Wallpaper in the hallway in the apartment photo 2017: design and modern ideas, what to put on, fashionable combinations

The right choice of wallpaper in the hallway will make its design exclusive and unique correct choice of wallpaper in the hallway make it an exclusive and unique design Producers of finishing materials such use more new materials and textures. Choosing wallpaper in the hallway, you need to consider the fact that they should not be very light, because in this room a person gets straight from the street. Dust and dirt settle most of all in this room, so you need to pay attention to more colorful colors, but you do not need to choose too gloomy colors, because there is not enough natural lighting in this room.

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Wallpaper in the hallway: modern design

Very interesting option for creating a design in the hallway will be washable wallpaper. A fashionable variant of 2017 are various kinds of imitations.

For example, beautifully look wallpaper like:

  • Stone;
  • Bricks;
  • Tree;
  • Skin;
  • Decorative plaster.

New and interesting now are glass walls that look very stylish and perfectly suited for decorating your hallway new and interesting right now are fiberglass, which look very stylish and perfectly suited for the decoration of your hallway

All these options resemble the texture of the material chosen. Modern technologies and materials allow to achieve similar effect. Another quite interesting novelty are glass walls, which look just fine on the walls. Their peculiarity is that the coloring of such wallpaper occurs after they are pasted on the walls. Painting the wallpaper can be done repeatedly, because they tolerate the action of various solvents. Therefore, the color can be very easily changed and even rubbed with a brush, which greatly facilitates the coloring process.

hallway Design: photo 2017 modern ideas, wallpaper and types

Many people wonder what the walls pokleit wallpaper in the hallway to give elegance and individuality apartment.

Quite interesting are wallpapers made of natural materials, however, so far they are made only to order. Very often this decor is used in combination with wallpaper, because of the rather high cost of natural finishing materials.

In the hallway perfectly suited liquid wallpaper, which are of excellent quality and can be repainted in any color In the hallway are ideal liquid wallpaper, which are of excellent quality and can be repainted in any color

A good solution would be to cover the walls liquid wallpaper. Such a decorative coating is characterized by its seamless material and good contact with the wall. In addition, liquid wallpaper is easy to clean and you can paint the coating in any color.

A beautiful design of the hallway will help and metal wallpaper, which consist of a fabric or thick paper base, which is then applied aluminum foil. A beautiful pattern begins to form from the fragments of the foil. The wonderful quality of these wallpapers is that they perfectly reflect the light and the room becomes much lighter.

Beautiful design of the hallway: wallpaper

For the hallway you need to carefully choose the most appropriate version of the wallpaper. That the hallway seemed more light and spacious, it is necessary to pastel the wall with pastel tones of wallpaper. For a small hallway, an excellent modern design approach is perfect. The lower part of the walls need to be covered with dark wallpaper, and the upper area is lighter. In this case, you need to use wallpaper with the same texture and pattern. Between them you must additionally lay a special curb.

If the hallway is small enough and still with low ceilings, you can fix a similar problem by covering the walls with wallpaper with a large vertical strip. If the ceilings on the contrary are very high, then you should use wallpaper with a clear horizontal pattern. This will help visually increase the size of the room.

A narrow hallway can be slightly expanded using wallpaper with a small pattern, or a unique projection effect.

For narrow corridors, an excellent solution is to cover the walls with light wallpaper, which visually make the room larger to narrow corridors will be a great solution to paste over the wall wallpaper light that visually make the room more than

Wallpaper with a large pattern visually make only a much smaller room. When choosing wallpaper, it is very important that they are combined with the rest of the hallway interior. They should perfectly blend in with the furniture, the ceiling and the flooring.

Exquisite design hall: photo 2017 modern ideas, wallpaper

There are a variety of ideas to help make the hall more beautiful, elegant and spacious. Perfectly suitable for creating an interior hallway washable wallpaper. This type of finishing materials is very easy to clean, so it is possible to quickly wash off the dirt that has fallen on the surface, without harm to the appearance.

In addition, you can use fashionable combined wallpaper, outlining the problem areas of the hallway with washable wallpaper, and other types of wallpaper you need to issue hard-to-reach areas for contamination.

Modern beautiful wallpaper design in a narrow hallway

To arrange the hall in a modern style, it is possible to use different types of wallpaper

In particular such as:

  1. Vinyl;
  2. Wall-papers;
  3. Wallpaper for painting;
  4. Natural materials.

It is not necessary to use textile wallpaper for the hallway, because it is expensive, and not entirely practical, because it will not last long. In the quality of flowers, it is best to use warmer and softer floral hues or to the extent of variegated wallpaper. In this case, it is desirable to use wallpapers with a light base, with elements of a dark contrast ornament or a rather bright pattern.

Photo wallpapers in the hallway will look pretty interesting and help make a wonderful room design Photo wall in the hallway will look pretty interesting and make wonderful room design

Land dark color will help disguise the pollution and light background will help the hall look more bright and spacious.

Pretty good option can be wall-paper. Beautiful panoramic pictures in light or saturated cold colors, made on large-format printing will help visually expand the room.

Unique wallpaper in the small hallway: design

The hallway is the first room, so you need to give it a special look. To date, there is a huge variety of modern finishing materials, with the help of which it is possible to create a special interior of the hallway. Modern high-quality wallpaper for the hallway will last a lot of time, and absolutely everyone can enjoy it.

Light exquisite plant motifs will be interesting. It is interesting enough to look monochrome pastel colors with an additional frame that will allow the room to be more stylish and unique.

Combined options wallpaper hallway

To create a fairly quiet and cozy atmosphere in the hall, it is necessary to choose solid colors. An interesting option is to combine light and darker saturated tones. Almost all the one-color shades are perfectly combined with the snow-white finish.

Wallpaper for the hallway( video)

Among the various variants of combined wallpaper for the hallway, preference is given to vinyl wallpaper, which is highly resistant to various types of damage. Even cracks will not form on the walls, covered with vinyl wallpaper. In addition, they are uni-resistant to sunlight. With the help of this type of decoration you can create an excellent interior design.

Wallpapers in the hallway in apartment 2017( photo)