Ladder for the porch photo: a house made of wood, with his own hands how to make, a private wooden and finished outer staircase

A wooden staircase, made with quality hands, will last for many years wooden staircase, high quality made with his own hands, will last for many years very important that staircase design was aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, practical, reliable and durable. It is worth a little more talk about the stairs for the porch of the cottage, cottage, mansion. Owners of a private structure will be interested to know how to build a ladder with their own hands, all the advantages and features of designs.

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    • ladder on the porch of wood
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Constructions stairs to the porch: photo

can confidently state that the porch - itAn obligatory part of each house, whether it's a chic mansion or a very small private house. There is no doubt, to withstand harsh environments for many years, external stair structure for the porch must be reliable, safe, durable and ergonomic. For their creation it is necessary to buy only high-quality building materials.

When choosing material for stairs, special attention should be paid to the quality of the material When choosing the material for the stairs should pay particular attention to the quality of the material

Most often addl staircase structure for the porch with his hands made of:

  • Tree;
  • Concrete;
  • Metal.

These are traditional building materials that have proven themselves in time. But the ladder from the outside, is experiencing much greater overloading than the buildings inside, so the criteria for choosing construction materials are much more stringent.

In addition, the beautiful stairs, should fit organically into the overall style. Next, you should consider all the pros and cons of the wooden, concrete and metal structures.

Ladder on the porch made of wood

Finished staircase made of wood on the porch, usually attached to residential buildings of wood and brick, or houses that are finished with block-house, lining, siding. It is impossible not to say that the log door or made of glued beams looks solid and organically combined with the building of natural stone.

And even if the ladder structure itself is metal or concrete, wood stairs are often built on it.

Even if the porch is made of other materials, the steps are often made of wood Even if the porch is made of other materials, the steps are often made of wood

Based on this, it can be said that the wooden porches are a universal structure, an ideal addition to the design of the house. To make the input structure, you should choose hardwood.


  • Ash;
  • Oak;
  • Beech, etc.

This building material is not cheap, so it is often replaced by coniferous species, larch or pine. Building material is very easy to process, therefore, doing the construction of the porch, does not require any serious experience in the processing of wood and special tools. It is important to remember that wood is a combustible, fire-hazardous building material, so it must be impregnated with special refractory mortars.

In addition, from dampness the tree swells, rot, it is affected by fungi, and for many microorganisms and rodents, wood is a tasty morsel. All these drawbacks, with modern methods of processing special compounds and antiseptics are easily eliminated. But high-quality protective equipment significantly increases the cost of the ladder made of wood. Moreover, wood can be attributed to soft building materials, so it is inferior to concrete and metal. But no other options can compare with the warmth of wood and the beauty of its texture. Despite the vulnerability, the wooden staircase can, under proper processing, last for many years, even under the most negative operating conditions.

Concrete staircase for porch

Among the broadest choice of building materials for creating external staircases, concrete is one of the most sought-after. It is already confidently possible to call it "folk", but all thanks to the fact that concrete is plastic, easy to work, and making a ladder with simple geometry is realistic to do by oneself.

Concrete staircase on the porch is durable, it is not afraid of high humidity and rust.

Concrete stairs are popular due to their strength Concrete stairs are popular due to their durability

Due to the original liquid consistency, the porch can be of any shape and size. Of course, it is difficult to pour independently 2 or more marching stairs with a curved strand and a large number of steps.

But it is quite possible to make a ladder, the configuration of which is:

  • Semicircular;
  • Rectangular;
  • Curvilinear.

Such designs noticeably enliven the design of the input composition. It is important to remember that concrete absorbs sounds, so stair constructions from it do not create noise, unlike wood. The porch does not creak, as it is made of metal. Concrete extensions do not rot, do not burn, do not rust, do not support the development of fungi and mold, they are not afraid of acids, alkalis, very strong, and can withstand considerable mechanical loads.

In addition, a porch made of concrete of a summer cottage or mansion can be finished with a variety of construction materials:

  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Tile;
  • Natural stone.

Constructions can easily fit into any design project. But along with visible advantages, minuses of concrete structures still exist. For example, if concrete is poured, violating technology, then it can crack. The construction of a concrete porch is a laborious process, it is important to calculate everything competently. Calculation is best entrusted to a professional. Also, the process involves a large volume of land works, it is necessary to mount a full foundation, formwork, finish the finish. The cost of a concrete staircase for a porch is quite high.

Metal staircases for the porch of the house

Iron staircases from the profile pipe are not the most urgent option in the countryside construction.

Fully metal around the perimeter of the stairs are not common, it is usually decorated:

  • Wood
  • Natural stone;
  • Tiles, etc.

    Metal in the outer staircase looks great in combination with other materials Metal in the outer staircase looks great in combination with other materials

    The welded ladder can be very economical if a cheap metal profile is taken to create it and a simple design project is performed. However, an exclusive variant can be chosen, with artistic forging by individual order.

    It is important to remember that ladder designs made of metal are very light in performance, durable, but they need the correct anti-corrosion protection.

    Metal does not rot, does not crack from heat and frost, and mechanical influences. But to make a porch with your own hands, at least you need to have welding equipment and skills to work with it. In some cases, such ladders are simply indispensable, for example, when a high screw model for the emergency input is required. In addition, welded stairs for the porch can easily be moved to any other place without dismantling.

    How to make a ladder on the porch with your own hands

    Construction should begin with the preparation of the material. When everything is bought, you can arrange a foundation. Wood - building material is relatively light, so the foundation under it is mounted columnar. In the simplest case, you can simply excavate the pit, 1 meter in depth and arrange there brick pillars on the substrate.

    Further it is necessary to pour them with concrete solution for reliable fixing on a sandy substrate. Filling is performed to a depth of one and a half meters.

    A simple option is to make stairs on brick poles A simple variant is the manufacture of stairs on brick poles

    Another kind of foundation is called columnar, you can select it. The next step is to choose the shape of the site. The site can be 10 meters from the ground level. The next stage is the lagging.

    The cladding is mounted to concrete using:

    • Clamp;
    • Corners;Dowels or anchors.
    • .

    The laths are covered with thick boards from 5 cm in thickness and 15-20 cm in width. The lugs are arranged parallel to the wall of the house. On top of the mounted rough floor of solid boards of 2.5 cm. This platform is the base. Similarly, a pad is made in front of the house, whose height is 10 cm below the opening level of the entrance door.

    Next, you need to install a ladder on the strips and calculate the number of steps. Usually this is 4-6 steps. Wood must be treated with special compounds. Kosoura are attached to the dowels, steps to self-tapping screws. After that, you can do the finishing.

    How to make a staircase for the porch with your own hands ( video)

    The stairs in the cottage can be two or more, so for example the design can be decorated with a wooden veranda. After a bit of trying, you can get an excellent ladder made by yourself. However, experts recommend that if there are doubts about their own talents, then it is better to turn to professionals. Today there are many companies offering this type of services.

    Details: staircase to the porch( photo examples)