Interior kitchen-corridor: photo and design, transfer in odnushke, redevelopment in one-room apartment, two rooms

Before beginning the arrangement of the kitchen in the corridor, a detailed drawing should be drawn up on paper Before starting arrangement kitchen in the corridor should draw up a detailed drawing on paper Interesting combination of two disparate rooms allows you to distribute the space correctly. The result should not only please the owners, but also be useful and functional. Therefore, before combining, you need to think carefully.

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kitchen corridor:

association rules to avoid common mistakes, and correctly zoned and distributedIt is necessary to adhere to several rules.

The kitchen in the corridor should be located only in the event that nothing will interfere with the movement a kitchen in the corridor should only be in the event that nothing will interfere with the movement of


  1. possible to apply sliding partitions, they allow you to properly divide the room if necessary.
  2. You can make a similar partition of various and inexpensive materials - plastic, glass, metal or wood. Also the screen consists of a combination of these materials.
  3. The screen can also be used.
  4. To prevent debris and dirt from entering the kitchen immediately, you need to place a mat near the door with a high-quality material that can detain all dust from the street.
  5. best way to deliver the comfort of the household is the installation of underfloor heating, it will not allow the feet of adults and children warm during the cold season, as well as create conditions for rapid drying after traces of rainy weather;
  6. The most suitable coating is a laminate or tile.
  7. Ventilation is the basis of the fact that smells from the kitchen do not penetrate into the rest of the room.

For the hallway it is better to buy lockers with solid doors, which fit both clothes and shoes. It should also be taken into account that it will be necessary to store seasonal things - coats, jackets, for such clothes it is better to have a separate cabinet.

Kitchen in the corridor: interior tricks

To create a harmonious union of the kitchen with the corridor, doing repairs in the house, most often use several methods.

If the corridor is large, then it is possible to place not only items of kitchen furniture for cooking, but also a table If a large corridor, then it can be placed not only items of kitchen furniture for cooking, but also a table

Among the most popular ways:

  1. combines both rooms using the same colors or similarDecorative materials for decoration. For such purposes, materials that are able to withstand the temperature and humidity gradient - natural stone, porcelain tiles or tiles - are used.
  2. You can visually divide the kitchen and the corridor with different colors and textures, improving the interior. Draw more practical in the color that will mask possible pollution.
  3. If in doubt - it is better to consult an experienced specialist, then you will not have to redo your mistakes, and the kitchen and corridor will look exclusive.

Moving the kitchen into the corridor can be done quickly if there was not a narrow passage in the house, because it prevents the small hall from converging into a room.

The most popular style, allowing to create a cozy atmosphere, even combining two rooms, is a classic. The color scheme consists mainly of pastel, walnut, brown and beige flowers, diluted either with bright accessories or contrasting pieces of furniture. In modern style, both acid colors and a black and white palette are emphasized, emphasizing the designer's excellent taste. Modernism and high-tech in such associations are much less common, because you do not always want to enter the house and go straight to the cold or strict space. Provence is most often used exclusively in the kitchen, without planning its integration.

Correct transfer of the kitchen into the corridor in the same room: photo

Re-planning in odnushke looks better, if the rooms are made in the same style.

In a small one-room apartment kitchen in the corridor is better to decorate in light colors In a small one-room apartment kitchen in the corridor is better to decorate in light colors

You can select one element indoors:

  • Transition;
  • Wall and doors;
  • Dining room.

The most laborious work is to install communications in the right place. Pipes are hidden in the floor screed, due to space saving, a specialist is not difficult to do.

The combined kitchen and the corridor leading to it will be quite comfortable for a small family. The most difficult is the transfer of the gas pipeline, there should be not only the correct width of the space, but also the entrance, according to safety regulations. Do this work should only employees of the gas service, before that you need to get permission and prepare all the necessary materials.

If the house has too narrow entrance, and the plate does not fit there, then you can do with an electric hob or a multibar. In a small space, every square meter is important, so before starting work you need to make a project. It will help you plan and plan rooms correctly, and also make comfortable placement of furniture between them.

Convenient kitchen in the corridor: redevelopment and addition of accessories

A competent layout in a one-room apartment is able to radically change rooms, adding to it harmony and space. Kitchen design, combined with the interior of the corridor, allows you to get expansion and free space. Agreement on the merger of the two rooms must be obtained from the appropriate authorities. This will help to avoid penalties or an accident in case of unsuccessful work.

In the corridor and kitchen it is recommended to make separate lighting It is recommended to make separate lighting in the corridor and kitchen

Often, such a combination is made to make room for the dining room, especially if the room is separated by one wall and the quadrature is not more than 4m2.

You can supplement the resulting room with:

  • Various arches or constructions made of drywall;
  • A fireplace made of natural or artificial stone, or if there is a small space, install a panel simulating a fire;
  • With the help of a large and colorful aquarium, visual separation of space becomes possible.

Lighting is one of the main elements of creating not only a corridor, but also a kitchen premise. Near the work surface, it should be maximum, so that all the details can be seen. This will allow not only to cook delicious food, but also not to get injured during cooking. For convenience, you can connect point lights, which allow you to adjust the brightness of the light in the room.

It is interesting to look hangers, mirrors, highlighted by LED bulbs, they not only simplify the movement and cleaning, but also emphasize the exclusivity of the combined rooms.

Designers recommend the use of multi-colored linoleum or tiles in order to create a juiciness in a modern interior, the peculiarity of it is that several different colored squares, with different shades, but the same color scale, are selected and placed on the floor in turn. This technique not only refreshes and fills the room with warmth, but also brings joy to all those who entered the house. For small kitchen trifles, you can make small niches, they will fit conveniently the most necessary kitchen accessories, and seasonings and spices.

Combined interior: kitchen-corridor( video)

You can add a stylish room if you complement the interior with a vase of flowers, painted plates or small statuettes. But experts recommend installing them in such a way that at the entrance, both adults and children can not catch them and smash them.

Kitchen design in the hallway( interior photos)