Liquid wallpaper consumption of one package: per 1 sq. M, 1 kg per number of squares, how to calculate per room, per meter

Liquid wallpaper is made of environmentally friendly materials Liquid wallpaper is made of environmentally friendly materials Liquid wallpaper - a fairly common material for interior decoration of the room. Despite the name, a fairly strong environmental material. They include cellulosic and silk fibers, so the finished surface has a specific relief and is very pleasant to the touch. Such a liquid mixture has no unpleasant odor either during operation or after its completion. In the market there is a huge number of manufacturers of such a miracle - the material. When buying, preference is still better given to large companies and famous brands.

    • Liquid wallpaper: consumption per 1 sq. M.M
    • Dry liquid wallpaper: 1 kg - how many squares?
    • How to calculate the liquid wallpaper per room without errors
    • How to store liquid wallpaper, diluted in advance
    • Application of liquid wallpaper on the wall( video)

Liquid wallpaper: consumption per 1 sq. M.M

Liquid wallpaper, in its appearance and manner of finishing, are similar to decorative plaster. The finished liquid mixture is obtained by mixing the dry billet and warm plain water. After the mixture is swollen, you can start working.

Make the calculation of the required amount of liquid material for gluing the surface, beforehand, in advance.

Liquid wallpaper is applied a thin layer, for 1 square meter 300 grams of dry raw materials are consumed Liquid wallpaper is applied in a thin layer, 300 grams of dry material is consumed per square meter.

Apply a thin layer of liquid to a surface in a couple of millimeters in two ways:

  • Special grater.
  • Pistol.

Liquid wallpaper is not an expensive finishing material, so first it is reasonable to calculate their consumption per one square meter. This information is available in every instruction on the packaging. On average, when applying the material on the surface with your own hands, to finish 1 square meter, you need up to 300 grams of dry raw materials. In general, manufacturers form packages weighing one kilogram. In case of working with the device, the material consumption will be half as much.

Dry liquid wallpaper: 1 kg - how many squares?

The consumption of one kilogram of dry material package depends on the skills of the worker. A professional in this matter will have a minimum amount of raw materials, while an inexperienced worker will have a much larger amount. The instructions on the package with liquid wallpaper basically indicate that 1 kg of raw materials is enough for three to four squares. Calculate the rest - it will not be difficult. As practice shows, there are other factors affecting the amount of raw materials needed for work.

One kilogram of liquid wallpaper can cover 3-4 square meters of the wall surface

These factors are:

  • Unsuitable surface for liquid wallpaper. Too polished - hard to control the thickness of the applied layer. Too embossed - it is necessary to apply a thicker layer in certain areas.
  • Violation of the technology of mixing dry raw materials with water: poorly mix the mixture;Take the water too high, or vice versa, low temperature;Admit the formation of lumps;Non-observance of water and material proportions during mixing.

What influences the consumption of material

It is much more convenient and economical to apply liquid material with a special gun. One kilogram of raw materials will be enough for 6 or slightly more square meters. The thickness of the layer, such a mechanical method, falls evenly and consequently, leaves more economically.

The consumption of liquid wallpaper is affected by the choice of the application tool and the prepared wall surface The consumption of liquid wallpaper is influenced by the choice of the application tool and the prepared surface of the wall

It is essential to influence the higher material consumption, the surface may be improperly prepared. Too ideal to do it is not necessary, but the main processes are recommended. Remains of the previous coating must be removed. Anyway, eventually, pieces of old wallpaper or plaster will begin to fall off. All the notches and large cracks are filled with putty. Directly, before applying wallpaper to walls or ceiling, the surface should be treated with a primer. Ignoring such important moments, can later spoil the attractive appearance of housing.

After the final drying of the wallpaper, the surface is recommended to be varnished, with the addition of acrylic.

How to calculate liquid wallpaper per room without errors

Before asking how much you need to purchase the material, you first need to correctly calculate the required surface area. If it is necessary to cover the ceiling with liquid wallpaper, then everything is much easier and it is not difficult to calculate its area: multiply the length by the width. In the case of walls, the calculation is a little more complicated.

For this you need:

  • Identify the necessary zones on the walls.
  • Blank wall: multiply the height by the width.
  • Perform measurements of windows and doorways, then in the same way calculate their area.
  • Add the results obtained from the number of blind walls, so we learn the total area and from there subtract the area of ​​doors, windows and, if available, clean zones.

Calculate the required amount of dry raw materials easily using the Internet. A special calculator is placed on various construction sites, with which you can quickly determine the required area, entering the measurements taken.

In order to calculate the required amount of liquid wallpaper, you need to know the surface area for finishing In order to calculate the required amount of liquid wallpaper, you need to know the surface area for the finish

Now, knowing the exact surface area and information, which is 1 sq. M consumes somewhere 300 grams of raw materials - it is easy to calculate the total amount of necessary dry material. Let's say that the room is 18 squares, multiply 18 and 0.300.It turns out that on a room of 18 - ти squares, it is necessary 5,4 kg. If you take into account that the weight of the package is 1 kg, then rounding the number up, you need six packs of dry liquid wallpaper.

Combining the decoration of the room with several colors, the calculations are similar. Although achieving the exact result will be much more difficult.

It is recommended to purchase raw materials with a reserve, in the future it is useful for partial replacement of damaged areas.

How to store liquid wallpaper, diluted in advance

The repair was completed and the diluted mixture remained, do not worry, you will not have to throw anything away. It is quite possible to store such a finishing material.

Liquid wallpaper in the diluted form is stored no more than two days, or dried and, if necessary, divorced again Liquid wallpaper in the diluted form is stored no more than two days, or dried and, if necessary, re-bred

Storage of such wallpapers implies:

  • In the diluted form. Such ready-made wallpaper is stored no more than two days. After, the mixture spends its quality properties and deteriorates. Hermetically pack a container with finished material is not recommended. Keep the liquid mixture, the allotted period of time, you need in a cool place.
  • In dried form. This is the case when two days passed, and the divorced wallpaper was not needed. Then there is a good way to keep it: distribute the liquid mixture on the oilcloth with a thin layer and allow it to dry. There is such drying for 1 - 2 days, depending on the thickness of the applied layer. Then the resulting cake breaks down into small pieces, folds into a bag, air is removed and tightly knotted. The received material is stored for a very long time. Wallpaper of different texture and color is best stored in different hermetic bags.

If necessary, the dried wallpaper can be easily prepared anew, in a standard way. This reincarnation of the material provides a good opportunity to save your finances.

To avoid the remnants of liquid wallpaper in a diluted form, you should prepare a liquid mixture in small portions.

Application of liquid wallpaper to the wall( video)

To work with modern liquid wallpaper is a pleasant and not troublesome process. The material is quite high quality and diverse, it includes only natural fibers. With the help of such a liquid mixture, you can realize the most daring ideas and ideas on any surface. Adding small particles and sparkles, create with their own hands interesting drawings and whole panels.