Greenhouse Leader: for the north, the Lotus greenhouse, Atrium in Leroy Merlin, Kinovskaya plus, Basis and new forms

Greenhouses are structures that allow to organize ideal conditions for cultivating The greenhouse leader has a long service life and reliability Teplice Leader is distinguished by its long life and reliability in any region both in summer and all year round. The choice of a greenhouse or a greenhouse depends on the characteristics of the climate and the volume of cultivation, the financial capacity of the horticulturist. What greenhouses offer, today, popular producers and which ones are suitable for cultivation in the northern region - look for below.

    • What need greenhouses to the north
    • Reinforced greenhouses Glass-house
    • Where to find high-quality greenhouse
    • Toeplitz-plus: the kinds of designs
    • New forms: greenhouses
    • What distinguishes greenhouse Atrium
    • arched greenhouse of Collect
    • producer arch structure: greenhouse Kinovskaya
    • internal arrangement: greenhouse greenhouse Basis
    • Lotus:
    • particularly successful season greenhouse greenhouse
    • Basis: assembling( video)
    • Examples: a greenhouse Beautiful villa, reviews( photo)

What need greenhouses to the north

When choosing a greenhouse for the cultivation in Siberia and the Urals, should pay attention to the design load of precipitation and wind, which can withstand the design, Thickness of polycarbonate and carcass profiles, shape of the greenhouse.

Experienced gardeners are advised to choose for cultivation in the far north teardrop and single-pitched, walled greenhouses.

For the north it is better to choose greenhouses with polycarbonate of maximum thickness For north better to choose a greenhouse with polycarbonate maximum thickness

for heating greenhouses northern buleryan can use more expensive or soil heating system grinboks( Greenbox).Good heat insulation of the greenhouse is possible with the help of vacuum plates. To reduce heat losses, any northern greenhouse should be installed on the foundation.

Reinforced greenhouses Glass-house

For cultivation in the extreme conditions of the North, greenhouses with a reinforced frame( for example, the Krepysh greenhouse) will be an excellent choice. Glass-house offers high-quality greenhouses made of polycarbonate from the manufacturer with a reinforced metal frame, capable of withstanding the increased load of precipitation and wind. Estimated service life of greenhouses is 30 years. The most popular models from Glass House are the Rowan and Beryozka greenhouses in the form of a droplet.

An alternative to Rowan can be such teardrop greenhouses:

  • Dubrava;
  • Severyanka;
  • Elit Elbrus;
  • Africa;
  • Happiness of the summer resident;
  • Ural( Ural manor house);
  • Severyanka( lancet).

Glass-house glasshouses have excellent aesthetic properties and wide functionality Greenhouses Glass-house possess excellent aesthetic properties and broad functionality

To 500 kg of snow can withstand reinforced greenhouse Dachnaya Optima. The greenhouse Dachnitsa made of a profile pipe is also considered to be strengthened. Double, monolithic arc has a greenhouse Bastion. Enhanced greenhouses in a wide range of offer online store Dachnoe Kingdom and the company Garden of Eden.

Where to find high-quality greenhouse

Quality products can offer: "Saratov factory of ready-greenhouses" "Moscow factory ready greenhouses", "CSC Yashkinsky greenhouses", LLC "Tehplast Union", LLC "Novgorod greenhouse" plant "Honeycomb" and the plant"Atlant".

Popular suppliers of greenhouses are:

  1. Company KUBO Group - the most recommended supplier of greenhouses in the world( produce greenhouses of the fifth and last generation Ultraclima for agrocomplexes of Holland).
  2. LLC Agro-Ital-Service delivers professional industrial and farmer greenhouses such as vegetarians, equipment for greenhouse complexes.
  3. The company "Impotec" in Moscow offers gardeners industrial greenhouses.
  4. The company "Luck" is distinguished by products of unique design: all models of Luck greenhouses have a roof with slopes of 112 degrees. This allows you to better descend sediments from the roofs. Greenhouse subtype ASG are available in widths of 3-4 meters and lengths of 12 m.
  5. KVR is engaged in the supply and construction of greenhouses for any type of cultivation.
  6. KVG Greenhouse build turnkey greenhouses all over the world, provide services for the equipment of a greenhouse complex.
  7. AGS-Service LLC( Belarus) is the leading manufacturer of polycarbonate greenhouses, which, in addition to the equipment for greenhouses, also offers an affordable foundation from the timber. They can order the most solid greenhouse Titan, which is not afraid of gusty wind and snow.
  8. Teplanda offers prefabricated greenhouses, elite, farmer and industrial greenhouses of various sizes and shapes.
  9. The company "DSK" will not only provide a quality greenhouse, but also perform professional installation of the structure.
  10. The company Will offers popular greenhouses Delta, Orion, Dachnaya Strelka at affordable prices.

