated in the same profile of the sliding system, the material of the facade is made, the dimensions of the valves themselves, and of course, internally filling cabinet.

What is included in the internal filling cabinet

Any standard circuit wardrobe inner filling from which to push off. But they can be changed, supplemented, adjusted. And yet there is a list of departments and elements of the cabinet, which is considered classic.

Required items in the dressing room should be practical shelves for shoes and clothes hangers indispensable element in a dressing should be practical shelf for shoes and clothes hangers

Details filling wardrobes:

  • pantograph, which is a post with a handle and a trigger( down);
  • Basket shelves for linen - can be stored in them as socks and pajamas, and can be made of metal, and plastic;
  • Conventional or front hanging for shoulders;
  • Hooks with hooks - for storing non-fading clothes;
  • Hangers for belts and ties;
  • Retractable trouser holders;
  • Retractable multi-level baskets;
  • Mounting for iron;
  • Shelves for shoes.

Do not give up baskets and shoes, from small shelves and holders. They are very convenient, that there is no temptation to transfer a thing to another place, thus the order is maintained.

Installing wardrobes closets( video)

large closet with a well thought-out content, which is in a certain place in the room can be a comfortable, modern walk-in closet, where the focus all the important things. Make it according to your order, according to your own scheme, and you will get really useful home furniture.

Successful solutions!

wardrobe wardrobe design( photo in the interior)