Corridor 5 sq. M.M: length 24 meters, design and photo, house 4x4, width 14 and 15, interior of the hallway 8 and 20 m, 11 rooms

Observing all the subtleties of the design of the corridor, thereby you can achieve an exquisite interior Observing all the subtleties of the corridor, it is possible to achieve the exquisite interior . Most people who have small apartments often face the problem of the correct organization of the interior, and after all it plays an important role and forms the first impression of the owners. The main problem is that it is in the hallway to place a cabinet, a small stand, a mirror, a shelf for shoes, and there is not enough room. It is worth paying attention to smaller areas, in such hallways every detail and its correct placement is important. In addition, properly directed light also plays an important role. How to arrange everything correctly?

    • Correctly select the design of the hallway 5 square meters. M
    • Choice of furniture and accessories in the corridor 2x4
    • Corridor in the house 4x4: secrets of the finish and the color solution
    • General recommendations for interior design in the hallways
    • Arrangement of the corridor 5 sq. M.M( video)
    • Design of the hallway 5 sq. M.M( interior photo)

Correctly select the design of the hallway 5 square meters. M

With a large hallway area you can create a beautiful design that includes convenience and functionality. In order to collect all the best qualities, users are most often recommended to install a wardrobe. As for small hallways, they can also afford such a cabinet, but the choice should fall in the direction of a narrow, but high model. It can occupy the area up to the ceiling.

This envelope will allow you to include several necessary things:

  • Section for outer clothing;
  • Shoe box;
  • Hangers for bags and umbrellas.

Mirror in a beautiful frame will emphasize the beautiful design of the hallway Mirror in a beautiful frame will emphasize the beautiful design of the hallway

As in any corridor, there must be room for a mirror. Although its function may well replace the mirror door on the closet. Thus, combining several functions at once in one object, you can usefully use the remaining space, for example, to place miniature ottomans or make a shelf for small things.

With regard to lighting, regardless of the area, it should be quite bright. However, on an area of ​​4-5 square meters. M it is forbidden to use massive lighting devices, as they visually reduce the room due to the fact that the walls will seem approximate. The best choice will be point lighting, as you can equip the cabinet with LED lighting. In order that the room seemed lighter, the walls should not be dark. Finish should be selected in light colors with a minimum number of patterns.

Wall and ceiling decoration plays an important role, choosing the right type of wallpaper can visually enlarge the room.

So, for example, the wallpaper in a shallow horizontal strip will give the corridor a visual volume. As for the low ceilings, it will cope with this minus, the decoration of the walls will help bright contrasts. In this case, the lower part is made in dark colors according to the 2/3 principle.

Choice of furniture and accessories in the corridor 2x4

A small hallway fetters tenants in the frame. The desire to place a large mirror, a cozy sofa or a spacious chest of drawers on the territory of 2x4 is unreal. As for rooms with a small length, do not overload it with dimensional interior items. It will be enough to install a small closet that will accompany the mirror or design drawing.

The installation of a corner cabinet will significantly save space in the hallway The installation of a corner cabinet will significantly save space in the hallway

If the furniture store does not have the necessary dimensions, it can be made to order.

An excellent replacement for the closet will be the usual hanger, which can be placed immediately behind the door. Thus, clothes will not interfere with free movement. In addition to the cabinet, a soft ottoman with a built-in drawer or a folding chair will perfectly fit into the interior of the 2x4 corridor. A desirable attribute of such a corridor is a shoe rack. At the moment in furniture stores a large assortment of special narrow and multi-level supports. Complement this composition are modular paintings, a vase. To create a visual space, the mirror in front of the front door is perfect. However, it is not worth it to stuff the interior with trifles.

Corridor in the house 4x4: secrets of the finish and color solution

When deciding the issue of finishing small-sized corridors, it is necessary to choose only high-quality repair materials. From heavy and too massive it is necessary to refuse, as they will considerably reduce the space.

At the time of decorating walls, it is best to use liquid wallpaper, as the ideal wallpaper will be a photo wallpaper. Often in such cases, suitable Venetian putty.

With regard to flooring, when choosing a laminate or linoleum, it is necessary to take into account the type of pattern.

Glossy ceiling in the hallway - an ideal option for visual increase in space Glossy ceiling in the hallway - ideal for visually increasing the space

Using small tricks, the corridor 4x4 can easily be visually expanded, namely:

  • The best option for bleaching walls is to choose a light tone, for example, light green;
  • When choosing wallpaper, pay attention to the picture, it should not be large or intrusive. Expand the wallpaper wallpaper with stripes, but you need to consider that such wallpaper shows all the shortcomings of the walls;
  • The delimited transitions between the rooms visually make the entrance hall smaller, while the general floor covering expands it;
  • If you want to make a floor covering in the form of a tile, you must take into account the fact that the tiles should be identical to the color of the wallpaper.

But most importantly, it is that the design of the hallway should be combined with other rooms. Only then will it be an atmosphere of comfort.

General recommendations for interior design in hallways

Regardless of how many meters in the hallway, whether 4 meters or 5, 15 or 20 in the outfit there are several important points.

Finishing should be done with the help of quality materials, as it is the corridor that is exposed to moisture and dirt more than the rest of the rooms Finishing must be carried out with the help of high-quality materials, as the corridor is exposed to moisture and dirt more than other rooms.

When creating an interior, the following rules should be adhered to:

  1. The hall equipment must contain only the necessaryObjects should not be superfluous;
  2. Expand the hallway by creating one or more arches passing with neighboring rooms;
  3. It is desirable to purchase furniture by order with the help of a specialist, so you can be sure of the correct choice of the dimensions;
  4. Do not create an accent on large lamps, a large chandelier will create a crushing sensation. The best option is to use soffits;
  5. The use of furniture should be rational. If it is not possible to spread it across the entire area of ​​the hallway, you can use modular cabinets that take into account all the needs of the owners.

It is the last thing to deal with the situation in the hallway after the repair in all the previous rooms has been completed.

Arrangement of the corridor 5 sq. M.M( video)

Residents of cities rarely boast a large width of the hallway, as a result of creating a comfortable environment you can forget. Rooms apartments and houses are often designed to perform several functions, the hallway is the fate of storing unnecessary things. If you apply very little effort, then small hallways in the size of 4 to 10-11kv m, as well as from 8 to 13-24kv meters can be turned, of course, a comfortable and unique continuation of a cozy home. After all, absolutely everyone, with very little effort, is able to turn his corridor into something unique and dimensions absolutely do not matter.

Design of the hallway 5 sq. M.M( interior photo)