Built-in wardrobes: in the hallway, the design of the wardrobe compartment in the room, photo, filling the system in a niche, furniture with their own hands

Built-in wardrobe is the most modern and best option for storing clothes and shoes Built-in wardrobe is the most modern and the best option for storing clothes and shoes If your home has vacant niche, you can fill them with built-in wardrobes. Then you not only get a place to store things, but also save a little space. In addition, the wardrobe system built into the niche is a modern variant of the interior, which means that you will not be outdone by fashion.

    • Built-in wardrobe in the hall: how to place
    • where there are built-in wardrobe
    • How to choose a design built-in wardrobe
    • Wardrobe embedded in a niche: the advantages
    • recessed wardrobe systems: how to transform the closet with his hands
    • built-in wardrobe and dressing room: how to save space
    • Easy option: built-in wardrobes( video)
    • Design embedded closets( photo ca.moat)

Built-in wardrobe in the hall: how to place

most common wardrobe systems are placed in the hall room. In order to do this correctly, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations.

How to place a dressing room in the hall:

  1. air in your hallway should be as dry as the wet adversely affects the clothes;
  2. For a dressing room the best place will be the corner, an empty niche and other similar nooks in the room;
  3. Make sure that your dressing room has a place for both hangers( to hang jackets, coats, etc.), and for shelves;

In the dressing room there must be ventilation In the dressing must necessarily be ventilation

To maximize space saving shelves do in your wardrobe up to the ceiling. On the uppermost shelf, fold down the clothes that are less used this season( in the summer, for example, you can put winter shoes there), and if necessary, substitute a chair.

Where to place the built-in wardrobe

In fact, the best place for a built-in wardrobe will be any empty corner in the room. Space two by two meters is enough to fit in it a wardrobe for the whole family. The main thing is to take a place to the ceiling.

Sometimes for built-in wardrobes a place is taken in the old closet, on the balcony or in the loggia. In general, choose the place that you have in the house is empty.

Built-in wardrobe can be installed in absolutely any room Built-in wardrobe can be installed in absolutely any room

By the way, with a competent layout of the room design, the built-in wardrobe can become both the highlight of the room, and merge with the walls so that it can not be seen. To proceed here is based on personal preferences and the nuances of the room.

How to choose the design of the integrated wardrobe

As in the case with conventional cabinets, the modern market offers the buyer a wide range of built-in dressing rooms, both in size and design.

Things to consider when choosing a built-in wardrobe:

  1. Color. It must be combined, poured or vice versa, creating a contrast with the rest of the design of your room.
  2. Facade cloakroom. In the case of a built-in wardrobe, you see only the facade, which can be made of glass, wood, plastic or mirror. The latter option is most in demand, since with it the space in the room will increase not only due to the fact that the dressing room is of the built-in type, but also visually, with the help of a mirror.
  3. Internal space. Location of sections, shelves, their sizes, number and location( in modern versions, chaotically located shelves are often found, whereas in the more traditional one everything is exactly the same to each other).Also, consider whether you will hang the outer clothing in this wardrobe, and if so, make sure that the space for the hangers is enough for the clothes of your entire family.

The choice of a color version of the dressing room will depend only on your own preferences wardrobe color options will depend on your own preferences

These three items are the main in the design of the dressing room. Another important parameter when choosing is the cost of the dressing room. It depends primarily on the design and size of the cabinet.

Before you start choosing a wardrobe, accurately measure the space allocated for it, and choose already based on these parameters.

Wardrobe built-in niche: the advantages of

If the architecture of your house provides a niche, then it's even better for a wardrobe: you do not have to occupy a balcony or an extra corner in the room.

Please note that when installing in a niche the main parameters when choosing a wardrobe will be the dimensions of the niche itself. Ideally, the closet should exactly enter the allotted space.

The dressing room, located in a niche, does not take up much space and will save a significant part of the living space area The dressing room located in the niche will not take up much space and will save a significant part of the living area space.

Therefore, if you have a niche in your home, then adapt it to the built-in dressing room. Small niches do not fit the dressing rooms, as filling them will happen very quickly.

Built-in wardrobe systems: how to remake a storage room with their own hands

Another popular place for the built-in wardrobe system is an unnecessary storage room, which will take a little time to rework.

How to convert a storage room into a dressing room:

  1. Remove from the pantry all unnecessary and clean it of possible dirt and dust;
  2. If the walls in the pantry do not have an even surface, which is often the case in practice, then align them;
  3. Also level the floor, and then cover it with parquet, linoleum or other coating;
  4. Repair the ceiling. You can do it with wallpaper, lining or plastic.
  5. Now you can break into the arrangement of the dressing room.

Even from a small pantry room can get a beautiful dressing room Even from a small storage room, you can get a beautiful dressing room

In case the storage room was wide enough, you can even change clothes in the future dressing room, so take care of the quality floor.

Built-in wardrobes and dressing rooms: how to save space

If you choose a built-in wardrobe to save space in the room, then you should know a number of nuances that will help also visually expand your bedroom.

Installing a mirror on the front of the dressing room, you will not only visually expand the room, but also get a practical thing Installing a mirror on the front of the dressing room, you will not only visually expand the room, but also get a practical thing

How to save space using the dressing room:

  1. Mirrors on the doors of the dressing room. The most universal way to visually expand the room.
  2. Stained glass inserts. They do not fit every interior, but with a competent approach it looks elegant.
  3. Glass facades with photoprint printed on them. Also considered a modern option, suitable for any interior.

Convenient option: built-in wardrobes( video)

As you can see, the built-in dressing room is not only a modern, but also an economical solution for apartment arrangement. In such cloakrooms you can put furniture. And the wide variety of options offered by the market will allow you to find the best option for you.

Design embedded closets( photo examples)