Ladder-stepladder: appointment telescopic, wooden platform, folding characteristic, 3х10 transformer

The main thing in the stepladder is the strength of the structure and the quality of the material Important in ladder - structural strength and quality of material ladders Ladders may be, but is mainly applied foldable design. The most important thing is that the product is qualitative and durable in order to exclude an emergency situation.

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Though home, although construction folding ladders, may be used for any field of activity, as it is a universal product.

Basically, they are used for:

  • Finishing works;
  • Installation of structures;
  • For placing items, for example, flower pots or curtains on curtains.

The scope of ladder ladders is very extensive Scope of use-ladders stairs rather extensive

often use ladders made when carried out repairs, or to trade, because most of the shelves are above human growth, and to place or remove the item, you need a special device- stairs.

Retractable telescopic ladder is extremely useful in everyday life, and therefore every family man seeks to have such a device in the master's kit.

It should be noted that the ladders, especially the metal transformers, are much stronger than ordinary simple stairs. They are easy to decompose and fold, and also to use. In addition, the design is compact in size, so that it can, if necessary, be placed in the pantry or behind the door.

Telescopic ladder-ladder

Telescopic stepladder, mostly metal, in particular, steel. It is permissible to use aluminum, but only in the form of an alloy with steel.

This is how the ladder is created:

  • Robust;
  • Stable;
  • Reliable.

Telescopic stepladder is popular in everyday life because of its lightness and strength telescopic ladder is popular at home because of its lightness and strength

Typically, a device such as a sliding aluminum ladder, use it in the home, as these models are lighter, they are more mobile and convenient forUse. Aluminum has such a remarkable characteristic as durability, due to which, it does not deteriorate under the influence of atmospheric phenomena, does not wear away, does not bend under the weight of a person, nor is it covered by corrosion. That is why these types of stairs are called universal.

It should be noted that the ladder made of steel has a lot of weight, but they are used in production work. In addition, they are more durable and stable.

The retainers on both models are made of a particularly durable metal alloy for increased strength.

Telescopic ladder is the ideal option, which is worth choosing for a house and an apartment. Some use them as garden products to access tall trees and crops.

The description of telescopic ladders allows you to see what exactly such products are considered, undoubtedly, compact, comfortable and durable. Some manufacturers, in addition to the goods, sell special cases to keep the stairs better and do not affect its technical characteristics.

Types of ladder-ladder with platform

Stairs in which there are steps with a platform are mobile structures. Almost every plant for the production of ladders necessarily pays attention to the development of such a product.

Typically, if the dimensions of the device are too large, then they are fitted with wheels, and they are attached with shoes, so that you can move the ladder and fix it in a certain place.

Some staircase-ladders have a platform at the top Some of the ladder ladders at the top of the platform

This ladder can be several meters high, and more specifically, it can include from 3-10 steps. Typically, this ladder is double-sided, and on both sides must be mounted handrails, but there are also one-sided.

There are various types of this design, each of which has its own distinctive features:

  1. Hinged-transformable. The mechanism of using such a ladder is very simple. They are applied as ordinary ladders, because they have pull-out sections. It is not difficult to climb them, even to a great height. The upper part of the staircase must be provided with a platform, where the tool needed for work is placed.
  2. Two-sided ladders resemble the large letter L. Manufacturers of the platform are also placed on the top of the steps.
  3. There are driving industrial ladders in the form of the letter G. They are located at an angle of 90 degrees. The model is particularly stable, durable and supplied with both wheels and braking mechanism.
  4. Scaffolding. These are stairs that are pulled out with wheels and have a comfortable and large platform in the upper part. It can accommodate 2-3 people at once.

Wooden stairs-ladders

It is unlikely that somewhere you can meet fiberglass ladders, since this material is completely unsuitable for such structures. However, the most popular designs are wooden.

They are used in places such as:

  • Pharmacies;
  • Offices;
  • Hotels and similar.

The secret of such products is very simple. They are made from especially strong wood of a wood, their value small, weight small, and parties only qualitative.

One of the most popular types of ladder ladders is made of wood One of the most popular types of ladder ladders is made of wood

Any technologist-developer will be able to say that wooden structures are particularly strong, stable and even aesthetic in appearance. Such products can maintain stability without the presence of additional supports, and at the same time do not slide over the leaning surface. A person standing on such a stepladder is completely safe, if he himself will observe the rules of exploitation.

Wooden stepladder isolated, or, to be more precise, it is covered with a special compound, so it does not deteriorate, and its technical characteristics do not deteriorate. At manufacturing use only massive bearing bowstring, and do only 3-5 steps that excludes presence of the big weight.

