Greenhouses with an opening roof: a greenhouse with an opening top, a folding with their hands, an open Clever

Popular and popular today is a greenhouse with an opening roof popular and in demand today is the greenhouse-roof The onset of winter - is the most important problem for many owners of summer cottages. It was during this period that all buildings, like greenhouses and greenhouses, especially those made by themselves, break through, deteriorate and generally lose their proper appearance. All this is due to the accumulation of an ice box on the roof, which adversely affects the strength of the structure, as well as its stability. There is a way out, and it consists in the annual analysis and collection of the greenhouse or in the installation of a structure in which the hinged roof will be. Greenhouses with an opening or recoiling roof are in great demand and have recently become more common in customary structures.

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those advantagespersons Top opening

Greenhouse Top opening has an optimal value, in contrast to conventional structures. On average, the difference in price is only 5%.The advantages of such a greenhouse are an incredible amount, and each item can fully justify the investments and expectations of those who prefer these products.

Due to the fact that the roof is removable:

  1. Inside the snow does not accumulate, which densely covers the ground.
  2. As a result, the soil remains protected for the winter from freezing and desalination, and also useful microorganisms do not die out.
  3. benefits of this very large, and it is that is not required every year to make fertilizer, to provide land beneficial bacteria, which excludes penetration into the greenhouse infections and parasites that could destroy all planting.

The advantage of greenhouses with opening up is that they are practical and very comfortable advantage greenhouses Top opening that they are practical and very comfortable

Due to the fact that the snow falls inside of the structure and its surrounds on all sides, there is its backwater and outside, and inside. Thus, pressure equalization takes place, which keeps the covering material throughout the entire period when snow falls.

Thus, the service life of the structure is extended, because if heavy and wet snow accumulates on the roof, it can simply break through.

Due to the hinged roof, protection is provided throughout the summer against overheating. Removable roofs are very useful, as they can be opened and opened completely. Accordingly, if necessary, you can make a regular draft to ventilate the space inside or open the structure completely, so that the plantings are saturated with ultraviolet rays. It also helps to saturate the plants with the right amount of oxygen and light. Polycarbonate is a material manufactured using modern technologies, and therefore it is designed to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays and transmit an extremely useful component. It is not difficult to assemble a greenhouse with a convertible, and for this you do not even need additional help, and if you correctly design a building plan, then just a couple of minutes to install it.

Features of the greenhouse with a self-opening roof

Designs are widespread due to the fact that they are very easy to install and use. The hinged greenhouse is of various types, each of which differs in configuration and type of opening.


  • Construction in which a removable or lifting roof;
  • Sliding greenhouse-pencil case;
  • Greenhouse Convertible.

To make a greenhouse with an opening roof you can do it yourself, the main thing is to read the instructions correctly Make greenhouse-roof can be their own hands, the main thing - the right to read the instructions

The peculiarity of the structures is that the opening top is the most optimal option for cultivating completely different crops. You do not need to remove the roof every year and dismantle a large mechanism, it can lose its proper appearance over time.

In warm periods, the lifting mechanism serves to form the window, and in the cold for the preservation of heat inside the structure.

Once harvesting is complete, simply open the lid by tilting or sliding it, and no additional processes will be required. Typically, these structures consist of 2 compartments, each of which can be opened in turn, which allows for the cultivation of different crops and even under different conditions.

Assembling a greenhouse with a hinged roof

How to make a hothouse with a reclining roof?It will be necessary to design the structure, select and purchase the material, prepare the components, and correctly assemble it in accordance with the scheme. It is worth noting that the greenhouse Cabriolet or Clever is a new generation of products, and they significantly exceed such designs as greenhouses on arcs, coating with film or acrylic canvas.

The installation technology is a little more complicated, but once you have invested the money, strength and time, you can not worry and use the structure for many years.

It is especially important that the sale of such products is not limited, and they can be both stationary and portable type. The second option is not a shame to show people, it is more practical, as there is an opportunity to change the location of the construction site or, if necessary, sell it altogether.

When assembling the structure, attention should be paid to the equipment and quality of the greenhouse

The cost of such structures is directly dependent on:

  • Complete;
  • Manufacturer;
  • Qualities;
  • Dimensions.

The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with all components and make sure that they are suitable for assembly in order to avoid such consequences as a fragile frame, as well as incorrect installation if the parts are distorted or even broken.

Description of the greenhouse Convertible

Greenhouse Cabriolet or greenhouse Clever is a structure that is in great demand, helping to grow a quality and large crop, eliminating the annual dismantling and installation due to the convertible top.

