Wardrobe from the pantry: in the panel house, photo as your own, options from a small room, how to equip the storage system

In small-sized housing a storage room, converted into a multi-function wardrobe, will be an excellent option in small-sized housing room, turned into a multi-functional dressing, will be an excellent option In terms of small apartments really want to get the cherished see to make the most of them. A lot of clothes, household items, twists and much more can not normally fit in a small kitchen and in 2 cabinets. And in the pantry you can redo it by filling it with shelves, hangers and niches.

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Dressing from the pantryin the panel house

presence closets in the apartment - a priceless treasure for those people who are always sorely lacking space. From the pantry you can make a cozy dressing room in several ways. For example, in a panel house, the storeroom needs to be replaced by a cabinet.

The presence of a pantry in the apartment will help to solve the problem with the storage of clothes and shoes presence closet in the apartment to help solve the problem of storage of clothing and shoes

To do this you need to do these steps:

  1. Remove the door.
  2. Remove the partition in the corridor.
  3. Make a measurement of the resulting niche.
  4. Order a suitable cabinet model, and it is better to choose a wardrobe.
  5. Install.

If the door will go to the wall or to move on rollers, it allows maximum space savings, it will be possible to connect the blade with a mirror.

The dressing room will not be less attractive if it is done according to a different plan. To create a new functional area, you must remove all objects from the room and update the interior design of the wall surfaces. It is not improbable to repair the ceiling. After that, the master can purchase a large mirror, which he will install on the door. Now it will only be necessary to fill the dressing room with different compartments.

A large space should be allocated for long things, one should not forget about the bar for hangers. In addition, you need to choose special shoe stands, upper shelves, which will be stored headgear. When everything is done by oneself, the design can be changed according to personal preferences.

Important! It's worth worrying about women's comfort by making boxes for small items. For example, they can store brushes, threads, corners and other devices.

Walk-in closet with your own hands from the pantry

You can make a wardrobe yourself with minimal effort. To do this, you need to look at the technology of creating furniture. We are talking about the cloakrooms, which are equipped with fasteners.

You can create a dressing room yourself without much effort Make dressing can independently effortlessly

Special systems consist of a plurality of elements:

  • pipe;
  • holders;
  • shelves;
  • doors.

Thanks to this, the owner of the apartment himself will be able to easily design a ready-made dressing room. Therefore, you can order a design in the cabin of the furniture, having previously indicated the required dimensions. Then it will only be necessary to assemble such a large constructor. In this way they collect not only wardrobes, but also exhibition stands, shelves for office premises, etc.

Important! The advantage of the designs is the ability to change the location of the shelves at any time.

Variants of cloakroom rooms from pantries for all tastes.

The room conversion options can be unique and exclusive. From the pantry the dressing room is made with plasterboard. Drawings are mandatory at all stages of the work. Before assembling and ordering the elements, it is necessary to accurately calculate the dimensions of all the parts and to enter the data into the drawing of the drawing.

The dressing room can be made using plasterboard The cloakroom can be made using plasterboard


  1. The walls must be marked.
  2. Further from a wooden beams collect a skeleton.
  3. To equip the room, you need to start with a beam that is located horizontally at the ceiling. This is the guiding element.
  4. Lower the supports vertically. Their number is determined by the distance between them. It should not be more than 70 cm.
  5. The use of transverse beams is necessary in order to secure the shelves.
  6. To coat the framework with plasterboard.

It is very convenient to make the lining on both sides, not forgetting the insulation. Inside, lay the wiring to ensure high-quality lighting. At the final stage it is necessary to trim the drywall from the outside and inside, fix the shelves.

Important! When the rooms are small, shelving can be done by hand. To cover a design it is possible a self-gluing film, a varnish, a paint, a veneer.

Small walk-in closets from the pantry

In each house there are elements that are not actively used or not used at all. For example, corners or niches. If it is reasonable to use them, it will be possible to increase the ergonomics of the dwelling.

If you properly use the niches in the room, then the useful area can be increased several times If the niches are used indoors, then the useful area can be increased several times

In a small room, a corner wardrobe is an excellent choice. Rectangular shelving will be obtained if the niche is closed by sliding doors. Will only fill it with shelves. So, you can use any space in a too small apartment.

Ideas for using a small pantry:

  • for ironing;
  • room for measuring with a lot of mirrors;
  • workstation with several built-in seats;
  • convenient organizer for socks, ties, belts, ornaments.

This piece of the apartment will become a favorite place for every housewife, so she can not only choose the necessary outfit and pat him there, but also stay there alone with her thoughts. It is enough to place a comfortable armchair and a lamp in the dressing room.

Important! When the storage room is a very small area, during the repair, its complete or partial modification is performed( U-shaped or linear view).

How to equip the closet for the closet comfortably and functionally

The wardrobe of all family members should be kept in order. In this case it is necessary to ensure not only the beauty in any room, but also the maximum degree of convenience and functionality of the available space.

The dressing room should not only be beautiful, but comfortable and multifunctional The dressing room should not only be beautiful, but comfortable and multifunctional.

The ready-to-use designs that are realized in furniture supermarkets are distinguished by their lightness and high degree of strength. The only negative side of them is the presence of faceless doors. Design ideas for finishing such elements are unusual and unique. The standard surface can be painted with any colors of paints. It is important to adhere to the general style of the interior.

Best decoration options:

  • varnished;
  • painting with enamel;
  • using decoupage technique;
  • aging effect;
  • gluing of self-adhesive.

Do not forget about the doors when installing, they are necessary if the storage room was a separate room. With its help it is very easy and convenient to delimit space and make the interior holistic. If a wardrobe is received instead of a built-in pantry, the presence of a door is optional.

Important! Separate shelves can be carried outside the main wardrobe, they will become an organic part of another room. Storage of things on these shelves is optional.

How to make a cloakroom from the pantry with your own hands( video)

If you connect fantasy, creativity, you will be able to enjoy the result. Without the masters to cope quite realistically in a short time. And in small apartments each corner should be used as much as possible functionally.

Examples cloakrooms of the storage area in the panel house( photo rooms)