Lighting in the hallway: corridor in the apartment, photo sconce, light small, design with illuminated floor, lamps in the interior

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Make the entrance hall cozy and comfortable with high-quality lighting It is possible to make the entrance hall cozy and comfortable with the help of high-quality lighting The popular saying "By the clothes meet" refers not only to the person, but also, partly, to his house."Clothes" for the house is that, first of all, the gaze of his guests appears: in addition to exterior decoration, this is, of course, a corridor. Many do not give much importance to the design of this room and in vain, because thanks to modern design tricks and the game of light, you can transform a tiny, unimpressive room into a stylishly decorated room, visually expanding its area.

    • Organization of lighting in the corridor and its meaning
    • Light in the hallway: basic rules of organization
    • Lighting of a small hallway and corridor of non-standard form
    • Is it worth it to hang a sconce in the hallway
    • Why do I need a floor lightIn the corridor
    • Lighting device in the small hallway( video)
    • Design of corridor lighting in the apartment( photo interiors)

Organization of lighting in the corridor and its meaning

And its organization plays an important role in the interior and not only because of its direct purpose. The lighting in the corridor, like in other rooms, also requires a competent approach and the right design decisions. In fact, the hallway is a kind of portal through which we move every day from our serene quiet world to the world of important matters and fuss.

It is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of lighting devices, so that they harmoniously complement the interior of the corridor Attention should be paid to the appearance of the lighting fixtures so that they harmoniously complement the interior of the

corridor. When designing the hallway interior, it is important to pay attention not only to its functionality, but also to the aesthetic part.

In most cases, the hallway feature is the complete absence of natural light sources. And among many mistakenly there is an opinion that a small low-power lamp is enough to illuminate the corridor. However, if a person moves abruptly from a dark room to a light one, and vice versa, his vision does not work so quickly and a short-term disorientation occurs. Avoid this problem will help properly planned in the corridor lighting with enough lighting devices and their proper location.

Light in the hallway: the basic rules of the organization

When choosing the fixtures and determining their location, it is worth paying attention to certain rules, observance of which will allow to get the most comfortable interior of the hallway by doing everything yourself.

You can pick up lighting for the hallway yourself, without recourse to specialists You can choose the lighting for the hallway yourself without the assistance of

. Requirements for corridor lighting:

  1. Dim light in the room will not be enough. With a small number of it is quite difficult to find the right object in the hallway or consider the reflection in the mirror.
  2. If there is not enough space in the hallway and the ceiling height is small, you should exclude the possibility of installing a wall and some varieties of luminaires loft. Otherwise, there is a high probability of damaging them during the operation of the room.
  3. Excessive amount of light in the hallway is useless: too bright contrast when entering from a dark room adversely affects vision. In addition, even the slightest shortcomings in finishing will be clearly visible.
  4. The degree of illumination of the hallway should not be very different from other premises. Thus, a single harmonious space will be created without any light changes. In order to adjust the level of light in the hallway at different times of the day, there must be several lamps.

The furniture in the hallway should be comfortable and relax. And if the hallway is also small - to think over the design of its lighting is literally in details.

Lighting of a small hallway and corridor of non-standard form

It is not necessary to illuminate a spacious corridor of special work: it is important only to choose the optimum fixtures and highlight the necessary zones. As for small or non-standard rooms - here you need a special approach that will help to hide the shortcomings of the room.

A narrow and long corridor can be equipped with spotlights, setting them at an equal distance along the entire length of the room.

For corridors with high ceilings, the use of wall lamps will be optimal: this approach visually expands the room, thereby reducing its visual height. In a narrow hallway, wall lights can only be installed on one wall.

For a small corridor, spotlights that can be placed throughout the ceiling For a small corridor, you can perfectly match spotlights that can be placed all over the ceiling.

For a small hallway, the optimal solutions are:

  • Spots. Multifunctionality of this kind of luminaire will, by sending plafonds in different directions, achieve the desired result.
  • Spot lights. Placed all over the plane of the ceiling and illuminate evenly throughout the room. The brightness of the spot light is commensurate with the effect of fluorescent light, which speaks for itself.
  • Wall chandeliers. If the light is directed to the ceiling, the hallway will become visually more spacious due to the visual reduction of the borders.

With regard to a small room, it is important to equip the lighting system so that light is evenly distributed to all corners of the room. Otherwise, the room will seem even closer.

Should I hang the sconce in the hallway

Scattered light is the best option for the hallway. It is achieved using matte plafonds with the direction of the main luminous flux upward. Reflecting from the light finish, it creates uniform illumination in sufficient quantity. That is why for some hallways the sconce is the best solution.

Add to the interesting interior in the corridor with ease can beautiful and practical wall lamps To complement the interesting interior in the corridor, beautiful and practical sconces can easily be fitted

In the case of high ceilings, the use of sconces will visually expand the room, making it lower.

Often, sconces are a supplement to the central lighting and only in rare cases can they be independent sources of light. They are universal and suitable for various interior solutions. Sconces in the narrow hallway should be fastened so that they are above human growth. This will prevent possible damage to the lamp.

Why the floor lighting in the corridor

is necessary. The floor lighting creates a cosiness and underscores the subtle details of the interior. In apartments, where the hallway is a corridor separating the room, not very bright floor lamps can serve as a kind of nightlight, highlighting the path. Floor lighting can be done in several ways.

In the corridor, you can make a special highlighting of the floor, which will be functional and practical In the corridor, you can make a special floor lighting that will be functional and practical.

Lighting options:

  • Flexible neon lights;
  • Spot lights;
  • LED strip;
  • Duralight;
  • Halogen lamps;
  • Flexible neon;
  • The device of a light floor.

The last version includes luminous modules that are part of the floor covering. They can be mounted in any way you like. They create a unique design in the room and have two undeniable advantages, not unimportant for the hallway. This is impact resistance and moisture resistance.

Lighting device in a small hallway( video)

Unfortunately, not everyone can be proud of a spacious hallway of the right form. For most, it has its drawbacks, but with the help of properly organized lighting they can be hidden, at least partially. To save electricity, a successful solution will be the installation of switches equipped with motion sensors and translucent doors of adjacent rooms( the length of a light day allows to save considerably on artificial lighting).Do not be afraid of innovations, work out all possible options before repairing an important part of the dwelling, such as a vestibule. After all, correctly planned lighting is the guarantee of a comfortable stay in the room.

Design of corridor lighting in the apartment( photo of interiors)

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