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Modern planning solution of the apartment can not do without the arrangement of a dressing room modern planning solution apartments can not do without everything dressing room In modern houses or apartments under construction or design provides space for everything a dressing room. Or at least an additional space in the room for equipping the wardrobe-wardrobe, which you can mount yourself or order something from ready projects.

    • Wardrobe systems with their own hands: photo and types of design team
    • Panel wardrobe systems in the premises
    • Ready wardrobe system, purchased from manufacturers
    • kits dressing system: that recommended by the manufacturer
    • systems for closets: design and the best ideas for rooms
    • Simple wardrobe system of pipes, hand made
    • Dressing system with their own hands( video)
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Wardrobe systems with their own hands: photo and types of modular structures

Wardrobes, or at least the system are necessary in order to they can be placed in almost all things, but it is also possible to leave room forChanging clothes. They can be open and closed. You can find many examples, photos, drawings, on the basis of which it is possible to make a dressing room with your own hands. If space does not allow, you can do with an open-type dressing room, which will consist of metal pipes of racks, fastenings to walls and various storage systems for clothes.

The dressing room has a number of functional duties, but it should not be very original, leaving room for changing clothes Dressing Room has a range of functional responsibilities, but should not differ special originality, leaving room for changing clothes

But the disadvantage of this dressing is that all clothing would be in sight. If this does not suit the person, then you can make sliding doors like in a closet.

Some put immediately a closet, made to order in which the minimum of boxes, and more racks and hangers. Although this is not exactly a dressing room, but something in between a full-fledged wardrobe and a dressing room.

It is best to make a dressing room with his hands, which will take into account all the parameters:

  • number of clothes, shoes, the overall size of the room where you plan to place the dressing room, ease of access;
  • The dressing room should correspond to the general design of the room, as well as the color and harmoniously fit into the general concept of the room;
  • You should also build a dressing room so that the whole room looks aesthetically pleasing and finished.

There are also other parameters, but these are the most important. After making a decision, you should create a project, determine the size of the storage system, the total number of shelves, hangers and other elements. Well, after you can start buying components, order a factory at any size, for example, at the Naidi factory, and also order the necessary components from them. When everything is ready, a dressing room is assembled on the basis of the design and drawings, and ventilation and lighting should be taken into account.

Panel wardrobe systems in the premises

There are many different wardrobe systems, but they are all divided into several basic types.


  • Mesh or, as they are also called cellular;
  • Case or classic, which are assembled from ready-made purchase parts;
  • Frame storage systems, consisting of metal racks to which are attached boxes and shelves;
  • Panel, which is a decorative panel, attached to the walls on which the storage systems are installed.

With the help of materials based on chipboard and MDF, it is possible to easily design cabinet wardrobes. Economical and durable - they will become an integral part of the interior, surpassing in many ways aluminum and steel structures With the help of materials based on chipboard and MDF, it is possible to easily design cabinet wardrobes. Economical and durable - they will become an integral part of the interior, exceeding in many parameters the aluminum and steel structures of the

. Apart from the design features of the wardrobe systems, they differ in design. In general, each kind of dressing system has its advantages and disadvantages. Order them should be based on the characteristics of the room, its dimensions, etc.

The materials from which the cloakrooms are made can also be different, it can be chipboard or MDF metal in particular different profiles, etc.

If in priority easy installation, as well as the ability to quickly disassemble and move the dressing room to another location or add storage systems, you should choose cabinet wardrobe systems. Such systems can be placed anywhere, including in a small number of rooms for this purpose. Such a system is the most popular and is most often chosen for indoor installation.

They are equally popular for financial reasons, as well as due to the fact that in such systems there are many mesh baskets, guides, rack racks and pipes. Such systems are light in weight and can easily add any components.

Ready-made wardrobe systems purchased from manufacturers

Many people do not want to mess with the calculation, design and self-construction of wardrobes. In this case, you can contact the manufacturers in the relevant company, which deals with the selection of a dressing room or cloakroom systems based on the features of the room, size, design, etc. In many companies that deal with the development, as well as the manufacture of dressing rooms and subsequent installation, there are catalogs. They show samples of products, as well as various components, thanks to which you can order almost any wardrobe, including individual projects.

One of the important steps in choosing a wardrobe is to study furniture catalogs, and to make the right decision will be assisted by a consultation with a representative of the company who will provide all the necessary information One of the important stages of the choice of dressing - the study furniture catalogs, and make the right decision will help consultation with the representative of the company that will provide all the necessary information

To buy dressing rooms, you must first see the catalogs, prices and choose the bestType of dressing room at the price of quality and after that contact the representative of the company and order a wardrobe of the required type.

