Ventilation for the greenhouse: you need a fixer, polycarbonate installation, how to make and how many doors your own, video

A window leaf for a greenhouse is the main tool for regulating the microclimate in a greenhouse wicket for greenhouses - is the main tool for controlling the climate in the greenhouse Cultivation of vegetables in a greenhouse in a greenhouse involves organizing a special microclimate. The most simple and effective device with which you can adjust the temperature and humidity level in the greenhouse is the window. What are the windows for greenhouses, how many transoms should be put in the greenhouse to ensure high-quality aeration and what the installation depends on - read below.

    • Why a ventilator in a greenhouse
    • window shutters for polycarbonate greenhouses: types
    • How many panes in a greenhouse is necessary to put
    • Installing vents in the greenhouse with their hands
    • lock panes for greenhouses
    • window shuttersfor greenhouses polycarbonate( video)

what is needed in the greenhouse the ventilator

in hot summer days the temperature inside the greenhouse can reach 40 ° C, which may adversely affect the cultivation of manycrops( e.g., tomatoes, for which the optimum temperature is in the range 20-23 ° C).Therefore, the window leaf is needed, first of all, in order to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse. In addition, good ventilation promotes better pollination of plants.

use to ventilate the door can have a negative impact on plants: will be aired only the front part of the greenhouse, which is in close proximity to the opening, while the seedlings at the back of the greenhouse will suffer from overheating.

In addition to heat distribution, the window also contributes to the normalization of humidity in the greenhouse, which makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of diseases of seedlings by fungal diseases, because the subtropical climate in the greenhouse is the most suitable for active propagation of pathogens.

A vent in the greenhouse is necessary to adjust the temperature inside Fortochka in the greenhouse is required for temperature adjustment inside

To maintain a climate in a greenhouse away from domicile, greenhouse can also be equipped with an automatic watering system, autonomous lighting fixtures, vents and fans.

You can manufacture the window with your own hands from a galvanized profile or wooden frame. To do this, you need to purchase the necessary tool( screwdriver, screws, corners) and material, find a design drawing. The production, however, does not take much time.

Polycarbonate glasshouse vents: types

Polycarbonate hothouses can be of several types. The main difference in the designs is the principle of their operation. All the windows are divided into automatic and manual.

The windows for polycarbonate greenhouses can be of several types window shutters for greenhouses polycarbonate can be of several types

Among such automatic vent is isolated structure:

  1. Electric .The basis of such systems is a thermal sensor inside the room, which, when the temperature rises, activates the electric motor. He, in turn, activates the machine on the window. Such devices are easy to install and do not take up much space in the greenhouse. The drawback of such ventilations is the need for uninterrupted supply of electricity( a power outage can put an end to the crop).
  2. Hydraulic systems are reliable: they do not depend on power interruptions. The operation of the devices is based on the principle of expanding liquids when heated. The main disadvantage of the systems is that they are not able to quickly close the windowpanes as the temperature decreases, which can lead to the freezing of plants.
  3. Bimetallic devices are not suitable for heavy ventilation. The principle of their work is based on the ability to expand various metals.

Modern automatic pavers do not require constant gardening in the garden: the "smart" system drives the mechanisms depending on the weather conditions and the climate inside the greenhouse.

How many ventilations in the greenhouse need to be delivered

When organizing a ventilation system in a greenhouse, it is often a question of how many ventilations need to be placed for the most effective aeration. For best ventilation, the area of ​​openings should occupy 20-30% of the total area of ​​the greenhouse. That is for greenhouses with a length of 0.4 cm, it is necessary to organize two windows. For greenhouses, whose length exceeds 0.8 cm, it is advisable to cut four or more windows.

Experienced gardeners recommend installing one for with a size of 90x60 cm every two running meters.

It is important not only to find the right number of windows, but also correctly arrange the structures. Install the ventilations advised at the highest point, on the roof of the greenhouse: hot air in the largest amount accumulates just under the roof of the hotbed.

Specialists recommend installing one window per every two running meters

The comments of the greenhouses show that it is better to have the windows on the two-tiered greenhouses on the side opposite to the prevailing winds.

The location of the vent leaves on the north side is possible in case the greenhouse is protected from cold air currents by an apartment building or an economic building, a fence made of slate sheets, a profiled sheet.

Installing the window into the greenhouse with your own hands

Installing the window with a manual opening mechanism in the greenhouse, often, does not cause any difficulties: the finished window has a small weight, which allows you to install the structure without additional assistance, and contains all the necessary fasteners( loops, Latches), latches.

The mounting of the device depends on the material of the greenhouse, the shape of the greenhouse, the fixing points and the kind of the vent:

  1. In order to organize the ventilation system by one's own hands in a wooden greenhouse made of film, it is necessary to strengthen the frame of the greenhouse with additional ribs for installation. Fittings on metal hinges are installed. In low, small hotbeds, you can build a folding roof.
  2. Mounting of the vent in polycarbonate greenhouses occurs after the assembly of the transom( connection of two frames by means of loops).Then the window is fixed to the arches of the hotbed with the help of screws from the inside and outside to polycarbonate with the help of roofing screws. After that, the polycarbonate is cut to the size of the window.
  3. In a double-skinned glasshouse made of polycarbonate, the ventilation pans are installed on the roof slopes, in a rectangular area, bounded by the intersection of two longitudinal and two transverse supporting structures.
  4. In the greenhouse, the droplet of the window leaf is located in the upper part of the greenhouse. In this case, the shape of the window should repeat the droplets of the droplet.
  5. In the arched greenhouse at the top of the roof is installed a universal window leaf( it is possible to attach the transom to the automatic ventilator).Side windows are located above the front door and from the opposite side of the door.

Mounting the window in the greenhouse often does not cause difficulties Assembling a vent in a greenhouse often does not cause any difficulty

Both a purchased and a self-made window leaf can be equipped with an automatic opening device. The automatic system can be purchased in ready-made form, or made by yourself from improvised means. The simplest solution, in this case, will be a hydraulic installation.

Hinge holder for greenhouses

Additional ventilations must be equipped with special fasteners - devices that control the opening angle of the window.

The retainer for the greenhouses can be of several types.

There are several types of retainers that are selected depending on the operating principle of the window:

  1. The retainer is a comb. This is a simple stopper that allows you to lock the window in the open position at the desired angle. The comb is not installed in the event that the window has automatic control: the lock, in this case, will limit the working stroke of the mechanism, which will lead to its breakdown.
  2. Limiter with spring on chain. Such a fixator is necessarily put on the pane with automatic: it reliably prevents the breakdown of the machine with strong gusts of wind.

Clamps often come complete with a finished window. If you do the transom on your own, then the lock can be purchased separately or made by yourself. The comb is easily made from a push mechanism from a construction pistol for silicone, spring and hexagon.

Polycarbonate glasshouse vents( video)

The modern production of greenhouse plants offers a wide range of ventilation pans, different in design and function. The most effective are automatic systems that are activated depending on the climate inside and outside the greenhouse. Such vents make the cultivation much easier and allow you to save the crop in the event of a long absence of gardener, forgetfulness. Equip your greenhouse with automatic windows, and enjoy a large and high-quality harvest!