Sliding wardrobes in the hallway photo inside 40: filling and insides, filling and design, depth 60, equipment

The wardrobes are equipped with all the necessary components intended for the storage of clothes, shoes and household items Sliding doors equipped with all the necessary components, intended for the storage of clothes, shoes and household items Modern comfortable closet in the hall usually takes not much room, but inside its content, as a rule, meets the needs of the owner. Compact, roomy, comfortable, and of course, beautiful - such will be a modern wardrobe.

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    • What could be the content-compartment cabinet in the hallway
    • options: wardrobes in the hallway, the internal filling
    • Internal wardrobe design for the hall
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Pros wardrobes in hallway

An important point - whatever the corridor( formAnd size), you can find a closet that will become so as to free up as much space as possible. In this regard, corner wardrobes are very advantageous. Niches can also be closed with cabinets or components of cabinets.

Among the advantages of sliding-door wardrobes are the good spaciousness, long service life and excellent appearance Among the advantages wardrobes should be noted a good capacity, long life and excellent appearance

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Next - design of the enclosure is such that makes it highly effective to use the space. If the cabinet is placed correctly, you can hide, for example, communications - risers and pipes( if such, of course, is in the hallway).

The next point is design. A well-chosen wardrobe will emphasize the beauty of the finish and become a self-sufficient decorative element. And the options, in terms of design, today there is really for every taste.

What could be the content-compartment cabinet in the hallway

occupancy of the future cabinet will depend on your needs. It's one thing if all the outer clothing of all family members hang in the closet, and all the shoes are worth it. And also travel bags, boxes, hats, zones and so on. It's another matter if there is room for similar things in other parts of the house. But usually the filling of the cabinet in the hallway is approximately the same.

Store in the hallway:

  • Outerwear;
  • Shoe Gallery;
  • Headgear;
  • Bags;
  • Gloves, hats and other accessories;Skis, skates and other things.
  • .

The wardrobe may contain drawers, clothes hangers and storage shelves or towels Wardrobe may contain drawers, clothes racks and shelves for storage or towels

But it happens that has to be stored in the hall boxes of documents, equipment and all sorts, not on top of clothesthings. On this depends on the configuration and depth of the cabinet. Of course, you can not put everything in a small hallway, but a profitable, convenient layout can be here.

options: wardrobes in the hallway, the internal filling

to the closet it was easier to use, its content will be divided into three zones - the upper zone, a middle and. Respectively, the lower one. The least accessible is rightly considered the upper zone. It is logical that it will be used for things that are not required so often. These are usually shelves for large suitcases, for some seasonal clothing and other rarely used things.

But the maximum functional should be the middle zone - here you store things for everyday use. In this area there are often bars for hangers. It is good, if it is possible to place several bars. One - for long coats, the second - for short jackets, etc.

Cabinets-compartments contain special metal or aluminum tubes, which are convenient to hang clothes hangers with outer clothing Sliding wardrobes contain special metal or aluminum tube, which is convenient to hang the hanger with outerwear

If a family has children, it will be convenient layout, in which the children themselves will be able to reach the same shelf or rod. That is, certain parts of the cabinet should be available for children. So it will be easier to teach them to take care of their things, and do not throw on the bench with the words "I do not hold on to the hangers."

In the middle zone also have drawers for hats and other accessories, hooks for bags and keys. Well, the purpose of the lower zone is shoes. It is good to have it in special divisions. For children's shoes it is desirable to have a separate section. Also in the lower zone can be stored a vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board. This zoning - the most practical use of the cabinet in the hallway.

Interior design of the sliding-door wardrobe

Required element of each wardrobe is a shelf. These are stationary, mesh or retractable systems. Stationary or built-in shelves are designed for different things - warm clothes, hats, boxes with small items and stuff. Such shelves are very strong, they are able to withstand a considerable load( up to 70 kg).

Retractable shelves - for important trifles, documents, first aid kits, etc. They assume an overview of the content, that is, some choice. There you can store gloves and gloves, belts and those accessories that you have to choose in a certain season.

The internal design depends on the type of model and the material from which the cabinet is made The internal design depends on the type of the model and the material from which the cabinet is made

The net shelves are not so common - but they are also very practical. For example, there you can store ties, belts, suspenders. The cheapest option for the sliding mechanism is the rollers. But the roller mechanism is not suitable for storing heavy things.

Ideas for a wardrobe in the hallway

The cabinet can be not only narrow and wide, long or compact. There are other options for the design of the wardrobe for the hallway. Choose one that emphasizes the finish of the hallway, and will not become a cumbersome thing in space.

Variants of sliding-door wardrobes:

  • Standard rectangular. Two, three or even more sliding doors can be in such a closet.
  • L-shaped. Two cabinets in this case are at an angle to each other. Their butts will then touch each other.
  • The shape of the triangle. The closet is placed in a corner, it is completely closed by the facade, as one of the corners of the room "cuts off".
  • Trapeze. This design has additional side shelves.
  • Radius shape or rounded. Slight room capacity is lost, but the design is more spectacular.

An excellent solution is the installation of point lights in the sliding-door wardrobes An excellent solution is the installation of spotlights in the

The L-shaped structure is considered the most compact, and the corner is rightly called the most functional one. But the choice depends not only on the practicality of the cabinet, but its effectiveness, aesthetics. Therefore, all criteria are taken into account.

Modern sliding-door wardrobes in the hallway: inside 40 cm( video)

The closet is the face of the hallway. Outwardly it should be in harmony with the decoration and size of the hallway, but inside it should be quite roomy and comfortable.

Good luck in choosing!

Examples coupe cabinets in hallway within 40 cm( photo)