Design of the staircase: decor and decoration of the hallway, photo and the second floor in the house, for the walls of the idea, the colors inside the living room

A stylish modern staircase will not only decorate the design of the room, but it can also become an interesting accent in the interior Stylish modern staircase design not only decorate the room, but could well be an interesting accent in the interior All the buildings that do not belong to the high-rise buildings, provisionally called cottages. Almost no country house in Russia can not do without a staircase, whether it is entrance, interstore or attic. The design project of the staircase in a residential building is determined by the overall architectural style and layout of the building, as well as by the financial possibilities, the owner of the dwelling.

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Decorative stairs: types of ladders

stairs to the second floor design is essential znachin the design of the space, since this element emphasizes forethought and literacy plan smartly fits into the surrounding interior, it corresponds to the general style trends premises and performs functions incorporated.

When choosing a staircase for a room, you must take into account both its appearance and quality choosing the stairs to the room, be sure to take into account both its appearance and quality

All this means that the decorative ladder should be:

  • Aesthetic;
  • Convenient;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Safe.

After crossing the ladder that leads to the house, we get into the corridor, which, usually, also houses a ladder construction leading to the second floor.

The entrance hall is the central room of the house, which determines the feeling of all the housing, so the design of this room should be thought through to the smallest detail, because even an insignificant at first glance detail can spoil the view and leave a negative deposit in the subconscious.

The staircase design options for the hall can be the most unexpected. Appearance drapery today in the trend. Great idea - openwork metal construction, but this will look spectacular only if properly organized lighting. A wooden staircase is a classic of the genre, an ideal solution for an interior, sustained in a single style direction.

If the owner of the cottage does not have confidence in his design abilities, it is better that the design project of the staircase to the second floor is created by a professional who will be able to choose the optimal combination of the type of staircase design, its style and construction material from which it will be made so that the staircase blends harmoniouslyIn the interior indoors.

In addition, it is important to take care of the correct calculation of the ladder design, because it is always in sight, and any shortcomings in its structure will catch your eye even to people who do not understand anything in the designs. What will be the ladder, largely depends on the area of ​​the room and the height of the ceiling surface. For instance, the massive construction of marble requires appropriate surroundings and will look bad in the hallway of the apartment, but the steep ladder of the metal railing of the reinforcement give the opportunity to save finances, but this solution is not suitable for every interior. Also, for a small room in the living room, kitchen, corridor or other room, a simple wooden staircase, located along the wall, is ideal.

Design of the stairs to the second floor: photo

The design project of the staircase in the cottage gives an opportunity to realize the most fantastic and unordinary projects of internal staircases, for example, Valdai with its power and solidity can remind of the Middle Ages, and maybe soar in the air as somethingFantastic.

Interesting and unusual in the interior will look modern spiral staircase to the second floor interesting and unusual interior will look modern spiral staircase to the second floor

Spiral design, in which there are elements of the forging, can be the basis of the interior space with a high ceiling.

The spiral staircase, made of metal and having access to an improvised gallery, will give the room a likeness to the lock.

The most relevant is the spiral staircase, which has a reputation for years:

  • Magic;
  • Magical;
  • Inviting.

Decor and design of screw structures can be made in a variety of styles, from classic to baroque, however, they will always be one of the most original elements of the decor. The tree is a universal material for interior finishing works, and to develop and design the design of a wooden structure, it can ideally be combined with an interior, both classical style and modern style directions. The wooden ladder is ideally combined with antique patterns, and the place under the construction can be used under the shelves, or the storage system, the zone will be functional and aesthetic.

Ideas can be the most original, you can experiment. The interior design of the staircase can be made in different style directions, from various building materials, the design can have a bizarre configuration, interesting color performance, however, in pursuit of originality, one should not forget the rules for calculating the ladder design and safety requirements.

If you ignore the rules, your favorite staircase can be a dangerous obstacle. For example, a ribbon ladder without a handrail looks very original, but stumbling can seriously injure you.

Stylish design of stairs in the house

According to the designers, steps and railings, in order to move between floors, carry not only a functional but also a style load, creating individuality and harmony in the interior of the living space.

When choosing a staircase to the second floor, special attention should be paid to the railing When choosing a staircase to the second floor, special attention should be paid to the railing

It is necessary to look more closely at the stairs in the interior and their stylistic features:

  1. Modern. If the owner of the house likes bright and expressive forms, then the wooden construction in the style of modernism will be to his liking. Its smooth vegetative curves, futuristic forms and carved wooden elements will be elegantly combined with a common interior in the same style.
  2. Victorian style. Wood staircase marches in this style direction have balusters with carving and supporting pillars, supplemented with stylish balls. It will not be superfluous to stucco, edging and carving. Sometimes, railings can contain elements in the form of lattices.
  3. Neoclassic. This is the reign of luxury and chic. And the ladder design from the floor should be broad and festive. It is not superfluous to be stone, expressive forged and refined wooden elements with a thread made with a laser. Must be a stepped podium and balusters in the shape of a cone.

No less popular styles of country and classic. For country character, simplicity and naturalness, but the universal classic has matured elegant forms, with a small number of decor, carvings, curls and patterns. Designs of wood often have light and dark tones, the scale is classical. The staircase can be surrounded by flowers and other accessories inherent in this style.

Decoration of the stairs: 10 tips

Designers give some advice on the correct design of the entrance stairs.

The stairs to the second floor must be selected so that its design harmoniously complements the interior of the room where it will be installed The ladder to the second floor needs to be selected so that its design harmoniously complements the interior of the room where it will be installed

For example:

  1. To make the staircase not only attractive, but also safe, it is necessary to take strong building materials, natural wood, stainless steel, toughened glass, etc. are very suitable.
  2. All details of the staircase should be in the same style.
  3. Steps at the bottom and at the top of the stairs should look at the entrance doors.
  4. Climbing and descending from the stairs should be convenient, so too sophisticated and steep designs do not.
  5. 15 cm height at 30 cm depth is the best option.
  6. Metal + wood is the strongest combination.
  7. Above the head should be at least 2 meters.
  8. Lighting should be enough.
  9. The staircase must be autonomous, it should be convenient, go upstairs to the balcony and inspect the territory, garage, landscape design or beauty of the body of your favorite car.
  10. The staircase in the hall must necessarily be aesthetically decorated. It can be two-tone, with drapery of fabric. It's good to paste stylish neutral wallpaper on the wall, it's better to refuse black color.

It's better to leave unconventional solutions for brave souls. The design of the staircase in the interior, above all, should be cozy and correctly complement the interior of the room.

Spectacular staircase wall decor

In addition to the design of the stairs, it is important to properly decorate the wall, which is in the immediate vicinity. You can decorate the wall in different ways, the main thing is to observe the style and not go too far with the decor elements.

Beautiful and stylish in the interior of the room will combine a dark staircase and white walls Beautiful and stylish in the interior of the premises will combine a dark staircase and white walls

Designers are advised to use as a background:

  • ;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Paint, etc.

On the wall, you can place a beautiful mosaic, several original ceramic tiles, or can make the masonry an artificial stone. An interesting and economical solution - vinyl stickers, it's fashionable and original. On the wall you can place posters, pictures, panels or hang photo frames with pictures on which the happy moments of life are imprinted. Fortunately, the production of original decorative elements today is adjusted and the choice of items is huge.

Modern staircase design( video)

An excellent idea will be a drawing, you can put a spectacular pattern on the wall or paste wallpaper. There are a lot of design options, but if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to turn to decorators. A team of specialists will do everything impeccably.

hallway design with a staircase to the second floor( interior photo)