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There is a wide variety of walls for the hallway, so it There is a wide variety of walls to the hallway, so it's easy to choose the option that fits the style, color and price Corridor - this is a place that gets a person at the entrance to the house, respectively, to all premises of a positive impression you needTake care of the arrangement of the hallway. It is not so easy and simple to do this, as it will be necessary to design the interior, carry out repairs, fill the space with furniture. Each stage is carefully designed to ultimately obtain a complete beautiful composition that can appeal to both households and guests.

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Furniture hallway: the wall and its purpose

wall in the hallway - it is an integral element of the room. It serves for storing outerwear and footwear, as well as placing accessories. Thanks to the modern furniture industry, it is possible to choose walls from a wide range.

They can be distinguished by:

  • Style;
  • Decor;
  • Material;
  • Costs;
  • Functionality.

The main purpose of the wall in the hallway is to store clothes and household items The main purpose of the wall in the entrance hall is the storage of clothing and household items

In order to create the most comfortable interior corridor, should contact the experts at design art, which may take into account every nuance, minus and plus rooms, Put it all together and give a chic result. The choice and design of the room and furniture in it primarily depends on the shape of the corridor, on its dimensions and on the budget, which is supposed to be spent on renovating the room. With a large space, the hallway can be furnished with a padded stool, a separate shoe and a wardrobe or you can purchase a complete set with a retractable seat. For today, cabinets with a sliding door system or in other words cabinets like a coupe are especially popular.

The advantage of these hallways is that they do not require additional space for opening doors, which is especially important in small hallways.

Advantages corner walls in the hallway

Corner wall - is an original and comfortable furniture for any room. When arranging the corridor, such an object of the interior should meet certain requirements.


  1. Location angulation is performed perpendicular to the main wall. Such products are very capacious, have a sufficiently large depth and compact dimensions, which is appreciated in small hallways.
  2. To make the product fit perfectly into the interior, and it was ergonomic it is placed between the doorways. Thus, a complete composition is created.

Angular structures are considered to be more efficient than linear ones. When designing the future wall, it is necessary to take into account that the internal arrangement of the shelves allows each of the members of the family to place their belongings, and also without unnecessary and unnecessary elements.

Due to their compactness, the corner walls are well suited for small hallways Due to its compactness, the corner walls are well suited for small hallways

Typically, the corner walls contain:

  • Hanger;
  • Corner module in the form of a cabinet, shelving and similar products;
  • Closet compartment;
  • Shoe cabinet;
  • Pencil case;
  • Tumboo;
  • Mirror;
  • The shelf.

It would seem that the standard set of modules and what it can surprise?But in the aggregate they create an original product that will not only please its functionality, but also elegant external data.

Using modern methods of decoration of furniture facades, you can make a unique and original piece of furniture from the usual wall.

Wall into the corridor

The catalog of any furniture factory opens a huge assortment, but the advantage always remains behind the closets.

Their advantage is that they:

  • Can be embedded;
  • Roomy;
  • Aesthetic in appearance.

The wall should be located in such a way that it does not interfere with free movement along the corridor The wall must be positioned in such a way that it does not interfere with free movement along the

corridor. Such structures will be the best option for any corridors, both small and large. It is worth noting that the main advantage of this design is the sliding system, which significantly reduces occupancy. Furniture factories offer a variety of sliding systems, domestic and imported, with different bundling and even opening.

In addition, completely different cloths can be used for the doors. For example, some offer MDF panels, other chipboard, and a third of high-quality processed natural wood, which at cost will cost significantly more than previous ones.

The flaps can be framed along the perimeter or only along the ends, depending on their weight and length. Too massive canvas soon after installation in the absence of a frame-retainer around the perimeter, not only bend, but can break. Experts do not recommend installing high and massive doors, it is better to divide the cabinet in half and create in it a combination of a sliding system and wings or even drawers.

With regards to the finish of the facade of the sliding-door wardrobe, the options can be unlimited, since it can be a mirror door or mirror-coated cloth, tempered glass instead of the MDF leaflet, which has a stained glass painting. Very often cabinets are decorated with photo printing and not only. The installation of a mirror surface on the door of the sliding-door wardrobe allows you to visually expand the space in the room, even if there is enough space in it.

Small wall-slides in anterooms:

design The roller coaster walls appeared relatively long ago, but their popularity did not decrease, but even increased significantly. To date, the walls of this type are very often installed in the corridors, because with their help you can create a fairly original interior. In addition, they are roomy and can be compact in size, especially if you buy them on order.

Among the advantages of roller-slides it should be noted the possibility to change the location of their modules Among the advantages of the sliding walls it should be noted the possibility to change the location of their modules

The slide is not an integral piece of interior, but a set of certain elements, in particular: racks, wardrobes, cabinets, shelves and the like.

The wall-slide has a lot of advantages, thanks to which many people prefer it:

  1. They are mobile. For example, a hill can always be disassembled into various elements and placed them in different corners of the room or even made a standard linear wall from them.
  2. Elegant appearance. Due to the fact that the product can be of a variety of shapes, sections are chosen according to their preference, it is quite possible to create a creative interior that can be pleased with its aesthetic appearance for many years.
  3. A slide, unlike an integral wall, is an uncompleted composition and can be diluted with new elements, modifying and ordering original modules, for example, from new collections. Thus, over time, the product will be transformed and will not become boring and boring.

Universality is a virtue that can be called one of the most important. The wall-slide can be placed in the corridor, kitchen, hall and even the bedroom, if necessary, especially if quadrature allows.

Wall in the hallway( video)

There are almost no flaws in the hills, and only those who can not find a layout for such an interior object can find them. Gorki is a classic variant of living space arrangement, which can serve as an excellent location for a huge number of things, items and even souvenirs, and if you purchase it under the order, it will become a great purchase in the house, because there is the opportunity to do every square centimeter in its own way.

Design of walls in the hallway: catalog( photos)