Greenhouse butterfly reviews awful: a comfortable 4 m glass polycarbonate greenhouse, video and dimensions, drawings by own hands

The peculiarity of the "Butterfly" greenhouse is the flaps on both sides of the wall The peculiarity of the "Butterfly" greenhouse is the flaps of the wall. In recent years, growing various crops in their garden plots in greenhouses and greenhouses has become quite popular. Thanks to this method of growing garden crops, you can create the most optimal conditions for plants and get a very good harvest at any time of the year.

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Construction of the greenhouse Butterfly

Often given preference to the greenhouses, as this design is much more compact and convenient, as well as underWalks for large and small areas. Modern summer residents have already appreciated the practical and reliable greenhouse of the Butterfly for a long time. In an open form, such a greenhouse represents a large butterfly, spreading its wings, and in folded form it looks like a cocoon. It is characterized by the fact that it is possible to maintain the optimum temperature and microclimate.

Полностью в открытом состоянии дверцы парника "Бабочка" напоминают крылья Completely open, the doors of the greenhouse "Butterfly" resemble wings

This design is characterized in that it can have different:

  • Dimensions;
  • Configuration;
  • Materials of manufacture.

The main advantages of such a greenhouse include the convenience and rational use of free space. This design allows for free access to plants through the opening frames, which in turn makes it possible to fully utilize the free area. In addition, the greenhouse is particularly strong, which is why it can easily withstand considerable gusts and heavy snowfalls. In addition, it has good ventilation, thanks to the presence of special ventilation. The process of opening them is controlled by shock absorbers, which significantly extends the service life of the greenhouse. A butterfly-boy can easily be transferred from one place to another. It is easy to assemble and transport. With the help of such a greenhouse, it is possible to create optimal conditions for growing plants, since heat is stored well inside.

Such a hotbed is very suitable for cultivation of melons, seedlings and flowers throughout the year.

Greenhouse Butterfly in the garden area looks quite unusual and original, because in the open form it resembles a large translucent insect. Run it with their own hands is simple enough, the most important thing is to prepare the required materials and tools, as well as have design drawings. This is an excellent option for those who grow seedlings, as well as melons and gourds. The gable construction of this hotbed is very simple, it consists of 4 sides, 2 frames, narrow upper part.

For the frame used plastic or plastic profiles, and as a coating is polycarbonate or polyethylene. In the open, the frames resemble the wings of a large butterfly. Frames can be integral or consist of several separate sections.

If the frames are opened separately, then it is possible to separate them with a polyethylene film into separate parts, and plant different cultures in each. Within each section, it is possible to create certain climatic conditions, which can be best suited for the cultivated crop. If the greenhouse has an integral structure, then the climate inside it will be the same throughout the area.

Pros of the greenhouse Butterfly

The standard suburban area is mostly of small size, which is why the owners of the household plots are often concerned about how to maximally functionally use the free space. That is why, it is very important that the greenhouse installed in the cottage area should occupy a bit of free space, but it should be as functional as possible. It is the poet that many summer residents prefer the Butterfly greenhouse. However, it has its pros and cons.

Install a greenhouse Butterfly is able to any dacha, for this even does not need any special tools - it You can install a greenhouse Butterfly under the power of any trucker, you do not even need any special tools for this - there is enough screwdriver and a set of spanners

The main advantages of such a hotbed include:

  • Good resistance to unfavorable conditions;
  • Well withstands a large layer of snow;
  • Does not take up much space in the suburban area;
  • Conveniently take care of plants;
  • It is possible to provide very good air exchange for plants.

This hotbed warms very quickly in the sun, which is why it is possible to grow various heat-loving plants. Such a greenhouse is distinguished by its strength and durability, and manufacturers guarantee that it will last for more than 10 years.

As the design of the greenhouse is very light, you do not need to make a foundation for it on the plot, which saves on building materials.

However, despite all the advantages of such a greenhouse, in the process of its operation, summer residents distinguish certain disadvantages. One of the drawbacks of this design is that, due to the frequent opening and closing of the doors, hinges can be damaged, and thus repair may be required. When using polycarbonate as a greenhouse coating, it is necessary to strengthen the lower arcs, since they can sag and bend under the influence of gravity. In addition, many people also note the terrible type of paint applied to the frame, which almost immediately splits and splits, resulting in metal arcs being exposed to corrosion.