A greenhouse with a hinged roof is quite possible to assemble yourself, and you can grow any low culture in it.

The greenhouse from the very beginning of the season and until its end can protect the planted seedlings in the best possible way. If necessary, you can flip the roof, and provide plants access to light and oxygen.

Popular and in demand for today is the greenhouse Cabriolet Hot and popular for today is the greenhouse Cabriolet

Hotbed Convertible is a design with parameters such as:

  • Height - 1.2 m;
  • Width of 1,3 m;
  • Length 1,6-3,3 or 5 m.

Make a frame of steel pipes, in which the cross-section is 15x15, with a wall of 1.5 mm. It is best to choose pipes with a plastic sheath, which will significantly extend the life of the plant. Opening the structure can be carried out on either side of the product. It is worth noting that gardeners with extensive experience of work believe that if inside the greenhouse of this type does not fall precipitation, then additional soil preparation is required. All this is individual and depends on whether the greenhouse was opened for the winter and autumn period.

If you put such a greenhouse in the finished configuration, then it will be present such components as screed, hinges, fasteners, PVC pegs to install the design. To lock the lid in the closed state, special clamps are required. As a covering material it is necessary to use ordinary polycarbonate sheets. The roof of such a canvas can withstand up to 50 kg, and if the structure is installed in a region with a temperate climate, where there is not too much precipitation during the winter, it is possible not to take off or, in other words, not to shift the structure. The peculiarity of the model is the possibility to remove the roof for the winter period, which will prevent its breakage, but also the penetration of snow inside, due to which the saturation of the soil with all useful substances, in particular minerals.

Characteristics of the greenhouse Clever with opening roof

For the construction of the greenhouse, which has a sliding top, you will need to perform a number of actions with your own hands. First select the place where the frame will be installed. Then the base is prepared in the form of a foundation.

No less popular is the greenhouse Umnitsa, which is characterized by an opening roof No less popular is the greenhouse Clever, which is characterized by the opening roof


  1. It is advisable to make the foundation bay with a concrete mix.
  2. Do not make the fill too deep, because the design is not large.
  3. It is entirely possible to make the installation of the bar along the entire perimeter, instead of concrete, but only after preliminary treatment with an antiseptic.

The assembly of the frame is then carried out, the canvas is laid. On each meter on the frame must be installed profile, which has special grooves, which will ensure the strength of the fastening and the greenhouse itself, and its coverage.

Clamps are installed on the sides to prevent the roof from closing if it is to be locked.

It is possible to make windows with each end of the greenhouse. Many believe that greenhouses are the best option for conducting successful cultivation of any crop. There is one drawback in the construction, and it is inadequate tightness, which can cause excess liquid to penetrate in strong torrential rains.

Comments and benefits of the greenhouse design

Convertible Among the positive aspects of the greenhouse Cabrio, which opens from the top and can be equipped with additional windows, there are several points. As a rule, if the structure is made in the factory, it does not rust, as the steel frame is treated with special impregnations. The frame is very strong and can withstand even with strong gusts of wind. If the design is installed in latitudes, where there is little snow cover, you can not remove the roof, but it is worth remembering its carrying capacity of 50 kg.

Before buying a Cabriolet greenhouse, you can also read more about reviews on the Internet Before buying a greenhouse Cabriolet, you can also read more about the reviews on the internet

The factory greenhouse cabriolet includes all the components necessary for assembly and installation. Install and use such a structure is very simple and will not require additional work or assistance. The Greenhouse Cabriolet has only positive reviews and is a real godsend for any gardener. It has a unique design, excellent technical characteristics, and also it is functional and practical. The construction is covered with polycarbonate sheets, which can be handled without additional preparation.

The roof of the product is unique and original. It can be fixed, both in the open and in the closed state. Due to the fact that the structure has special central arches, the opening of the structure is carried out as quickly and without unnecessary efforts. To install the product, you will not need a too strong foundation, as it is enough to lay the bars to exclude material from contact with the ground, which reduces the service life and the proper appearance of the product. If desired, you can assemble such a design with your own hands, but you will need to choose a pipe with a section of 15x15 mm and a high quality polycarbonate.

Greenhouse with opening roof( video)

Such a demountable greenhouse with an open or closed roof will be an excellent addition to any garden and a summer house assistant. It is worth noting that if you are self-installing, you should carefully follow the instructions from the manufacturer and do not violate the assembly technology. Only in this case it is possible to get a competently constructed structure that allows growing crops in accordance with the necessary conditions. Examples

greenhouses Top opening( photo)