Quality greenhouses can be bought in a specialized store Quality greenhouses can be purchased in a specialized store

Most companies offer services for the individual production of greenhouses. Some companies give greenhouses in installments( for example, OOO AgroBaza).To order a greenhouse it is possible at ZIL factory, to get a ready design - from "Tosnensky plant of hothouses"( the city of Tosno with delivery across the Leningrad region).You can buy the Volga greenhouses in Yoshkar-Ola. Construction of the greenhouse complex "turnkey" will be performed by Agrisovgaz LLC.

Teplice-plus: types of structures

The leader of sales of this company is the arched greenhouse Belorusochka, which is available in several versions( with a conventional and reinforced frame).The teardrop greenhouse Kinovskaya Lux remains also popular.

A good choice for growing tall plants - a comfortable greenhouse PERCHINA M.

In the company's online store, you can buy related products: automatic ventilators, drip irrigation system, galvanized curbs for greenhouses, foundation from the beam, end protection set for polycarbonate.

New forms: greenhouses

Greenhouses and hotbeds from LLC "New Forms" were very popular. Special demand for gardeners uses a greenhouse Bogatyr.

Separately, you can order the frame of a greenhouse.

It is better to use a zigzag mount to cover the greenhouses with a film. Reviews in the interior also recommend choosing a roofing film for the Svetlitsa greenhouse.

for drop-in areas is ideal for drop house areas. The cost of a greenhouse depends on the type of polycarbonate and the dimensions of the structure. Standard greenhouse 3x4 m will cost 13 thousand rubles.

What distinguishes the greenhouse Atrium

The Atrium greenhouse is a classic of polycarbonate arched greenhouses with a skeleton made of galvanized profile. In such a greenhouse, you can grow seedlings, vegetables, flowers( for example, Dutch roses).

Arched greenhouses are favorably distinguished by their resistance to wind. In addition, precipitation can be easily removed along the outer slopes of the arch, and condensate - along the inner slopes.

You can put the atrium greenhouse on a beam, a brick foundation and just a primer. If your region is characterized by gusty winds, then it is worth paying attention to greenhouses with an increased level of stability( for example, Garant greenhouse).An alternative to the Atrium may be the Host, who is able to withstand up to 36 kg / sq. Of precipitation. Small size of the greenhouse( 4 m in length, 2 in width and 1.5 in height) allow to place the greenhouse on any site. Maleshock and Present have the same dimensions. Half a meter wide go to the greenhouses of Muscovite and Wave( white).

When placing an arched greenhouse, it is important that it stands against large objects that can give a shadow at a distance of at least 3 meters.

Arzhanka and Betta arched type greenhouses can be made 3 meters wide, and Flora - 3,5.Such dimensions will allow cultivating both tall and short plants in one greenhouse, conveniently dividing the beds by paths.

Arched greenhouses from the manufacturer

The cost of arched greenhouses from polycarbonate depends on their size and the number of sections. On average, the greenhouse can be purchased for 10-17 thousand rubles. The greenhouse in its own or nearby city will be the cheapest. So, for example, in Tver you can find an efficient and inexpensive greenhouse Tverchanka.

When buying an arched greenhouse, you should pay attention to the quality of polycarbonate and accessories When buying an arched greenhouse, you should pay attention to the quality of polycarbonate and accessories

An economical and effective coating for seasonal greenhouses will be a double oilcloth shading the Palisad cover.

