Wall-paper for brick: masonry, white interior, photo and types, imitation under painting, drawing in the kitchen, vinyl

Wall-paper for brick for many years remain the most popular, stylish and popular in the market The brick wall for many years remains the most popular, stylish and popular on the market The room, which is completely covered with wallpaper under the brickwork, looks rough, too saturated. To achieve a harmonious design and a free general appearance of the interior of the room, the wallpaper for a brick is better combined with other types of wallpaper, combining materials among themselves.

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Bricks in the interior: ideas of

Wallpaper with imitation of brickwork fits perfectly into any style of interior, and at a price they come out cheaper than using natural materials and brick for masonry. A rich palette of colors and shades of wallpaper with an imitation of brickwork, allows you to successfully choose wallpaper for a particular room.

When selecting wallpapers for brickwork, the following room features should be considered:

  • Area;
  • Room functions;
  • Type of lighting in the room.

In an interior with a small area, even light wallpaper for a brick will look rough if they cover up the entire room, so for a room with a small area it is better to allocate fragments of walls with wallpaper for a brick: niches in the wall, shelves, arch, slopes, supporting wall. Premises with a large area can be safely pasted with brick wallpaper completely, you can and fragments, but you must use decorative elements.

Wall-paper for a brick have the universality, therefore can be combined with any styles in an interior Wall-paper for a brick have the universality, therefore can be combined with any styles in an interior The brick wall has its versatility, so it can be combined with any styles in the interior.

The brick wall is not suitable for every room, but if you approach the room properly, you can make a good design.

Best of all, the wallpaper under the brick look in the kitchen and in the living room, near the fireplace, as the design of load-bearing walls in a private room. In public establishments, brick wallpapers are used to decorate rooms in restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, gluing the room, both fragments, and completely. Lighting in the interior with wallpaper under the brickwork plays an important role. For premises with predominance of artificial lighting, it is better to choose light colors of wallpaper.

Wall-to-wall brick walls are versatile, they fit well with any style in the interior. Country style, gothic, provence, loft, harmoniously complement the wallpaper on the walls with the imitation of brickwork.

Wall-papers for masonry in tones

To create a perfect interior in a room with wallpaper with a masonry imitation, you need to withstand the color scheme in the interior. What kind of wallpaper will suit the tone under certain conditions of lighting and interior?

The brick wall has many variations:

  • Matte;
  • Glossy;
  • Rough;
  • Light;
  • Dark;
  • Wallpaper for a red brick.

When choosing wallpaper for a brick, you need to know that matte, rough and dark wallpaper hides the light and the area in the room. Glossy and light wallpaper under the brick on the contrary, visually increase the room and give the effect of additional lighting.

The color scheme of the wallpaper for a brick is as close as possible to natural natural colors: gray black, red, brown.

In stores there are many different tones of wallpaper for brickwork In stores there are many different tones of wallpaper for the brickwork

You will not find bright tones of wall-paper for a brick, unless you create them yourself. The most important factor in decorating a room with wallpaper with brickwork is the color of the wallpaper. Common colors from the light spectrum are white wallpaper. White wallpaper color with masonry imitation is universal, it can be used for gluing any room. A gray wallpaper, 3701 with a white tint, is also universal and well visualized with the rest of the color scheme. Particularly beautiful look white wallpaper for a brick with bright contrasting elements of the interior: paintings, panels, indoor flowers, designer decorations and elements. With the help of bold bright decorative elements, white wallpaper for a brick will look perfect both in the children's room and in the bathroom. Of the dark tones of the wallpaper under the brick, the most common and popular are the wallpaper in red and brown, often they can not be distinguished from the natural brickwork without trying the wall for touch.

Wall-paper for painting under paint

Wall-paper for bricklaying can be chosen for painting, thus it can be prolonged for a few years longer their service life, and the most pleasant thing is that they can be repainted at any time in the color that they want.

Paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper for a brick can be painted using the following colors:

  • Acrylic;
  • Latex;
  • Water-based paints.

Wall-paper under a brick under painting favorable that at any moment it is possible to paint in that color which was pleasant to you Wall-paper under the brick for painting is advantageous in that at any time you can paint the color that you like

Depends on the wallpaper material, the painting methods and materials for this are different.

All types of wallpaper are to be painted only after it has completely dried after gluing, otherwise the paint will not take off and the wallpaper will be spoiled.

Paper wallpaper painted after complete drying, if the wallpaper is painted, pasted a few years ago, they need to be primed. After the primer, you can start painting, using water-based paint, which is most suitable for painting paper wallpapers. Painted paper wallpaper roller, starting with the corners, so that the pigment of the paint is well laid on the walls. If the wall does not acquire the desired color after the first painting, you can repaint it again. Vinyl wallpaper can not be given the necessary color after the first staining, they will have to be painted several times, depending on the color. For the painting of vinyl wallpaper, latex-based paints are used. Flizeline wallpaper under the brickwork are painted with latex paints.

