Which side to fix the drywall to the wall: how to screw, front to the profile, put moisture-proof, GKL

First, a profile is mounted and communications are laid

How fasten the sheets of gypsum board( step by step instructions):

  1. First you need to build a structure of profiles. Do the markup for this.
  2. Fasten the guides to the base surfaces.
  3. Screw the profiles onto the guides.
  4. Lay the insulation, communication or anything else that is provided for by your project on the frame.
  5. Fasten the plasterboard with elongated screws. The standard step counts is 30 cm between the screws.

The correct layout of the sheets will facilitate further work with the GCR.

How to fix a drywall ( video)

It is not difficult to put a GKL if you know all the rules. A job done for glory will make your home or office really beautiful, progressive and cozy. Learn to put plasterboard, and any refinements of interior fashion will be within your power. Examples

plasterboard fastening( photo)