Interior design of the living room in a modern style photo: 16 sq.m. And decoration of walls in the room, ideas for an apartment

Aesthetics and functionality reflect modern trends in the design of the living room Aesthetics and functionality reflect modern trends in the design of the living room Versatility, functionality and attractive appearance - this is how you can characterize the interior design of the living room in a modern style, a photo of which is often published in the press. A special feature of this trend is a harmonious combination of many small elements representing other trends in design. In addition to the functional component, the interior in modern style is characterized by aesthetic filling.

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living room Interior Features: modern

most errors occur at the design stage. Due to lack of sufficient experience, many are rushing to fill the room with modern gadgets, some of which do not carry any functional load. As a result, the room becomes heavily congested. Yes, interior design should include technical innovations, but there should not be too many.

The integrity of the chosen design solution is given by the sum of all the elements that are in the room.

The glass table is the central figure in the interior of the modern living room

In this regard, it is not superfluous to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Instead of massive doors, it is better to use more practical sliding doors that do not occupy muchPlaces;
  • Do not overload the windows - ideally, they use bamboo curtains or their roll counter;
  • The central element of the living room will be a glass table;
  • It is recommended in the apartment to give preference to cabinets with glass surfaces;
  • It is advisable to use furniture-transformer, capable of storing a large number of things in a limited space.

The design of modern living rooms: the selection of furniture

The first thing that immediately catches your eye when entering the room is a window and a sofa. That is why in a standard three-room apartment it is necessary to choose the best option for price and quality. We need to start with materials that should be, rather, practical, rather than expensive. You can give preference to artificial skin, which has undergone special treatment. From the use of more expensive coatings it is better to refuse, especially if the house has children or pets.

The color scheme of the sofa and armchairs plays an important role. It is selected taking into account the color of the wallpaper, so in the furniture store it is necessary to go only when the owners are more or less determined with the general style of the walls.

The color of furniture in the living room should be combined with the wall covering The color of furniture in the living room should be combined with the wall covering

Do not get confused among the many options presented in the range of store options will help the following recommendations:

  1. It is advisable at home to look through the catalogs to determine the list of desired options. At the same time, you need to remember that in the design of the room you need to observe the balance. This indicates the need to measure the available space. The more precisely they are carried out, the less problems will be in the selection and subsequent arrangement of furniture.
  2. While in the store, you need to look at the characteristics of the product. First, the material should not support combustion, and, secondly, it should be ensured that there are no dangerous dyes.
  3. As mentioned before, the bet on modern design involves the use of cabinets, sofa and armchairs with the possibility of transformation. That's why it's worth making sure of the reliability of all the mechanisms.
  4. It is recommended to choose furniture for the hall of pastel tones. First, they will not stand out against the general background, and, secondly, to a lesser extent, spots and other types of pollution are visible on the surface.
  5. If in the sales network it was not possible to find a suitable sofa for one criteria or another, a wardrobe or a chair, you can always order the necessary. On the one hand, such a project will cost more, and, on the other hand, there will be no problems with the placement of furniture.

Interior of the living room in a modern style: private home arrangement

Life outside the city for many has become synonymous with greater comfort. Over the last three decades, for many, the need for a functional transformation of space in a private home has become evident. Previously, it was accepted to bet on the Scandinavian style, which implies the wide use of natural materials. The visual and functional center was a fireplace. Nowadays, designers offer to consider a number of other ideas.

Everything starts, just like in a standard apartment, with the study of available space. If there are many, then on the floor you can lay a carpet, the tone of which will be darker than the surrounding space.

