Steps for street ladders: rubber coating on the street, rugs for eco, allowable number of steps

Stairs - an integral attribute for a private or country house Stairs - an integral attribute for a private or country house Street staircases play an important role in the exterior of the house. However, this constructive element is not so much decorative, as a functional function. Such staircases are daily subjected to heavy loads, and to adverse environmental factors. Therefore, it is very important that they are strong, reliable and safe. And an important place in these indicators is the finishing of the staircase.

    • Coating options for steps on the street
    • Rubber coating for steps on the street
    • Comfortable rubber mats for steps on the street
    • Eco-staircase for street: two steps
    • Finishing of steps for outdoorStairs( video)

Coating options for steps on the street

Entrance ladders - this is like a business card at home. Having looked at it, a person has an impression of the taste and prosperity of the owner. Therefore, it is very important, with responsibility to approach to the choice of material for finishing the steps of the stairs.

Steps for street ladders should be distinguished by their reliability, safety, and also have an attractive appearance The steps for street ladders should be distinguished for their reliability, safety, and attractive appearance

In addition to the appearance of the material, it is necessary to pay attention to its technological characteristics and resistance to unfavorable environmental factors. Some rules and regulations for the installation of steps dictate SNiP.

SNiP requirements for the input stages:

  • The steps of the street staircases must be at least 90 cm long;
  • The depth of the steps should be 30 cm;
  • The height of the step must not exceed 20 cm.

Usually, before entering the cottage, a single-ladder ladder construction is installed, which has two or more steps. The admissible number of steps at the entrance to the house is not regulated, here you can take into account only your own taste.

The list of materials with which you can decorate street stairs is large enough. It includes wooden, plastic and metal materials, as well as granite, clinker, granite and reinforced concrete.

Wooden steps are considered less durable. However, due to modern impregnations and antiseptics, the service life of such structures has increased significantly.

Porcelain and granite steps are durable and reliable. They have a long service life and can be produced both in the form of monolithic steps, and with overhead elements.

Metal steps are also used. However, such a strong, but unstable to corrosion, the material is suitable only for decoration of buildings in a modern style.

There are a lot of options for decorating the stairs in the street. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but choosing a particular material, it is necessary, first of all, to rely on its cost, technological characteristics and overall design of the building.

Rubber coating for stair steps on the street

Office and industrial buildings are places of congestion of a large number of people. Here in the mornings we hurry to work, in spite of any weather conditions. Therefore, the stairs of such structures are considered to be the most dangerous.

To protect their household or employees from injuries on their own porch, you can cover the steps with rubber To protect your household or employees from injuries on your own porch, you can cover the steps with

. The fact is that in the fall rain, winter ice or spring, when thawing snow, the entrance ladders become slippery. On the stairs there are more falls and fractures, so very often such structures are covered with rubber.

Rubber coating can be of different types. Also, they differ in color, so this addition will not spoil the overall design of your porch.

This rubber coating has a fluted surface, which makes the movement of the steps safer. Also, such elements will allow a person to clear his boots from dirt still on the street.

Rubber coating types:

  • Rolled rubber coatings;
  • Self-adhesive rubber coating;
  • Rubber floor mats;
  • Coating of crumb rubber.

All the coatings described above include polyurethane and rubber. This combination makes the material absolutely non-slip, and therefore safe.

In addition to anti-slip effect, rubber mats have other useful properties. They soften the steps, making walking less noisy. Also, such a coating in case of a fall will serve as an excellent aromatization, and will reduce the likelihood of fractures.

To ensure that such a device completely eliminates the possibility of sliding on the steps, a ribbed volumetric pattern is applied to its surface. Also, some types of material have distinctive brushes, allowing you to clean the shoes while walking on the steps.

Rubber coating is not necessary to keep on the steps for a year, it can be installed only in the most dangerous seasons. When the rubber layer becomes unnecessary, it can be easily dismounted by hand.

This element is very easy to mount on the steps. So that the rubber does not fidget and does not wear out, it is fixed with plastic sacks. With proper installation and active operation, the life of the rubber coating is 10 years.

Convenient rubber mats for steps on the street

Rubber mats - this is one of the best options for securing the steps. Such elements fit perfectly into any exterior and possess high ecological compatibility.

The design of the porch requires the use of special tools to ensure the safe operation of the

entrance pad. These mats are an essential element for stairs whose steps are made of slippery material. Most appropriate such devices look on the porch of office buildings.

Rubber mats are very easy to install. With the installation of such elements, you can manage in just a few hours, even if you have absolutely nothing to understand in the construction.

Rubber mats are better to fasten before the beginning of the winter season. In time, the installed anti-slip protection will help you avoid fractures and bruises during the fall.

To attach the cover to the steps you need to do very few things. Of course, it is desirable that the surface on which you will attach the mats, it was smooth. However, these unpretentious elements will perfectly fit onto the base with small irregularities.

In order for the rubber mat to stick to the substrate, the step, where the coating will be located, is lubricated with a special primer or a mixture of turpentine and glue. After the primer layer has dried, the rubber mat is greased with a polyurethane adhesive that has been smeared with polyurethane adhesive. A day after the installation of rubber elements, you can walk the stairs.

Eco-staircase: two steps

Of course, street staircases can be done by themselves. However, the design for two steps can be purchased in specialized stores. For example, the company Eco-ladder offers input products with two or three steps at a fairly low price.

Inexpensive street staircase with steps from the composite wood-polymer board Inexpensive street staircase with steps from a composite wood-polymer board

These staircases are a small add-on structure that is mounted in a few hours to the house. The design of such products can be very different, so they will exactly fit your interior.

Eco ladders in two stages consist of a strong metal frame of an open type and a trim made of polymer composite. This cladding prevents sliding and thus looks very natural, because it is painted under a natural tree.

Finishing steps for street ladders( video)

Finishing the steps of street stairs is an incredibly important stage in the arrangement of the house. After all, how competently you choose the material for this element, your safety in the winter depends. Think in advance all the nuances, and you will get a comfortable and safe home!