How to glue the wallpaper in the form of a brickwork for painting

The wallpaper, which is pasted with a traditional wallpaper wallpaper, may not be able to withstand the painting procedure.

Wallpaper for painting must be glued with special glue, which:

  • Well reduces the wall and wallpaper;
  • Warns of lagging behind the wall surface;
  • Provides tight walling of wall paper.

For gluing the ceiling with wallpaper for painting, PVA glue can be added to wallpaper paste for more durable engaging of wallpaper with a wall.

Under the paint is best to choose a vinyl wallpaper For painting it's best to choose vinyl wallpaper

It's best to use vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base, as they are designed for painting and take out more than 10 colors.

White brick wallpapers in the interior

Simulating brickwork on white wallpaper looks very attractive, such wallpaper can be glued in any room of the house and in any public institution, studio, halls. But the wallpaper under the brickwork of white color, require compliance with some additional details in the interior design, so that the room does not merge into a single white spot.


  1. Furniture for white wallpaper with brickwork, you need to select dark tones to create a contrast in the room;
  2. Such interior details as paintings, panels, ikebans, houseplants, should be bright;
  3. If possible, use furniture and other small details of the interior of natural materials.

Wall-paper with white masonry is the best to glue in dark rooms to give them more illumination.

Wallpaper with a picture of brick in the rooms

When choosing wallpaper with a brick pattern, you can doubt whether they fit for a certain room?Undoubtedly, will approach, if correctly to pick up them on color, on type of illumination and on the area of ​​the pasted room. The light tone of the wallpaper is universal, the wallpaper is suitable both for the house, and for offices and public institutions.

Wallpaper dark colors for a brick combined in any interior Wallpapers of dark tones for a brick are combined in any interior Dark brick wallpaper can not be glued in the following rooms:

  1. In a room for relaxation and relaxation;
  2. In the bedroom;
  3. In the bathroom.

Dark brick wall tones fit into every interior with the right combination with furniture, but are more suitable for halls, halls, living rooms, in the kitchen.

With a creative design approach to decorating the room with wall-paper bricks, it is possible to achieve a harmonic view of the room, even with dark wallpaper under the brick.

Wall-paper for a brick combination with other wallpaper

Wallpaper for a brick easily combined with other wallpaper. Background, with a pattern, with an ornament, all the wallpaper have a perfect combination with other kinds of wallpaper.

Experimenting with a combination of brick wallpaper with the usual, remember the combination rules:

  • Light wallpaper for a brick combines with dark ones;
  • Light brick wallpaper is more suitable for dark brick wallpapers;
  • Color ordinary wallpaper is combined with a white brick.

If the wallpaper is used as a brick wall niches in the wall, slopes, bearing walls, and any other wallpaper used as the basis for the walls of the room, the room will be ideal.

Wallpaper for a brick easily combined with other wallpaper Bricks wallpapers are easily combined with other wallpapers

Thin paper wallpaper will not be combined with massive textured wallpaper, so combining wallpaper with a brick, you need to consider wallpaper materials.

Textured wallpaper for a brick

Textured wallpaper for a brick look on the walls more naturally than smooth, with the help of a visual effect and a relief base, the wallpaper conveys the appearance of natural brickwork on the wall.

Simulation of textured wallpaper can be different:

  • Modern;
  • Decorative stone;
  • Red brick.

Relief wallpaper for a brick compared to real brickwork have great advantages. The wallpaper is cheaper at a price, it's more convenient to clean, more accurate in gluing than masonry bricks.

The choice of course for the owners, but the relief wallpaper completely replaces the appearance of natural brickwork.

The natural laying of bricks can be conveyed by textural wallpaper Natural masonry of bricks can be conveyed by textural wallpaper

Vinyl wallcoverings

Vinyl wallpapers with imitation brick masonry are used in decoration more often than other types of wallpaper because they have advantages.


  • It is better to lay on the wall when gluing;
  • More natural than other wallpaper bricks;
  • Can be repainted in other colors up to 10 times.

The price of vinyl wallpaper for brick per roll, exceeds the price of paper and non-woven rolls. Wall-papers vinylic wall-paper on a fleece-based basis from Holland are more qualitative and natural.

For reasons of budget savings, it is more advantageous to glue vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base.

Wall-paper for bricklaying( video)

Wall-paper for brickwork can be successfully used both in design of public places, and in design of rooms in the house or in an apartment, it is also an economical option for those who can not afford bricklayingMade of natural bricks in the interior.

Wallpapers under brick( photo)