Living room decor: a photo of the hall in the apartment, interior decoration of the room, decorations and decoration by one's own hands

Make the living room modern and unique is easy, the main thing - to pick up the original decor Make the living room a modern and unique is not difficult, the main thing - to choose the original decor There is an incredible amount of different ways to implement the design of the hall, and each of them is different in color, size of the room, the style. Decoration of the room will require a lot of time and effort, but the result will be worth it. Modern living rooms are beautiful, stylish and fashionable rooms that can surprise anyone who is in them.

    • Decor Hall: option finishes
    • Elements of living room decor: what's new
    • for decor ideas living room: how to design the interior
    • basic rule for the decoration of walls
    • Interesting ideas furnish the living room
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Decor hall: finishing option

to make room design, designers use newfangled technology and the departmentMaterials such as decorative plaster. Finishing is carried out by purchasing material that is applied to the wall. The composition is a mixture in which there are chemical components and dyes. Working with him is easy and simple. This will not require a special tool or special professional skills. The peculiarity of this decor is that it will last for years, it can be painted.

You can update the design of the room with decorative textured plaster Update design of the room is possible by means of decorative textured plaster

There is a huge range of plasters:

  1. Invoice;
  2. Structural;
  3. Embossed;
  4. Mosaic;
  5. The Venetian.

Elements of living room decor: what's new

People of the 21st century are faced with every day stress, turmoil, as well as other difficulties. Coping with them is very easy, because it is enough to just get home, relax and relax. You can get the desired result only if the apartment or house has a comfortable environment. Creating an interior with your own hands allows you to feel your home and its atmosphere. Getting into his living room, a person should feel pacification, which can be achieved if you use decorative stylish interiors.

It is important not to cross the very edge that separates the fashionable living room from completely tasteless and similar to chaos. It is worth noting that, regardless of the size of the living room, it can be attractive and convenient for use. How to create a living room decor?It is necessary to initially deal with the correct arrangement of furniture, both soft and cabinet.

It is necessary with the mind to approach the decoration of the living room, not littering it with extra things necessary to intelligently approach the decoration of the living room, not cluttered with unnecessary things it

It depends on the impression of space, its comfort and beauty. Do not need to pile up a room with a lot of items, as this will be the biggest mistake.

Modern designers prefer to use the style of minimalism. Symmetrical furnishings, a minimum of objects and their complete combination allows to achieve the desired result and even visually expand the space. If the project is completed, you need to go to the decor. It is also necessary to carry out the finishing of the room according to the project, both approved and by the designer and the owner of the living room.

At the design stage, the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Selecting a color solution;
  • Definition with style;
  • Furniture ordering.

If you want to furnish your living room with your own hands, you should carefully study the basic rules of design art.

Over-decorating the living room can turn it into an insipid and ugly room Excessive decoration of the living room can turn it into a tasteless and ugly room.

Decorating rules

  1. The interior should contain items such as vases, paintings, and necessarily curtains.
  2. Excellent and stylish is the combination of contrasting shades, in particular white and black.
  3. As an accent in the room can be a rack or stand with a backlight.

Ideas for Living Room Decor: How to design the interior

decor ideas can be very different, but the most important thing - it is to determine the order in which style will finish.

Options walls a thousand, but their choice depends on:

  • Room area;
  • Lighting;
  • Defects or defects.

To decorate the room you can apply a panel, a modular or standard picture, a mirror, stretch ceilings, and many other interesting options. The main problem is the choice of color. How can this be done?It is necessary to rely again on their preferences and features of the hall. If the walls are pale, then a bright picture will be on the very spot in this room.

Classic style is popular and in demand Classic style is a popular and sought-after

The most popular style is considered to be a classic, it relevant to such distinctive features as the presence in the interior:

  • Carpet;
  • Tapestry;
  • Huge mirrors of the old type;
  • Painting in carved frames;
  • Panels for decoration;
  • Velvet;
  • Curtains made of jacquard.

It is very difficult to create an interior in a small city apartment. You can give preference to the newfangled style, such as eclecticism. The style is rather unpretentious. Its peculiarity consists in the use of thin and Japanese motifs, as well as modular pictures of 3D format. Not bad in this room will look polochki small size, elegant racks of white or black, as well as various posters and paintings of contemporary artists.

The basic rule for the decoration of walls

The decoration of the kitchen-living room is a bit more complicated than just the living room.

The wallpaper should be selected so that they harmoniously complement the design of your living room wallpaper must be chosen such that they perfectly complement the design of your living room

But if you carry out repairs step by step, and observing certain recommendations, then everything will turn out in the best possible way:

  1. originally worth correctly combine styleRooms by color, as well as filling with accessories and furniture.
  2. If you want to create an accent precisely by means of bright colors on furniture, wallpaper or accessories, then it should not be large. Otherwise, the room will become one big, but juicy spot.
  3. There should not be anything in the finish either bright or on the contrary light, as this is just bad taste. If the walls are light, then accordingly the furniture should be chosen bright.
  4. With regards to the environment, products such as sofas, walls and pedestals should not be large and faded.

Correctly going to the design of the living room, it will actually be a pleasant stay. From comfort and coziness depends not only the impression of the guests, but also their own mood.

Interesting ideas for finishing the living room

The design of the living room depends largely on the residents themselves, as well as on their lifestyle. For example, stylish glamorous people prefer to choose rich shades, as well as noble blue, velvet furniture and a variety of pillows. Quite often in the interior you can find mirrors, both small and large in heavy carved frames.

The drawing room, as a rule, is made out depending on preferences and interests of owners of the house living room, as a rule, is made according to the preferences and interests of the owners of the house

This interior is directly dependent on the harmonious combination of colors, but the most popular are:

  • Beige;
  • Blue;
  • Coffee with milk;
  • Bronze;
  • Black.

For those who prefer to stick to the classics, it may be advisable to prefer modular products, both furniture and decor. The room in the style of the classic must be distinguished by square objects of the interior, as well as paintings, rough forms and original accessories.

Decoration and decoration of the hall( video)

There are a lot of options, just make the right choice, which will please you for years and please the guests. When you arrange furniture, you should observe the rule of 70 centimeters. In other words, between each type of furniture should be at least 70 cm.

decorating seating( photo)