A narrow closet in the hallway: compartment and photo, a long corridor, a depth of 30 and 40 cm, the color of a light beech, the design of a five-meter

A narrow cabinet is excellent for small hallways, because it takes up little space and fully fulfills its functions Narrow cabinet is excellent for small hallways, because it takes up little space and fully fulfills its functions. For small, elongated hallways, services for individual furniture manufacture are of great help. This is convenient - you are not adapting to the finished furniture, and the masters do things that will match the characteristics of the hallways. In a narrow living room narrow cabinets are suitable, the depth of which is not so familiar, but due to other design features such a locker will be a practical thing in the hallway.

    • How can there be a narrow closet in the hallway
    • Light cabinet in a narrow hallway: photo
    • How to choose a wardrobe in a narrow long corridor: photo
    • Ideas: a closet in a narrowCorridor
    • Variants: narrow cabinet in the hallway( video)
    • Design of the closet in the narrow entrance hall( photo in the interior)

How can there be a narrow closet in the hallway

If the hall itself is elongated, Narrow, then you can put furniture only along one walland. And in order not to "eat" an already small footage, the cabinet should be narrow. The width of such furniture will be 40, a maximum of 50 cm. To save space, choose the model of the closet - and this is correct, because the cabinet with swinging doors will in practice cause inconvenience.

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In the presence of space in addition to the cabinet it is recommended to put the drawers with drawers If there is space in addition to the cabinet, it is recommended to put drawers with drawers

A narrow corridor is always the need to balance the load of the hallway in terms of functionality and the minimal space that the hall furniture will occupy. Because what cabinets are preferred, so it is small, narrow and not very long. A five-meter cabinet, for sure, will be able to hide everything that you want to remove from your eyes, but it will fit only a spacious hallway.

Light cabinet in a narrow entrance hall: photo

This is a typical example of our old layout apartments - a narrow hallway, like a corridor on a train. Of course, there are options for visual re-planning of this room, so that the effect of the corridor itself should somehow be removed. Many in this case decide to completely abandon furniture in the hallway - a hanger, a banquet and all. Yes, and a bright finish. Well, where is the closet for outer clothing?Where is the mirror, curbstone or chest of drawers?Not everyone has the opportunity, somehow to beat the usual decision, do without a cabinet and other things.

Because the usual design can be a bit unusual to imagine. And there are a few simple tricks that can help in this. Choose yourself what will suit you.

To avoid monotony, the shade of the cabinet should differ from the color of the walls To avoid monotony, the cabinet shade should be different from the wall color.

Cabinet in a narrow hallway:

  • Choose a cabinet of light colors( for example, a light beech) that will merge with the finish( ifFinish light);
  • Mirror elements in such a cabinet are mandatory - it can be with exceptionally mirrored facades, but they require constant care;
  • Organize the lighting in the closet - it's practical, beautiful, it only adds to the comfort of the hallway;
  • Focus, first of all, on the production of furniture to order - it's good when the furniture makes for a specific room( and if there are defects in it, masters can come up with tricks that will help hide these defects).

In the narrow hallway, the main thing is color and light. Light colors, which have a visual expansion of the texture and a well-designed lighting system. Focus not only on the basic light, but also on the spotlight.

How to choose a wardrobe in a narrow long corridor: photo

You can start the recommendations for choosing a cabinet from the list of typical mistakes that people make when decorating narrow hallways. Because even an excellently chosen cabinet with these errors, will not save the situation.

What can not be done in a narrow long corridor:

  • Use bulky lighting fixtures;
  • Choose in the decoration of dark colors;
  • Pile the corridor with furniture;
  • Use a large picture on the wallpaper;
  • Apply artsy decoration;
  • Restrict passage of furniture;
  • Allow a style contrast of the hallway with other rooms of the dwelling( sharp, it is meant).

Built-in wall cabinet is an excellent option, significantly saving free space A built-in cabinet is an excellent option that significantly saves space

Previously, when the wardrobes were new, people had to contrive that the narrow living room could at least somehow function as a storage room. The appearance of such capacious cabinets solved this problem.

It is better to order such a cabinet according to the finished scheme of the internal device, or choose from the offered ones. Only you know how many shelves you need, what size, location, etc. Of course, it is a pity that in case of moving to dismantle the cabinet is problematic, but it is still better than a stationary cabinet with not always convenient internal division.

Ideas: a closet in a narrow corridor

What is included in the familiar set of the hallway, or rather, the headset called "hallway" - is one or two cabinets, a pedestal for shoes, perhaps a separate mirror with a shelf. Everything is scattered, that is, set it up in corners and walls, as you want. And in a narrow corridor it is sometimes impossible to arrange such a set at all.

For a small hallway, a compact corner cabinet For a small hallway, a compact corner cabinet

is good. What should I do?A good alternative is a coupe-vestibule. It can be long, and actually located along the entire length of one of the walls. Matters the question, how does it differ from a conventional closet?And here there are some tricks. Firstly, such a long cabinet may not be integral - that is, the compartments can be interrupted by a flat wall with a mirror and curbstones, shelves, shelving system.

But the most interesting is not even that. Sometimes a kind of ladies' corner is arranged inside one compartment of such a closet-hallway. Just open the door - and there is a mirror, shelves, ottoman. The idea came from the design of the wardrobes in the other rooms, when even the office - a table, a chair, a computer, a lamp, etc. - was arranged inside the cabinet.

Variants: narrow cabinet in the hallway( video)

In a narrow hallway, you can create on your own the most pleasing appearance of the exterior, where everything is beautiful, functional, and the visible space and the precaution to the footage are not deprived, however, the capacity of the cabinet is as large as possible.

Beautiful solutions!

closet design in a narrow hallway( photo in the interior)