In a modern private house it will be appropriate to look a fireplace in the living room In a modern private house it will be appropriate to look at the fireplace in the living room

In addition, you should pay attention to the following details:

  1. The visual center of the living room will be a plasma TV or fireplace. In a similar hypostasis, a large aquarium will perform.
  2. For lighting the room, you can use a stylish floor lamp, installed between the chairs or between the sofa and armchair. Depending on the area of ​​the room, those are required from 2 to 3. As the main lighting system, a chandelier is used, where each plafond is set point-wise.
  3. An important role is played by windows-double-glazed windows. It is necessary to make sure before the purchase that they are designed for operation in specific climatic conditions. It is desirable that the sash of the window moves in two directions.
  4. Curtains - from the use of curtains and other thick fabrics it is better to refuse. The interior of a private house, decorated in a modern style, means light materials. The maximum length of these should not be lower than the level of the window sill more than 15-17 cm.

Functional zoning in the interior of the modern living room

. Regardless of whether it is planned to decorate the hall in a private house or apartment, it is necessary to divide it correctly. It is necessary to proceed from the available space and the ultimate goal. Those who plan to often receive guests in the hall, it is recommended to make 2-3 functional areas. Lucky for those who have a living room combined with the bay window( serving) part. In this case, there will be 2 chairs or a couch, repeating the shape of the wall.

In the living room, designed for frequent visitors, it is recommended to make the zoning of the room In the living room designed for frequent guests, it is recommended to make the room zoning

A little more time will be required to equip rooms where there is not much free space:

  1. Light is the simplest and most inexpensive way of dividing the hallInto several parts. It is enough to provide each of the separated parts with a floor lamp or candlestick with "soft light".
  2. Color - the use of smooth transitions, made with light and dark colors, allows you to visually distinguish the room.
  3. Furniture is the logical solution when the room has clearly visible corners. For example, between the entrance and side walls you can install 2 chairs. The atmosphere of ease is maintained by a reproduction of a work of art or a cabinet, part of which obscures one of the seats.

windows in the interior of the living room in a modern style

daily volume of light entering the room - an indicator, on the basis of which the selected color of the furniture, wallpaper, curtains and lighting system. In order to make beautiful windows, you need to take into account the geographical aspect. If they come to the south, then in this case the emphasis is on the dense curtains. This will make it possible to artificially regulate the amount of incoming light.

The lighter fabric should be selected if the windows face a less lit side. In this case, it is necessary to supplement the hall with artificial lighting systems.

It is advisable to supplement the low-lighted living room with lamps and sconces low-light living room should be supplemented lamps and sconces

Generally speaking, the correct window design is constructed as follows:

  • deep-set windows require a tulle and a small section of tissue, fixed over the window;
  • The aesthetic component of the elongated windows underlines the curtains, complemented by satin;
  • If the room contains designer furniture, then it is advisable to choose universal curtains that emphasize the grandeur of the interior.

Modern design living room of 16 square meters.: make room functional

Lack of sufficient space mistakenly perceived as a ground for refusal of design projects. In fact, 16 square meters is a real design find. You do not need to think about what to do with existing space.

Everything begins at the input composition. In the corner there is an armchair, then a floor lamp and a sofa. Opposite him, you can hang a plasma TV or wall. The latter option is preferable if you plan to place a cabinet for cutlery.

Light shades in the interior of a small living room, you can visually expand it bright colors in the interior of a small living room, allow it to visually expand

addition, stands a few recommendations:

  • as the main lighting is recommended to use standard lamps and 2 hanging lamps plafond;
  • To save space, having received thus a necessary space for storage of things, the furniture-transformer will help;
  • Actual trends in the world of design indicate the advisability of using light colors that visually expand the space;
  • For a similar purpose it is necessary to use mirror surfaces;
  • If the living room is made in an opening format, then the way to the dining room can be visually separated with the help of bamboo curtains or light curtains.

12 modern living room design ideas ( video)

Modern style in the design relies on a functional and attractive furniture. The color scheme differs pastel shades with insignificant impregnations of cold and warm colors. With their proper layout, it becomes possible to visually divide the space. If we talk about preferred furniture, the emphasis is on transforming options.

living room interior design in a modern style( photo examples)