Greenhouse Agrosfera: Titanium and video, polycarbonate assembly, reviews and instructions, Standard and Bogatyr plus

People often equip a greenhouse and a greenhouse near the country house, which have a lot of advantages People often equip a greenhouse and a greenhouse near a summer house, which have a lot of advantages There are many companies that produce a large assortment of greenhouses. One of the hotbeds, which are gaining popularity and popularity among summer residents, is Agrosfera. The popularity of the greenhouse Agrosfera has gained thanks to such characteristics as parameters, possible functions, materials.

    • Hotbeds Agrosfera: types
    • Greenhouse Agrosfera Titan: equipment
    • nuances of operating a greenhouse polycarbonate Agrosfera
    • User feedback on the greenhouse Agrosfera
    • Greenhouse Agrosfera( video)

GreenhousesAgrosphere: types

Agrosfer's greenhouse is a strong and demanded construction consisting of galvanized pipes and is widely used in suburban areas. This greenhouse is presented in several different trim levels.

The popularity of the Agrosphere Greenhouse has been determined for a number of characteristics - dimensions, functions to be performed, as well as materials for manufacturing Agrosfer greenhouse has gained popularity for a number of characteristics - dimensions, functions performed, as well as materials for the manufacture of

Namely such as:

  • Standard;
  • Plus;
  • Titanium;
  • Bogatyr;
  • Mini.

Greenhouse The standard is made of galvanized pipe, which is ideal for cellular polycarbonate. It has an affordable price, a sufficient width between the arcs, is 1 m. This model has 2 windows, 2 doors, and also a fairly large size, which is why you can grow a large number of vegetables. The greenhouse Agrosfera Mini, made of polycarbonate, is quite small in size. It is ideal for small summer cottages, which is why it can accommodate only 2 beds.

The Hotbed Plus is an enhanced version of the Standard model.

In this model, a system of automatic ventilation and drip irrigation is added. At desire and necessity, it is possible доукомплектование a window, mounted on a roof of a hotbed. Such a device can have 1 or 2 rows with a system of garters of plants. Greenhouse Bogatyr is characterized by the fact that the arcs for it are made of a more durable and broad profile. In this modification add auto-watering, as well as auto-ventilation. Greenhouse Titan - the most durable and reliable among all the options presented. To make the frame more durable and reliable, it is necessary to use arcs with a wider cross section, which is why the distance between them is reduced.

Greenhouse Agrosfera Titanium: bundle

When purchasing a greenhouse, you must carefully study all the technical characteristics of the device. One of the most popular greenhouses is Agrosfera Titan. The manufacturer guarantees that this is the most durable and reliable greenhouse.

Start the assembly with a careful study of the instructions, it is better to invite one partner for help It is necessary to begin the assembly with a careful study of the instructions, it is better to invite one partner

  • Has 2 doors on both sides and 2 windows;
  • Arcs and side parts of the greenhouse are one-piece;
  • Coating thickness 4 mm.

The manufacturer guarantees that the service life of the greenhouse is at least 15 years. Before proceeding with the assembly of the structure, it is necessary to study the existing instruction. You can collect the hotbed yourself, however, it is best to do it together.

Important!During the assembly of the greenhouse, the panels made of honeycomb polycarbonate should be installed so that the ultraviolet protection pad is located on the outside.

According to manufacturers and users, the Agrosfera Titan greenhouse is the most durable and reliable among all other species. In the greenhouse, a system of automatic ventilation and watering is used, the frame is reinforced, which allows to withstand quite impressive loads.

Nuances of operating a greenhouse made of polycarbonate Agrosfera

Greenhouses made of polycarbonate Agrosfera have already gained great popularity and popularity since it is characterized by advantages, in particular such as strength and reliability, good resistance to mechanical damage and precipitation, excellent heat retention inside the device, polycarbonate creates protectionFrom penetration of the sun.

Agrosfer The Agrosfera greenhouse is a strong and in-demand design that consists of galvanized pipes and is widely used in the suburban areas of

There are several options for Agrosfera greenhouses, which is why everyone can easily find the required model for them, depending on the size andCharacteristics.

To properly select the most suitable greenhouse design, many different factors need to be considered, in particular, such as:

  • Which vegetables will grow;
  • How much space will it take to build;
  • Dimensions of the structure;
  • Climatic conditions;
  • Feature of lighting and heating.

When choosing an Agrosfera greenhouse, it must be remembered that the strength and stability of the product depend largely on the materials used and the thickness of the supporting structures. In addition, the strength and durability of the greenhouse is largely influenced by the thickness of the coating. Agrosphere for a long time produces high-quality strong greenhouses that have long ago earned the trust of customers. Thanks to the availability of several options for such greenhouses, it is possible to choose the most suitable model, which is ideal for a suburban area of ​​any size, since there are very large and solid structures, as small-scale greenhouses.

The assembly and installation of any model of the greenhouse are quite simple, as well as an understandable and accessible instruction, as well as all the required parts, in particular such as frame elements, legs, doors, windows, ends, fasteners.

For the installation of the greenhouse, you do not need to pre-make the foundation, as it can be installed on a frame made of wooden beams or a concrete base. The assembly of the structure is quite simple, as unlike most similar models, the set of parts in the Agrosfera greenhouse is small enough, which is why it can be easily and quickly installed.

When the greenhouse is assembled, its frame is initially assembled according to the instructions and installed on a previously prepared and leveled place. If a wooden frame or a concrete base is used for this, then the legs are completely unnecessary. Then polycarbonate sheets are attached to the frame by screws. After all the main elements are installed, you need to perform the installation of doors and windows. Polycarbonate coating for winter is not removed, which is why, after the end of the summer season, all items should be thoroughly washed with a light soap solution.

User comments on the greenhouse Agrosfera

After reading reviews about the greenhouse Agrosfera, everyone can choose the best modification. Many users note such advantages of the greenhouse as a reliable galvanized pipe, a good profile, fast and easy assembly. Due to the fact that the frame already has the required holes for fastening, and all the required fasteners are included in the kit, the greenhouse is assembled very quickly and easily.

The "Agrosfera" greenhouse made of galvanized profile is an arched construction, at both ends there are doors on hinges and ventilation pane for ventilation The "Agrosfera" greenhouse made of galvanized profile is an arched construction, both doors have hinged doors and air vents for ventilation

However, there are not only positive but also negative reviews, as some users mark that, That the holes for the fastening elements do not always correspond. And also the doors and windows fail to close.

Greenhouse Agrosfera( video)

The construction of the Agrosfera greenhouse is quite strong, reliable and functional. And because of the huge variety of models presented, each user can choose for themselves the required option.