Wallpaper in the bedroom combined photo design: how to arrange different combinations, a beautiful combination of each other

Combining wallpaper in different shades, you can get an original interior with a minimum of costs combining different shades of wallpaper, you can get the original interior with a minimum Solid costs and boring designs are now no longer in vogue, so in a modern style welcome creativity and interesting ideas. The use of different color shades and textures in the wallpaper as well as their combination allows to achieve interesting combinations and not only to fix possible defects of the room, but also to emphasize special attention to a certain object of decor or furniture.

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    • design combined wallpaper in the bedroom( photo)

design combined bedroom wallpaper: pFrom

Successfully matched design will not only correctly emphasize the features of the room, add to it the light, warmth and coziness, but also to emphasize the characteristics of the character of the hosts.

It is possible to highlight and emphasize one wall in the bedroom, using wallpaper with photo-design or an interesting texture, it can be both bright flowers and geometric patterns. The combined wallpaper will decorate the bedroom and give romance.

Using wallpaper, you can focus on one of the walls of the bedroom, making it more vivid and expressive using wallpaper, you can focus on one of the bedroom walls, making it brighter and more expressive

Combining the wallpaper in the bedroom

If the bedroom is required for a number of children, or it is required to create a small work area, Then the use of different wallpapers will visually distribute the space.

Not only in the children's room will be justified the use of several types of wallpaper - temperamental people and lovers of frequent permutations can appreciate the combination, which includes battles that can be pasted into the bedroom and repainted or painted differently.

In a bedroom it is better to adhere to pastel tones, so combine those that will not excite the temperament, not letting you fall asleep, but on the contrary, calm and give warmth in the room.

Combining wallpaper in the children combining wallpaper in the nursery, you can come up with a variety of options, such as pokleit on one of the walls of wallpaper in the form of a world map

options combining wallpaper for the bedroom: photo

most spectacular and win-win are the options, Which are beautifully used between each other three types of wallpaper.

3 successful options:

  1. the first place should be a portion of the most spectacular and beautiful wallpaper, it is best for this suitable wallpapers or wallpaper with the presence of 3D design. They will decorate the entire room and draw attention to small details. If the main motifs are floral motifs, they can easily be repeated using an identical decor in a vase of flowers or by purchasing bed linen with a similar pattern.
  2. Secondary should be a wallpaper, where some colors or similar patterns will be repeated, as in the first version. If you can achieve the desired effect, there will be a combination of comfort and a sense of harmony in space.
  3. The third option should be the base wallpaper, with neutral shades - coffee, beige, gray, milk or white. Sometimes it is permissible to use a small and discreet drawing on such wallpapers, but it should not look nalyapan and not separate from the main theme.

When combining it is better to use no more than three kinds of wallpaper By combining the best to use no more than three types of wallpaper

combination and the combination of different types of techniques and allows you to hide minor flaws in the room - irregularities of the walls, small cracks.

Correct combination of drawings on the wallpaper

If you correctly combine drawings on wallpaper, they can have both positive and negative effects on the person. In the modern market there is a rich assortment of various ornaments, drawings and photo-designs that create a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of style in the room.

to properly combine all sorts of patterns, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. In most stores, there are a collection of a certain type and the type of wallpaper, if they come up on the subject, it is best to purchase similar series of shades and colors, creating a correct registration.
  2. The economical option for creating interesting drawings is the acquisition of one-color wallpaper, on which with the help of a stencil and special paints you can create not only interesting drawings, but also to recreate this fascinating story.

Picking up a color combination, it When choosing the color combination is best to pay attention at the wallpaper from the same collection

If you had an idea to allocate a separate element of the projection or the arch, you need to properly measure it, it will help to avoid wasting money on unnecessary pieces of wallpaper.

Professional Advice leading to success

If a decision on the use of combination of wallpaper in the bedroom, you need to think carefully about the design, because any error is not capable to adjust the space, but rather aggravate the situation and give the room unassembled view.

Specialists highlight several points that emphasize the positivity of the decision to use a variety of wallpaper in the bedroom:

  • This allows zoning, dividing the room into the right segments;
  • With such a solution, you can emphasize certain advantages of the room and hide the small flaws;
  • If the room is disproportionate - long or too wide, it can also be easily adjusted;

Combined wallpaper - a real find, in case you have a disproportionate long or wide room, because they easily hide these shortcomings Combined wallpaper - a real godsend, if you have a disproportionately long or wide space, because they are easy to hide these flaws

Application wallpaper different colors allows us to emphasize not only the wall but adjacent furniture orThe object of the room's decor.

Using quilt technique in the house

The most interesting and common technique of design in recent times is patchwork. If you decide to create a room in this style, then you need to purchase several types of wallpaper - ideally up to 5 types, which should harmonize among themselves not only in color, but also in the drawings.

This technique involves the separation of all kinds of medium-sized squares and gluing them to walls in different and involuntary orders.

Patchwork technique requires a professional approach, since it involves the use of up to five different types of wallpaper Patchwork technique requires a professional approach, since it implies the use of up to five different types of wallpaper

The result is a mosaic effect, the most suitable is the solution for olive or rustic style, and adds home comfort, which are lacking inAutumn and winter seasons, in the period of a replacement and rains.

Fashion and creative ideas repair the house

There are different types of fights - liquid, vinyl, cork, natural, mats, textile, leather and embossed, they all have a variety of textures and colors, where the combination and the combination suitable for any room, allowingThey are placed in different techniques and colors.

There are several options for decorating a bedroom and creating a stylish interior:

  1. Interesting combination of plain wallpaper in one room, similar in texture and color din, but with the release of a colorful wall.
  2. The use of a large pattern on one part of the room must be balanced with monophonic calm wallpaper on the rest of the territory.
  3. The most effective and risky design is the use of different patterns in one room. Here you need to be extremely careful during the purchase, without making spontaneous acquisitions, and accurately calculate all the combinations, so as not to be mistaken and not to spoil the interesting design. Experts give an example of an ideal combination - wood ornaments are in harmony with the floral, and geometric with a different abstraction.
  4. If a person is a creative person and plans to make a room in an interesting style, then it is allowed to combine different textures and shades. The only rule in this case is the sequence - it is necessary to adhere to the gradient technique - a smooth transition from dark to light, or vice versa. You also need to deal with invoices, starting from softer and turning to hard, or vice versa.

There are two types of wallpaper arrangement - horizontal and vertical. With horizontal all shades and pieces are placed in this order, this arrangement can increase the height of the room and raise the low ceilings. For horizontal wallpapering need to use large strips along all the walls, this technique provides a visual extension of the small space and adds zest not only a bedroom but also a living room.

Крупный и яркий рисунок на одной из стен обязательно должен быть "разбавлен" спокойными однотонными обоями Large and bright picture on one of the walls must be "diluted"

calm self-colored wallpaper Experts advise to adhere to the rule of three - no more than three colors in the interior, no more than three different patterns in the same room. Dark color can absorb not only daylight, but also evening artificial light, and gives the room mystery and romance.

If the windows of the bedroom or another room are located on the north side, then the most acceptable is the pasting of warm and pastel colors.

For the small size of the room you want to use the small picture to the room was more spacious, for a large-scale - allowed the use of large graphics and photo wallpaper with 3D design, allocates a portion of the wall and adds style.

Combining wallpaper: 40 ideas( video)

Each color can both cheer up and relax, the most popular range is - beige, peach, purple, pink, blue and purple hues. Therefore, before gluing it is necessary to clearly know for what purposes the room will serve.

design combined wallpaper in the bedroom( photo)