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Today, the growing popularity of stickers on the wallpaper stickers on the wallpaper are gaining popularity today. stickers on the wallpaper are beginning to gain popularity. Small and seemingly insignificant things like vases, pictures, photographs, napkins, figurines and so on will help to create coziness and harmony in the whole apartment or room. In recent years, decorative stickers for walls, which glue directly onto wallpaper, have become very popular.

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    • Original wallpaper stickers: wall decor
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    • Original wallpaper sticker( video)
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Decorative wallpaper stickers and their role in the interior

Decorative stickers will easily and easily transforms interior, highlighting its stylistic direction. The composition of the label can be made in a certain style, or belong to a specific direction.

It's very easy to use these stickers. And in a minimal time, you can create a new image in the room. They can be glued on various surfaces - wallpaper, furniture, glass and so on.

Decorative stickers on the wallpaper give you the opportunity to change the interior of the room at minimal cost Decorative wallpaper stickers enable you to change the interior of the room at minimum cost

Most often, the use of decorative stickers is resorted to when there is no possibility to carry out a repair in the room, and the "soul requires" something newAnd exclusive. In this way, you can decorate the living room, children's or bathroom, balcony. Although some use stickers in order to give the room a more stylish look, giving it a certain direction. For example, if you take a room intended for children. Adult wallpapers are not suitable for such a room. To glue wallpaper "from and to" is not always convenient and not always there is such an opportunity, therefore, decorative stickers can help to help with which an image of childhood and childishness settles in the room.

What stickers are for wallpapers

The image can be of different themes, as well as different sizes, it can be small butterflies the size of a child's palm, or a large cartoon character, the size of the child itself. When choosing stickers for a room, it is important not to forget that they must carry a certain semantic load, they must complement the image of the room, should be in the same style. Decorative stickers should be part of the room, not a separate component of it, which does not fit into the overall style.

In addition to decorative beauty, the stickers have other important functional tasks. For example, using a decorative sticker, you can hide a hole on the wall, left after the nail, you can close the picture drawn on the wall by a child's sticker with a sticker. With the help of a sticker, you can hide the seam at the junction of the wallpaper and mask other defects.

Interior wallpaper sticker( video)

Original wall-paper stickers: wall decor

Wall decorations made with stickers can not only be performed by an adult, but also by a child. Stickers on walls and other surfaces of a sticker can be done in a very short period of time, the main thing is to follow the rules of their gluing and further exploitation.

Stickers can be different in size. It can be miniature stickers, or large posters that occupy almost half the wall. An example of such labels can act as wallpaper.

Stickers have a sticky layer, thanks to which the stickers can be placed in the right place very quickly. Unlike photo-wallpapers, the stickers do not fill the whole picture with a picture. They can be either monophonic( black and white), or multi-colored. In recent years, the most appreciated and in demand are stickers, painted in one color, also fashionable are two-color copies.

Stickers on the wallpaper give the room an originality Stickers for wallpapers give the room of originality

The main material of the stickers is vinyl. Thanks to the film, it was possible to obtain an elastic layer, which allows you to simply apply a sticker to the wall easily and quickly, without wrinkles and further destruction. The top layer prevents the sticker from burning out, and also prevents the appearance of glue spots.

From the side of the transparent silhouette is not visible, so there is a feeling that the image is drawn or cut.

Advantages of

Decorative stickers have many advantages:

  • Harmless;
  • Longevity of service;
  • Ease of use;
  • No single size;
  • Ability to select images of different sizes;
  • Possibility of different location of the sticker, even with the approach to the wall and the ceiling at the same time;
  • Creativity, originality;
  • Relevance in different rooms. The wallpaper stickers have many advantages, so they can be applied in any rooms of

    . Before applying the sticker to the surface, it is necessary to choose a suitable place for it. Transparent main cloth allows you to walk around the room and attach the drawing to different places. When a place is chosen, it must be cleaned of dust and dirt, and only then glued. To avoid the formation of various bubbles on the surface, it is necessary to iron the image with a rag or cloth.

    It is important to note one more property of the labels - this is the ability to remove them if necessary.

    Stickers for wallpaper, wall decor: prints and their application

    Children's prints are very popular today. Stickers with a children's image are placed on the wallpaper, placed on walls and furniture. These stickers are a simple and interesting way to decorate vinyl wallpapers. If necessary, this decor can easily be removed and re-glued to another place, and after the labels there will be no trace and do not need to re-paste wallpaper or purchase new furniture.

    With the help of prints, you can not only change the design of the children's room, but also give an atmosphere of comfort to this room.

    Children Children's prints are popular today and their choice on the market is very large

    When choosing decorative items, parents should remember that their child will live in the room, so it is better to rely on his wishes and preferences when choosing decorativeStickers. It is best to search for prints with the child, which will create a room for his child's dreams, and for the parent is a unique opportunity to fulfill the child's dream of the baby. For example, all the girls dream of living in a palace, so with the help of decorative stickers you can create a palace from the children's room, decorating it with flowers, butterflies, crowns and other fairy-tale images. Boys will give preference to sports, or military subjects. For example, a boy's children's room can be decorated with stickers depicting ships, planes, clouds, soldiers and so on.

    All selected stickers should belong to the same theme, they should fit into the overall style picture, without standing out against the general background of the interior.

    A huge number of different prints allows you to select images of the necessary subjects. There are many romantic and love images, children's images and stickers, suitable for style and image for the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, bedroom and so on.

    Original wallpaper sticker( video)

    Before you start choosing the required wallpaper labels, you need to decide on the style decision and the design of the room. It is important to find a place in advance to place the labels and already at a certain place you need to select the pictures of the desired size. Stickers must be made in the same style and color scheme.

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