Dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom: photo of a corner table, Ikea dressers, women's inexpensive mirrors

Dressing tables are a very convenient piece of furniture, as they are roomy and take up little space Dressing tables are a very convenient piece of furniture, since they are roomy and take up little space desk or table become a favorite place for any woman, if it is formed with a really cozy, intimate corner where wants to linger.

    • Dressing table with mirror in the bedroom: where to put
    • What should be the mirror of the dressing table
    • Poof or mirror chair: what to choose
    • Corner dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom: practical option
    • Decoration of dressing table
    • Choosing dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom( video)
    • Examples of dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom( photo in the interior)

Dressing table with a mirror in the spaFlax: where to put

It is best if the table is to stand by the window. Then, penetrating through the window of sunlight, will not face obstacles in the face of furniture, and its direct flow will illuminate your face. And this is a necessary attribute of competent application of the material.

If there is not enough space near the window, place the table along the wall with a good light source. If you put a table or chest in front of the window, the light will be reflected in the mirror, and therefore shine in the eyes. It turns out that the face will fall a shadow.

It is best to arrange the dressing table along the wall to the right or to the left of the window It is best to position the dressing table along the wall to the right or to the left of the

There is no better natural light, but if this option is not available, spend on quality artificial. Just a common chandelier can not get away. You can buy a special lamp, which is attached around the mirror and allows you to see the face clearly.

What should be the mirror of the dressing table

Again, toilet tables with a tricuspid mirror became popular. If this mirror is also made in retro style, it will be a highlight of the bedroom interior. Usually the middle leaf, the largest, is firmly fixed on the base, and the two lateral curls freely move on the hinges. That is, you can close the side doors, and thus, close the mirror itself.

The mirror for the dressing table should be chosen so that it harmoniously fits into the interior of the bedroom: if the bedroom is made in a classical style, then a round mirror mirror dressing table should be selected such that it blends harmoniously with the interior of a bedroom if bedroom in classical style, then fit a round mirror

You can choose a female model table to the color of his maximum combined withFinishing bedroom - wallpaper or textile. And, if the valves you are going to often close, then to a greater extent this combination should be obvious in the closed form of the mirror.

pouf or seat for the mirror: to choose

course may assume a pouf compromise. It looks nice, but not always convenient. The back does not rest, if you make the makeup a long time, then, perhaps, you will get tired. But if the bedroom is small, with all the comfort of the chair, it may be inappropriate. On the other hand, the pouf can always be pushed under the table, which is also very convenient.

If all the same you decided to purchase a chair, but expensive options are too expensive for you, there are simple and interesting solutions. So you can just buy a wooden table and make it such an original chair by applying a couple of decorative techniques.

For a dressing table made in classical style, a wooden chair with soft upholstery is a good choice. If the table is made in high-tech style, then it is better to choose a pouf for the dressing table, made in classic style, well suited wooden armchair upholstered. If the table is made in the style of hi-tech, it is best to choose a pouf

How to decorate a chair( chair) for the dressing table:

  • Fur coat on the chair. This can be both natural fur and its artificial counterparts. White fur on a dark chair looks magical, and if on the table there will be combined accessories( light vases, caskets, beads), the image will be whole.
  • Homemade pads. Love to sew, that's the time to sew such a nice little pillow for ladies' boudoir. It should harmonize with the interior of the bedroom, associate with a cozy, be a nice detail.
  • Knitted cover in the back of the chair. Light lace mating of mohair or similar yarn is a very interesting option for a light, gentle bedroom. Of course, with such a case it will be necessary to tinker, but it looks very beautiful.

Undoubtedly, you can buy a ready-made kit, where even accessories are picked up for you( as in the same Ikea), but really cozy, beautiful, memorable things are those where you yourself put their efforts, imagination, creativity.

Corner dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom: practical option

For a small bedroom, a corner table is a good option. If the table is initially supplemented with a mirror, this is even better - since this mirror visually increases the size of the entire room. Mirrors are an additional source of light always, and this rule makes sense to apply just in small rooms.

Corner dressing tables are rational to use if the bedroom is small, because they occupy little space Corner vanities rational use if a bedroom is small, because they take up little space

If a corner table not three mirrored shutters, and one, it makes it possible to provide a table lots of shelves and drawers. Then the table becomes more roomy, which is also good if the bedroom is small, and various important things need to be placed as comfortably as possible.

Decor of the dressing table

And this is perhaps the most pleasant moment for the owner of the bedroom. A competent decor can compensate for the modesty of furniture, attract attention to something. Ideas - a great variety.

As a decor for a dressing table candles, baskets with flowers, vases or other decorative elements As a decor for the dressing table, candles, flower baskets, vases or other decorative elements are perfect.

Decoration ideas for dressing table:

  • Glowing tree. There are today such beautiful chandeliers-trees, glowing with lots of lights. This is the source of light, and exquisite decoration. Makeup application a chandelier is not enough - you need direct light. But even when turned off, this tree looks beautiful, and if you turn it on, the pretty reflections will be scattered around the room - an ideal atmosphere for the room.
  • Large flowers. This is the simplest, most frequent, but the choice of options is impressive. Today, artfully executed flowers-imitation returned to fashion, which does not detract from the aesthetic effect of such bouquets. It can be peonies, hydrangeas, garden carnations, which will be a beautiful addition to the place of guidance of beauty.
  • Caskets. Complete secrets of beauty, perhaps family, and perhaps with an imitation of the past. In one box you can store jewelry, and in another pile of postcards. By the way, one more reason to return to paper letters is special energy.

Vases, photo frames, candlesticks, statuettes, interior toys - all this is also relevant, and the choice is always great. The main thing is not to go too far with the decor, when the extra kills the entire created effect.

Choose a dressing table with mirror Bedroom( video)

Dressing tables can be inexpensive, modest, very unpretentious, but it is necessary to work hard on their decor is all simplicity, no one will notice. And most importantly, you will spend pleasant moments in this corner.

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