Positive feedback on the greenhouse of the Butterfly

A distinguishing feature of the Butterfly Greenhouse is the wall that swings from 2 sides. The design of such a hotbed is quite reliable, since it is made mainly of metal profile and polycarbonate. The customers' comments about this greenhouse are rather ambiguous and everyone finds certain advantages and disadvantages in it. The

The presence of this greenhouse on your site will allow planting to begin a couple of weeks earlier than usual The presence of this greenhouse on your site will allow planting to begin a couple of weeks earlier than usual

Buyers distinguish such positive aspects of this product as:

  • Sturdy frame;
  • Contemporary coating;
  • Good heat retention;
  • Original design;
  • Ease of use;
  • Availability.

Many buyers note that this is a very good greenhouse, and it is a pleasure to grow different cultures in it. However, there are also quite negative reviews, as some believe that the quality of the product leaves much to be desired and that one can independently make a more reliable and durable construction. The Butterfly Greenhouse is in great demand among gardeners, as it can be very easily installed and dismantled. All the required work on the installation of the greenhouse, its disassembly or repair can be done on its own. In winter, you can store indoors or leave in the country. Such a hotbed is not afraid of snow, because thanks to the special design of the roof, it simply slides down from it.

Important!The greenhouse does not need a foundation, and it can easily be installed on a platform of brick or other material.

Conveniently, the greenhouse has a roof opening from 2 sides, as it provides free access to the plants. Another plus of this design is its affordable cost. To buy it can be absolutely any summer resident, and due to small dimensions, there will be no problems with its transportation.

Assembly of a greenhouse Butterfly made of polycarbonate

Greenhouse A butterfly made of double-skinned polycarbonate will be an excellent solution for every summer resident. You can mount the ready-made kit quickly and simply yourself without much effort. Each complex is accompanied by detailed instructions.

If you approach creatively the question, then such a simple construction as a greenhouse butterfly will greatly facilitate the care of plants If you approach the question creatively, then a simple design like a greenhouse makes the butterfly much easier to care for the plants.

The greenhouse assembly includes the following steps:

  • Connection of all frame elements;
  • Attaching support beams;
  • Installation of polycarbonate.

To assemble a greenhouse you will need a set of screwdrivers and wrenches. Thanks to such simple actions and following the instructions, you can quickly install a greenhouse that will last a long period of time.

Important!Before the beginning of construction, it is necessary to decide what will be the shape of the flaps, since they can be made straight or arched.

Greenhouse Butterfly less than 4 meters long with polycarbonate is an original and functional design, which can be built independently. To make the greenhouse of the Butterfly yourself, you need to choose a place, prepare the required materials and tools, perform the foundation, assemble the structure.

Mounting the greenhouse Butterfly 4 m with polycarbonate

For the preparation of the construction, you need to have a drawing with the specified parameters of all the required elements of the future design. When preparing for the construction of a greenhouse, it is very important to choose a place to mount it. It is best if the sun will illuminate the structure in the morning. The location of the sides of the world is important, so it will be better if the greenhouse is positioned in the direction from the east to the west.

Then you need to prepare the materials, namely:

  • Polycarbonate sheets;
  • Galvanized profile;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Metal sheets for base;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian or knife for cutting polycarbonate sheets.

In addition, it is important that it does not fall on the shadow of other buildings, and you could approach the greenhouse on 2 sides. The foundation can be a small base made of wooden boards. If desired, you can make a more durable ribbon foundation. Then you can start building the greenhouse itself. Initially, from a galvanized profile, you need to make a frame, making fastenings self-tapping screws. On each side attach the folding flaps and cover the entire structure with polycarbonate.

Greenhouse Butterfly( video)

Greenhouse Butterfly has a lot of advantages, in comparison with similar designs, even though the reviews about it are quite ambiguous, and there are certain drawbacks. Examples

greenhouse butterfly( photo)