How to choose linoleum for the kitchen and the hallway: photo of the corridor, what is the best tile, the floor is the same

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Add to the stylish interior of the kitchen with a beautiful and practical linoleum add a stylish kitchen interior, you can use the beautiful and practical linoleum many years, linoleum was valued only for the low price and ease of installation. But now modern types of linoleum can be purchased for the most stylish and unique interiors. That's why more and more people are wondering how to choose linoleum for the kitchen and the hallway, so that it meets all the requirements and rejoices for many years. Despite the fact that this material is known to everyone, there are many criteria for its selection, which should be taken into account when buying.

    • main parameters of the choice of linoleum
    • Select linoleum in the hallway
    • Important tips: choose linoleum for the corridor
    • suitable linoleum for the kitchen and hallway
    • determines how to choose linoleum for the kitchen and hallway( video)
    • Details: linoleum in the hallway( photo examples)

main parameters of the choice of linoleum

purchasing linoleum, it is necessary to immediately determine that affects the durability of services coveredAnd gender.

When choosing linoleum, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the room where it will fit choosing linoleum, be sure to take into account the specifics of the room where he will be laid

These factors include:

  1. environment, in which the coating will be laid( bedroom, children's room, kitchen and so on. Etc.);
  2. Water resistance, noise absorption, wear resistance class;
  3. Number of people living in the apartment( passability index);
  4. Compliance with the interior of the room in which it will be laid.

If there is a desire to lay the same linoleum in the whole apartment, then you need to buy immediately for the whole room. Different parties have different shades, after laying it will become noticeable.

We choose linoleum in the hallway

In the hallway to the linoleum high demands are made because of the proximity of the entrance to the apartment. All dirt and moisture remain on the floor, because of this it is extremely important to choose a quality floor covering. Linoleum is the most democratic coating for the floor, so the market provides its different types, but how to choose the most suitable?

Advantages of natural linoleum is that it is quite practical and reliable advantages of linoleum is that it is quite practical and reliable

There are natural and synthetic linoleum:

  1. Natural is not afraid of moisture, scratches, dents. It is made from cork, while adding linseed oil, wood flour and chalk with resin. If the coating is carried out competent care, it will last for many years. By cons are high cost and a small selection of colors of the material. In addition, to keep the appearance preserved, sometimes linoleum needs to be treated with a special mastic;
  2. The basis for artificial linoleum is polymer raw materials. He has a variety of colors and designs that will fit any interior. It is moisture resistant and is inexpensive. Care of the coating is very simple, it can last about 20 years. The disadvantages are its sensitivity to temperatures and solvents, and also that in time it can become less flexible and crack.

If the floor bases in the hallway are perfectly flat, it is worth to buy a baseless coating, although the foam base will guarantee a long service of linoleum.

The most suitable option in the hallway can be a dark or semi-dark linoleum, so dirt brought from the street will not catch your eye. Also, a variegated heterogeneous coloring will fit, it will not show scratches and stains. But the main characteristics of linoleum are wear resistance and a strong outer layer.

Thus, all existing types of linoleum can be divided into three groups:

  1. household type of use;
  2. Semi-Commercial;
  3. Commercial type.

In the hallway it is worth taking a semi-commercial type. It is ideal for a room through which people flow. Furniture and sharp heels will not leave a trace on it, this kind of linoleum is difficult to damage.

Important recommendations: choose linoleum for the corridor

Many pay attention to the finish and lining of walls and ceiling in the corridor and hallway, but to the floor covering are careless. This is an incorrect approach, because the floors are what the guests see first. The general background in the room depends on the color of the linoleum.

Particular attention when choosing linoleum should be turned on the quality and color of the material Special attention should be paid to the quality and color of the material when choosing a linoleum.

It is worth taking the following advice:

  1. The color of the linoleum must be different from the color of the walls and ceiling;
  2. Do not put a dark floor covering if there is a light ceiling and dark walls;
  3. For a wide corridor, it is better to choose a light linoleum and dark walls;
  4. Ideally, linoleum should be slightly darker than the walls.

For the corridor will be good products with the presence of floral ornament or with imitation of natural wood.

For a hall it is not necessary to take a linoleum in which there is a diagonal pattern, it is better to choose an ornament that will be ideally suited to the general interior design.

Suitable linoleum for kitchen and hallway

Customers in linoleum like its moisture resistance and the absence of deformation from the kitchen set and other furniture. Of course, tile and parquet are also good, but linoleum is more affordable. If you have the means, for the kitchen should choose a natural linoleum.

Many people prefer to choose linoleum, because it is environmentally friendly and safe for health Many prefer to choose linoleum because it is environmentally friendly and safe for health

It is good that:

  1. Is an environmentally friendly and hygienic material;
  2. Not afraid of fire;
  3. Not afraid of kitchen dirt and aggressive effects of household chemicals;
  4. Superbly saves heat;
  5. Has soundproofing properties.

It is necessary to stop the choice on semi-commercial linoleum. It has a very strong layer, and for the kitchen the main rule of choosing the floor material is the weight of the coating. The heaviest has a high density, and, therefore, will last longer.

The most traditional and win-win solution for the kitchen is the choice of linoleum for ceramic tiles. The material will be spectacular under the stone, for example, marble, granite. There is also an aged linoleum simulating a shabby stone or an ancient tree. The total thickness of linoleum linen for the hallway should be more than 3 mm. The protective layer on top must be more than 0.25 mm. The surface, on which linoleum will be subsequently laid, must be properly prepared.

Determine how to choose linoleum for the kitchen and the hallway( video)

Stopping your choice on linoleum, it is worth remembering that choosing a particular kind is not so difficult if you know the subtleties and nuances. The overall appearance of the apartment will change with a new cover, and the purchase will not cause disappointment if competently and seriously choose, given the advice from this article. After all, the most important thing is a feeling of coziness and comfort in the house and the pleasure of finding a beautiful interior created with the tastes of all members of the family.

Details: linoleum in the hallway( photo examples)

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