More affordable, but less robust will be greenhouses "in the box" - the construction that covers a special cover( shelterlogic), which allows creating favorable conditions under the dome. Such greenhouses are an excellent option for summer shelters.

If you are looking for greenhouses of economy class, then it is worth paying attention to ark designs with a width of 1.5 meters( for example, the spacious house or Perchik), cheetzkie greenhouses, a miracle-greenhouse Summerman, a greenhouse Metles with a cover made of a film "Stable"Type clover.

We collect arched construction: greenhouse Kinovskaya

The erection of a popular Kiev greenhouse made of polycarbonate can be done by any gardener. Kinovskaya greenhouse, usually comes with polycarbonate. If not, you can purchase the material separately( gardeners recommend polycarbonate Topical Bio).A video instruction and a step-by-step master class will help in the installation.

Before you start building an arched greenhouse, it Before assembling an arched greenhouse, it is worth watching the training video

The installation can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Assembling the foundation from the bar.
  2. Installation of the foundation on the foundation.
  3. Assembling the end faces and covering them with polycarbonate.
  4. Installing the end faces.
  5. Mounting of arcs and horizontal stiffeners.
  6. Polycarbonate coating.

Similarly you can collect arched greenhouses Boss, Spring, Hope, Muscovite, Sotka Premium, Success, Tanfi, Kama and Record.

Interior: greenhouse Basis

Internal greenhouse installation The basis depends on whether the cultivation is carried out in the cold period. So, the spring and winter greenhouse will require mandatory organization of additional lighting, heating and irrigation systems, solar greenhouse - aeration system.

The automation of the greenhouse, the management of which is best organized on the Arduino platform, can increase the yield.

In a greenhouse for year-round cultivation it is possible to install mini tez or infrared heaters( for example, from Mister heat).

To ensure that plants do not overheat in summer in a sealed greenhouse, an airing system should be organized

Inside the greenhouse it is recommended to make beds, using wooden boards Inside the greenhouse, it is recommended to make beds using wooden boards

It's better if the windows in the greenhouse are automated, for this you can choose an affordable and efficient thermal drive for ventilating "Rusich." In addition, do not forgetInterior greenhouses, affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly shelving, pedestals and pedestals for garden greenhouses can be found in Ikea or on the site of Leroy Merlin

Seed material can be ordered on the Internet( the main thing to carefully read the description of varieties), and the finished seedlings, Implements any nearby state farm or farm( for example, OOO Ekoferma Kuskulsky Greenhouses, if you are from Orenburg).Unflattering reviews received TC Green Beam in Krasnodar.

Lotus greenhouse: features

Polycarbonate greenhouse Lotus is the best option for any site: the greenhouse has a small size, looks attractive, suitable for growing seedlings, flowers and low-growing vegetables.

The main feature of the hotbed is its design, which makes it easy to ventilate the greenhouse.

An alternative option can be the Kabachok hotbed. More affordable, but no less effective will be Snowmobile from Bashagroplast, the Great Velikie Greenhouse( Velikie Reki №1 from steel pipes with a diameter of 14 mm).A great alternative to metal structures is the affordable plastic frame Grinda. Cover the frame can be agrofiber or film FORHEAD MGH 05.

Greenhouse Happy Season

A hotbed season is a tunnel type tunnel, covered with agrotex with a density of 50 g / m. The greenhouse can reach 8 meters in length. In the kit there are special pegs for mounting the roof.

The summer season is perfect for growing vegetables for own consumption Greenhouse The summer season is great for growing vegetables for own consumption.

The greenhouse is quite low( up to a meter high), so it is suitable for growing seedlings, greens.

Greenhouse arcs are made of PVD, they are distinguished by their durability and durability. Estimated service life of the greenhouse is 3 years. An alternative option is the Garmoshka hotbed, for which I use agrospan.

Greenhouse Basis: assembly( video)

The greenhouse is the best choice for residents of northern regions or gardeners who plan to grow crops all year round. Modern technologies allow to automate the greenhouse, which makes cultivation more efficient. Which greenhouses to choose depends on the goals of the gardener and the size of the plot. For today, there are many companies whose range is able to satisfy any requests.

Examples greenhouse Lovely hut, responses( photo)