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The interior of a small living room can be made original and comfortable Interior small living room, you can make an original and comfortable lot of mistakes in that seating 4 m in length and width -. It is far from comfortable rooms, the interior of which is simply impossible to make a harmonious and attractive. In fact, perhaps everything and even a living room measuring 12 and 16 m2.Almost every second person is interested in how to trim a small area, but at the same time preserve some originality and comfort in the room.

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Living 4 to 4: design

not simply create a 4x4 design of the hall, but there is nothing extraordinary in this process. The most important thing is a proper layout, as well as keeping in mind your own wishes and maintaining the convenience of the room for operation. When designing the interior, you need to take into account every centimeter, so that it is involved and profitable.

There is a lot of ideas on how to create a small cozy living room interior There are a lot of ideas of how to create the interior of a small living room a cozy

There are certain rules that make the room into 16 squares will be finished at the highest level:

  1. Do not choose too bulky home furnishings for youngLiving rooms, as the most optimal options are compact and, as a rule, folding products. For example, modular sofas, which are made to order.
  2. We need to consider several technical and design solutions designed specifically for small rooms. They always have furniture-transformer, zoning room, as well as elements that contribute to the visual increase in the room.
  3. When decorating a room, use horizontal and vertical lines to visually increase the space. An example can serve as a glossy stretch ceiling or gypsum plasterboard with several levels.
  4. Do not use shades of red, black, brown and blue.
  5. In addition to the main light source there should be a point light that will illuminate the dark corners of the hall and expand it visually.

There are plenty of ideas of how to create an interior in a small room, but make it so that it not only will appear bigger but also will be more spacious, comfortable and most importantly - it's cozy.

Living room 5 on 4

When designing an interior for a living room of 20 m2, it is worth making a bias in choosing the right color solution. Previously, designers believed that the use of light colors in such a room is completely unacceptable, but with time, morals change, and the views are beautiful, and, naturally, the features of design activity. At the moment, white and all light warm colors are the ideal solution in order to create a favorable, comfortable interior. Light shades perfectly fit into small rooms and increase them visually.

Using light colors in a small living room, you can increase the space and create a comfortable interior Using light colors in a small living room, you can increase space and create a comfortable interior

Some light colors may seem boring or monotonous, but they can be diluted with bright colors, for example, by installing original colorful accessories, curtains or, Illumination of unusual color. It can be about anything, for example, about carpets, a cape on a sofa, upholstery and pillows.

designers a lot of attention was paid to the redevelopment and zoning, which can create according to certain rules:

  1. If you want to create a practical and fashionable design in a small living room, then redevelopment is the ideal option for creating comfortable conditions.
  2. In a small living room there should be nothing superfluous and everything is just the most necessary.
  3. For visual expansion of the space in the room it is necessary to install white furniture.
  4. Having installed a mirror in the hall, you can immediately notice the visual expansion of the space.
  5. If there is no desire to live in a sterile white room, then you can choose bright colors, but at the same time not more than 4 shades, otherwise the room will be colorful and far from attractive.
  6. It's important to remember that there is not much originality, but there must be a sense of proportion not to create creative, but still a mess.

In addition to all the recommendations described, do not forget about your own preferences, because this is above all.

Design of living room 3 on 4 m2

Designers consider it an ideal solution when planning a small room to divide the room into zones. The distinction can be made using a partition, a screen, flowers and even curtains.

With this design, the usual living room will become unusual, original and will satisfy the wishes of those who live in it.

A good idea is to connect the living room with the kitchen and the corridor A good idea will be to connect the living room with the kitchen and the corridor

In a room of 12 m2, the zoning is carried out across, so that each part is spacious. Some designers prefer to zonate space by choosing different materials. For example, combine a laminate and a parquet board or a tile with linoleum. Not a bad option will be the construction of the podium, where the guest area or rest area will be located.

Not a bad solution will be the connection of the living room with the kitchen or the corridor. Thus, the room will visually expand, become more spacious and comfortable.

It's easiest to install a partition and separate the space for viewing the TV from the dining or reading area. As a partition, there may be a curtain, a wall, a carpet or blinds.

One of the modern ways of increasing space is stretching the room in length. It is very simple to do this, but there must be such a feature as a high ceiling. To start, the walls are covered with a coating with a vertical pattern. There is one more thing, which consists in finishing the end wall with bright wallpaper, and the number of the walls is more muted. So the concentration of attention will be on a bright wall that will give the effect of visual expansion of space. Thus, the ridiculous shape of the room will cease to be conspicuous.

The following can become a decor for such rooms:

  • Photo wallpaper;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Paints;
  • Draperies;
  • Decorative painting.

As they say, there are no comrades to the taste and color, and therefore, guided by the recommendations, one should not forget about one's own preferences.

Features of the layout of small rooms

If the room for the hall is very small, do not choose a large and very prominent furniture. Accessories and upholstery furniture should be in contrast. To be more precise, if the furniture is light, the decor should be bright and vice versa. Typically, in small rooms set-up wardrobes, which are very roomy and do not take up much space. Such designs will hide a lot of things, like those that are needed every day, and those that are stored for years for the right moment.

Typically, in small rooms set-up closets, which are very roomy and do not take up much space As a rule, in small rooms set-up wardrobes, which are very roomy and do not take up much space.

The ideal solution is to install mirrors on the door of the sliding-door wardrobe, as they increase space. The peculiarity of the closets is that when you order, you can choose its dimensions both outside and inside, it is possible to choose the necessary number of shelves and their height.

Mirrors can be present in the interior, but only in a limited space. To distribute them and choose a particular size and finish, you can turn to specialists and then your room will become the most unusual.

Interior of a small living room( video)

An airy, light living room will bring a lot of pleasure to everyone who gets into it.

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