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Correctly combining the wallpaper in the living room you achieve the exclusivity of its design The living room is the part of the house where we spend quite a lot of time, so it is necessary that the room has a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This will help an interesting version of the walls - a combination of wallpaper. The most luxurious living room furniture will lose some of its attractiveness if it stands on an impersonal and empty background. Make the room more original and lively will help wallpaper of the same color but different shades. This method also helps to zonate the room. For a spacious living room is an excellent option - a combination of geometric patterns that repeat one of the main colors.

    • The combination of wall-paper in two colors in the living room: the best solutions
    • Combined wallpaper for the living room: interior design
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  • Combining the wallpaper of two colors in the living room: the best solutions

    Each combinationWallpaper to your liking. But you need to take into account that the variety of colors emphasizes the individuality of any interior.

    The combination of wallpaper of two harmonious colors can convey the vividness of colors and the richness of hues that are used in the interior of the living room.

    You can emphasize the individuality of your living room by combining wallpaper of two colors It is possible to emphasize the individuality of your living room by combining two colors of wallpaper

    This is very important for rooms where the family is resting and receiving guests.

    Basic combinations of

    The combination of two colors can be combined in different ways:

    • A simple combination - two harmonious colors correspond to each other according to certain shade characteristics;
    • Moderate combination - here colors do not need a combination, but you need them to look harmoniously in space;
    • A complex combination - in the design combine more than three shades with varying degrees of saturation.

    The most important task is a selection of shades that will most suit the interior and have a favorable effect on comfort level and stylistic harmony.

    Combined wallpaper for the living room: interior design

    You can combine different types of wallpaper in the living room, combining them in thickness, using materials from nonwoven and paper, vinyl and silkscreen. All kinds of wallpaper have their own specific characteristics, so before buying them, you need to consult with a specialist and ask about the features of their operation. Using the wallpaper of different textures, you can select individual zones in the living room design.

    The main tasks that can be performed in the living room combining wallpaper:

    • The need to separate individual zones in the design using wallpaper of other textures and tones;
    • The desire to visually resize the room;
    • Possibility to save - purchase of the remains from 1-2 rolls of several similar types of wallpaper in the store at a discount;
    • The need to provide additional protection for individual sections of the walls.

    When you select practical wallpaper for the living room, you must take into account the specificity of all zones in the room.

    To properly combine the wallpaper, you need to choose the shades that are most compatible with each other - the color of the companions, this affects the general atmosphere of the living room.

    Spectacularly look, for example, wallpaper orange in combination with yellow, you can use green with yellow, pink with blue. Look bad blue wallpaper with red or yellow, red with green.

    How to glue wallpaper in the living room of two types: photo-ideas for the interior

    Many prefer to use combined wallpaper of two colors for their living room because of the possibility of finishing the walls in almost any style. If desired, you can combine wallpaper cold and warm colors, filling the design with bright colors or apply wallpaper in two tinted levels.

    Create a design of the living room in any style can be done by combining wallpapers It is possible to create the design of a living room in any style by combining wallpapers

    When decorating a living room with wallpaper of two types, it is recommended to consider some of the features of this choice:

    1. The rooms in the north need clarification, So here it is necessary to glue the lightest wallpaper, usually the lower part has a more saturated color;
    2. It is desirable to create contrasts in the room;
    3. If the living room will be framed by combining wallpaper with patterns, then you should try not to oversaturate the walls with prints;
    4. If a room of small size, it is better to use material on which there will be small prints or geometry;
    5. When decorating the living room, try to avoid black and white shades.

    Specialists recommend doing no more than three basic shades. Thanks to the selected color gamut, it will be possible to determine additional tonalities in the room, reproducing them in decor objects. Usually such are light gentle colors.

    If you paste wallpaper in the living room of two types, having completely different texture or color shades, the overall interior may have a disharmonious appearance. It is necessary to evaluate in advance the degree of their compatibility: the wallpaper should have the same thickness, the chosen colors should not radically differ from each other.

    In the living room is recommended to combine no more than three kinds of wallpaper In the living room it is recommended to combine not more than three kinds of wallpaper

    The right combination of wallpaper in the living room

    Before you embody your ideas, choose a color scheme, you need to think out the color combinations that most harmoniously fit in the general mood of your living room. Correctly combine the wallpaper will help the "color wheel", in which 12 colors are arranged around the circle. Those colors that are adjacent to each other are the most related and their use for this room will be most acceptable if you want the atmosphere in the living room to relax the people present in it. The colors of the opposite sectors can be mutually complementary. Such combinations will make the atmosphere more intense and energetic. Having defined the color and desires, we can safely combine the wallpaper.

    Selection criteria

    The main criteria for selecting wallpaper in the living room:

    • Definition of the main tone of wallpaper;
    • Selecting the desired ornament;
    • Selection of the main type of invoice;
    • Matching furniture and design.

    There are many interesting solutions that allow you to make the most harmonious combination of wallpapers. If you connect your imagination, taste and get acquainted with several of them, you will definitely get to make an ideal living room.

    Combining the wallpaper in the living room allows you to make a delightful and luxurious interior

    Advantages of the

    version Everyone wants to live in a cozy and beautiful house. To make this dream come true during the gluing of wallpaper, they must be properly combined.

    The advantage of combining wallpapers:

    • By combining wallpaper in the living room, you can zonate the room;
    • Possibility of inexpensive wall finishing;
    • The ability to visually change the size of the room and the shape of the room.

    The combination of wallpapers should be done in a certain color scheme. If the living room wallpaper is neutral color, then it can accommodate almost any furniture, textiles and accessories. But if such a room is pasted with a combination of wallpaper, which does not match the color of the furniture, then it must be repeated in the elements of design.

    When shades from the combined wallpaper meet in the design, then a fairly harmonious and unusual interior is created.

    The wallpaper should be the same width. It is much easier to use one type of material that is produced by the same manufacturer. It is advisable to buy wallpaper in the same store, checking each roll on a shade.

    Choosing wallpaper for the walls in the living room( video)

    Using the combination of wallpaper in your living room, you can smooth out the small shortcomings of this room. Combination can balance the overall room lighting, decorate the ledges and niches, and visually change the actual dimensions of the room. Applying such unusual solutions in the interior, you will create a cozy and unique style in the living room.

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