What you need to consider when choosing a folding ladder-ladder

Today, there are many manufacturers that provide the opportunity to purchase quality ladder, for example, Hailo, Ikea, Zalger, Krause, Scalissima, Svelt, Nick, Sibin, Eifel, VHR and LPC models. Each product sold by these manufacturers has its own drawing, approved plan, as well as a scheme, instruction and certificate for compliance with GOST.

When choosing a ladder-ladder, you should pay attention to the absence of chips and other defects on it When choosing a ladder, pay attention to the absence of chips and other defects

When buying products from one of these suppliers, it is worth paying attention to a number of characteristics so as not to be mistaken with the choice:

  • Quality of material;
  • Stability;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Mobility;
  • Security level.

The insulation coatings must be smooth and even. The presence of defects such as chipped, burrs, cracks and, especially, sharp corners and edges is categorically excluded. All this can cause an accident with quite serious consequences.

If the pad is located above 150 cm from the floor, then it must necessarily be fenced off by handrails. The step of each step should not exceed 2.5 cm. A lot means the weight of the product. Qualitative ladders should not weigh too much.

Features of the ladder-ladder

On sale you can find a variety of parameters of the ladder ladders.


  • 3х10;
  • 3х11;
  • 4х4;
  • 3х7.

The most convenient for use staircase-ladder with wide grooved steps The most convenient for use is the ladder with wide grooved steps

How to interpret this parameter?Presumably, some believe that this is the designation of the length of the ladder from the floor surface of the upper level. In fact, the maximum height of any ladders is considered as the average height of a person + the size of the stairs. It is the ratio of such two parameters as the growth of a person and the size of the site - this is the working height.

Stairs manufactured abroad are calculated in a different way. Namely, the step taken at the height of 120 cm is taken as the level of the upper stage, the maximum width between such parts of the ladder as the lateral guides of the upper part of the ladder is 11.5 inches or 29.21 cm.

Absolutely all the steps should be equipped with metalSpacers and locking devices to prevent unfolding during operation. The steps must be corrugated.

The width of the platform should be 45-60 cm, so that the foot is stable on the surface.


Regardless of which step ladder is purchased, whether it is a 3x10 or 3x7 size, you should definitely look not at the cost, but on external data.

Before buying a ladder, check the availability of all components and seals Before purchasing a ladder, check the availability of all accessories and seals.

More precisely, for:

  • Availability of all components;
  • Presence of the GOST certificate;
  • The presence of labels and seals from the manufacturer on the packaging and attachment points.

Only in this way can you be sure that the product is of high quality and will not cause problems in operation, or will not lead to an accident.


There are stairs-ladders-transformers that can be folded and combined.


  1. Folding structures are a series connection of 4 sections by using hinges. Transformation is carried out by decomposition of sections in accordance with the instruction, and also fixation in the places where the product is bent. Thus, scaffolding is created, and to be more precise, a folding stepladder-transformer.
  2. Combined or in other words, a telescopic ladder is a product in which the joints are hinged-telescopic. One part of the sections can be extended, and also fixed with a special pin. Use such structures where an uneven floor surface, as well as where you can not install a regular stepladder.

One of the types of stairs is the stepladder-transformer One of the types of stairs is the stepladder-transformer

Stepladders-transformers can be attached, in which each successive element extends in length, and the upper part is applied to the surface of the building, the wall. The lower part is mounted on the wall, and it is advisable to use additional insurance during operation.

Ladder ladders with consoles differ in that their upper section resembles a hat of the letter G. In this position, the ladder is considerably inferior to the height of the previous design, but it is more stable and reliable.

Scaffolding ladders have external sections, installed as a support, as well as two internal sectional sections of a horizontal view, which creates a working platform.

Repair of ladders-ladders

Absolutely any ladder can fail even if it is of the highest quality and was rented.

Before you start, check the quality of the fasteners on the ladder Before starting work, it is necessary to check the quality of the fasteners for the ladder

It should be noted that during operation, the product must be checked before each use for:

  • Stability;
  • Strength;
  • Reliability;
  • Fortitude of retainers;
  • No defects that may interfere with operation;
  • The presence of loose hinges.

Wooden ladder-ladder ( video)

There are special services in which you can apply for repair of stairs-ladders. It is important to remember that this product is particularly dangerous, and in order to avoid a situation of SOS, it is worthwhile to provide emergency all sorts of cases in advance. In other words, the repair of the ladder, regardless of whether there are skills to work with such products or not, should be handled by a specialist.

Details: stepladder( photo examples)