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Make the interior of a country house original and unusual you can with the help of an interesting staircase Goose step Make the interior of a country house original and unusual, you can use the stairs interesting Goose step The main distinguishing feature of the design is in the appearance of steps. But, as the main and heavily laden, the ladder Goose step is better not to choose, because it is somewhat uncomfortable in operation. Particularly popular are wooden single-mast structures. This is due to the positive characteristics of the tree. But, if you need a harmonious fit in the interior, use both metal and glass. Metal or glass stairs are well suited to modern interiors, and are becoming a very popular choice for a private home.

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Popular Goose step ladder to the second floor

name of this staircase won due to the fact that during the descent and lifting it, A person walks waddling, which reminds Goose step. The arrangement of steps is such that the opposite edges of each are beveled. Use this type of construction can only one person, so this ladder is nothing more than an exclusive decor. It is very dangerous to install such structures for use by children and pensioners.

The most suitable angle of inclination for the ladder Goose step is 50 degrees most suitable angle for the stair step Goose is 50 degrees


  1. tilt angle varies, but very popular from 45 degrees to 70.
  2. step height is 25 cm
  3. .The depth of the step is 20 cm.

It can be seen from such parameters that the ladder is very compact. These parameters are considered standard.

Walking along this ladder is necessary with special care and caution. Lifting on this type of structure is considered significantly easier than descent.

Calculation of the ladder Goose step

The main disadvantages of the Goose step ladder are insecurity and inconvenience. But, with proper design with an individual approach, you can eliminate all possible defects and not convenience. When building a drawing, you need to remember some nuances, but some will vary, depending on the type.

Before you start to make and install a ladder, be sure to calculate the optimal number of steps Before embarking on the manufacture and installation of stairs, be sure to calculate the optimal number of steps


  1. start all payments to determine at what height from the floor will be located the final part of the stairs. This value will give a push to determine the number of steps, and what they will be the size.
  2. Calculation of the material will show that it needs much less than other types of stairs. It can be done online.
  3. In order not to have such a trouble as hitting the head during the ascent or descent, the parameters of the staircase should be chosen about 2 meters.
  4. ratio of the total width of the staircase to the width of the steps is considered the rate of 1 to 20.

When working with the formulas and calculations, using the calculator. Ready-made formulas and calculations are very easy to find in the directories on construction in GOSTs and SanPiNs.

Nuances of the ladder Duck step

In a country house more than one floor, it is possible to rationally use the stairs Goose step. You can build a large staircase, and you can use its small copy - Duck step. Many men want to make a staircase in the house on their own. With the development of modern technologies, this is more than real.

Before starting the installation, consider the nuances:

  1. Explore all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of construction, and determine in which particular room the ladder will perform its functions perfectly.
  2. If a model of a spiral staircase is chosen, then a reliable central support rod must be installed in such a structure.
  3. The staircase should be placed in the middle of the room.
  4. Finishing the stairs should be fascinating and attracting attention, so it is worth noting that the interconnection of the interstorey space is not the main function of the stairs Duck step. Choose such models, as a rule, for interior decoration.

Best ladder Goose step made from high-quality wood

Places such a spiral staircase will occupy very little, so in small houses this option will be the most optimal.

A metal spiral staircase will decorate your house very effectively. Such a ladder should be placed in the center of the room, and not hide it in a corner.

Ladder Goose step is divided into several types. The ladder with symmetrical steps is characterized by the fact that the halves are positioned in relation to each other in such a way that the end of the halves in one stage is the beginning of the halves in the step above. Sometimes the steps are made in the form of butterflies, this kind is called a butterfly. More often used steps, similar to duck legs. When choosing a specific model, carefully review all preparatory calculations and drawings. Calculate the amount of material, and predict possible shortcomings in the future.

Drawing of stairs Duck step

As the design of this type of staircase itself is inconvenient, additional safety measures must be taken. For example, to free the ladder from slipping, the steps are covered with special material, or they put an additional coating. You can make a ladder with your own hands using a ready drawing, or you can draw it yourself. If you have the necessary skills, then it's worth drawing a drawing yourself, then the ladder will be maximally individual.

When calculating, you need to use the values:

  • Distance from floor to second floor;
  • Step height;
  • Depth of steps in wide and narrow parts;
  • Number of stages;
  • Length of the ladder.

A well-designed drawing of the ladder will help you calculate the angle of incidence, height and width of the steps

All necessary formulas for calculation can be found in the GOST.To use them is absolutely safe and very convenient. The height of the riser according to the calculations is ideal from 12 to 22 cm, and the depth from 25 to 40 cm. The data are given in the GOST table, the most correct parameters have already been calculated.

In the drawing, you can see that the design of the ladder consists of several elements - strings and strings. These elements hold the whole structure. The load of the entire ladder is accounted for by these load-bearing elements. Bowstring provides space saving.

The steps of the ladder can be of various shapes, the calculation of the parameters must be carried out taking into account all external factors. Screed elements are only needed for the design on the strings, so all the wooden elements will be securely fastened.

Balusters and railings on stairs of the type such as the Goose step are necessary, as the descent and ascent of such a ladder is dangerous in themselves, and the absence of railings will make the movement impossible.

Comments on the ladder Goose step

Few people who are familiar with this type of staircase and few who inscribed them in the interior of their home, so before installing it at home, it is worth listening to the opinion of people who have not only erected this staircase, But also exploit it every day.

"The staircase looks very harmonious, everyone pays attention to it, but there was a problem with the slippery surface of the steps. We decided very simply by buying special rubberized gaskets in the building shop. More minuses are not noticed. "Peter, Anapa.

Ladder Goose step will perfectly fit into the interior of a small room Ladder Goose step perfectly fits into the interior of a small room

"The danger of the ladder, in my opinion, greatly exaggerated. Calm downhill and climb will not make you worry on this staircase. And neatness does not hurt in all areas of life. "Maria, Adler.

"Guests always ask why such an interesting staircase. And I'm talking about the Middle Ages. It was not there, not lining, nor convenient handrails and other amenities, however, such a staircase was in every house. So boldly install, it's not only convenient, but it will be more than brag. "Sergey, Sochi.

Ladder Goose step with your own hands( video)

The main advantage of the ladder Goose step is its compactness. In a small area and with a minimal bias, this design allows you to create a comfortable ladder for lifting. To make such a ladder, glass or metal is used, but for household purposes it is better to choose a tree.

Details: staircase goose step( photo examples)