For those who like to tinker with the assembly themselves, and also to save money, you can offer this option:

  • Order the sawing of the material based on the selected design, and purchase of individual components and necessary systems from the manufacturer;
  • Ordering of all the necessary parts and accessories that are offered by Chinese companies, and the delivery can be carried out anywhere, including in a country like Ukraine;
  • Delivery of all materials can also be arranged independently, on your personal transport or contact any transport company.

But still it's better to order everything from the manufacturer, including assembly, as with independent measurements, and subsequently self-assembly of the dressing room there is a chance to do something wrong, and then you will either have to contact the professionals, or all to remodel thatCan affect the overall appearance of the dressing room.

Complete sets of the wardrobe system: what

recommends. The basis of all dressing rooms, regardless of size, decor, design - is a certain set of components, without which it is impossible to organize storage systems, and also to assemble the structure itself. Some companies already immediately sell ready-made kits, for example, components that the Swedish company offers. Of these, you can collect a certain kind of dressing room, including radial, which is convenient to stir in the corners of the room. Typically, the dressing kits consist of several basic parts and a large number of auxiliary ones, and you can order from the company a mixture of different parts and sets to make the version to your liking.

When choosing a wardrobe, you should pay attention to the availability of the following components: shelves, baskets, containers, etc. When choosing wardrobe is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the following components:.. Of shelves, baskets, containers, etc.

usually dressing kit include:

  1. various shelves, baskets and storage systems, Which are great for storing things, clothes, etc.
  2. Also such systems include various rods, pipe hanger systems, fastenings, profile, etc.
  3. If it is a closed system, then it can be completed with sliding doors, additional walls, ventilation and lighting systems.

Advantages of such systems is that it is possible to assemble from them practically any wardrobe suitable for one or another needs.

And also such systems are easy to assemble, disassemble and, if necessary, add something or vice versa to remove any shelf or other complete set of storage of things.

systems for closets: design and the best ideas for rooms

that was where to place things, you first need to calculate everything from the number of items and the size of the room. Further, in the dressing room to install storage systems, which in addition to the hangers, storage of winter and summer clothing, pipes on which hung hangers consist of a variety of shelves, mesh baskets, any pull-out containers, fasteners, bryuchnits, shelves for shoes, and so on.

The dressing room should be organized according to all the rules of functional comfort, but it should be chosen based on various options for living space Dressing should be organized according to the rules of functional comfort, however, to choose should be based on the different options dwelling

basis of nearly all storage is:

  • carrier rail that is required for the hinged guide;
  • Various brackets to which the main storage systems are attached;
  • Wall guards, hangers, hooks, as well as shelves, rods, hangers, etc.;
  • Different racks of different shapes and sizes( selected depending on the type and size of the dressing room).

Such systems are today considered to be more advanced and versatile, as it allows not only quickly all mount, but also, if necessary, to quickly change the storage complexes to add anything, or even dismantle the entire structure and move it to another location. And also due to the fact that all modern storage systems are represented in a wide range of colors, they can easily be selected for almost any room. Particularly famous for a large number of components of different shapes and colors is the company Parus, and a large number of components allows you to assemble almost any system suitable for each specific case.

Simple wardrobe system of pipes, hand made

In addition to ready-made kits, prefabricated storage systems, etc., can be made almost any dressing room with his hands as an open or closed type, using only special pipes and fasteners to them.

You can save on purchasing a wardrobe if you make it yourself, using special parts and tools. The main thing is to do it right, not at the expense of quality You can save on purchasing a wardrobe if you make it yourself using special parts and tools. The main thing is to do it right, not at the expense of the quality of

The design of this structure consists of several stages:

  • Creation of a base under the wardrobe, which consists of a wooden board or a thick sheet of chipboard plywood;
  • Installation of fasteners for vertical pipes and the insertion of vertical racks in them;
  • Installation of ceiling mounts in which the upper ends of vertical racks are set;
  • Installation on the vertical pipes of shelf holders, as well as a horizontal pipe, on which the clothes will subsequently be hung.

If necessary, the installation of sliding doors, but you can do without them to make an open-type dressing room.

Dressing system with their own hands( video)

After the dressing is made, you can mark up any additional storage systems, such as shoes and spend the lighting when necessary. Such prefabricated systems have recently become very popular, as they do not require any special tools, knowledge, they are easy to assemble and also easy to disassemble or change if necessary. That is, they are sufficiently mobile and can be used in almost any room. Examples

cloakrooms systems( photo)