Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom photo: reviews and whether it is possible to apply, how to use and glue, video

Liquid wallpapers have excellent aesthetic and operational properties Liquid wallpapers have excellent aesthetic and operational properties Make a quality, modern renovation of your apartment with an original design to date is quite simple. The market of building and finishing materials offers a huge selection of finishes for modern interiors. Liquid wallpaper is not the last place in this segment. This - the material is not new, and has long been used for finishing living rooms, office and utility rooms. But for the repair of bathrooms this material is used infrequently.

    • Liquid wallpaper for the bathroom: all the pros and cons
    • Which liquid wallpaper to choose for use in the bathroom
    • Liquid wallpaper for the bath: how to glue
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Liquid wallpaper for the bathroom: all for and against

Liquid wallpaper - a mixture of cotton fibersOr cellulose, acrylic or silk, as well as adhesive. Manufacturers can add wood chips, sparkles, and other various additives to the composition, which increase the adhesion to the surface, and also create an original texture of the wallpaper.

Among the advantages of liquid wallpaper should be noted long service life and a small price Among the advantages of liquid wallpaper, it should be noted long life and a small price

Liquid wallpaper has a number of advantages that allow with and help to repair almost any living space:

  • Easy to apply, creating a uniform surface;
  • Have a wide color range and texture, which allows you to decorate the bathroom in any style;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Durable;
  • Protects from moisture, dust, from the formation of mold in the room;
  • Keeps heat well;
  • Create additional noise insulation;
  • Easy to care for - wash with a small amount of water;
  • In case of damage it is easy to restore, without complete replacement of the coating.

Using additional tools( for example, special rollers), you can get a variety of invoices.

Important: to ensure that the liquid wallpaper lasts longer, the bathroom should be ventilated more often if it is not equipped with a hood.

All these advantages of liquid wallpaper, of course, attract. But there are also disadvantages, which should also pay attention when using this material for bathroom finishing: high material cost, require careful preparation of the application surface, high cost.

Which liquid wallpaper to choose for use in the bathroom

The main criterion, which should be taken into consideration when choosing a liquid wallpaper - moisture resistance. Manufacturers indicate on packages, in rooms with what humidity can use a specific type of liquid wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper is usually sold in dry form in plastic containers or bags. Before application, the dry mixture is mixed with warm water.

Such wallpaper after drying has the appearance of textured decorative plaster.

Liquid wallpaper should be chosen depending on the style in which the bathroom is made Liquid wallpaper should be chosen according to the style of the bathroom

Tools that will be needed for working with liquid wallpaper:

  • spatula: metal, acrylic, plastic, plexiglass(For adjustment during drying);
  • Trowel ( special spatula for leveling wallpaper, use rectangular trowel, and also - triangular and oval for hard-to-reach areas) and grater;
  • Rollers - can be used for application, as well as for giving a texture or pattern;
  • , spray gun - these tools are usually used by professionals.

But for the best result, next to the bathroom, sink or shower, it is worth combining the wallpaper with tiles, mosaic and other standard materials for the bathroom. Or, in places of frequent contact of liquid wallpaper with water, it is necessary to additionally cover the dried surface of the walls with a water-repellent varnish.

Liquid wallpaper for a bath: how to glue

Liquid wallpaper is pasted in several stages.

Before applying liquid wallpaper it is recommended to watch a training video with a master class Before applying liquid wallpaper, it is recommended to watch the training video with the master class

We offer step by step instruction:

  1. Surface preparation. Before gluing you need to evaluate the composition and condition of the walls: in old houses, the composition of walls may be unknown, so there is a high probability of the appearance of stains on the wallpaper surface. Old plaster, painting, whitewashing must always be removed, becauseWhen the wallpaper is applied, all this can peel off, which means spoil the new wallpaper.
  2. The cleaned surface is plastered and primed twice.
  3. Important: the surface must be as flat as possible. Differences and irregularities after the drying of the wallpaper will be very noticeable.
  4. Apply an antifungal agent and allow the walls to dry.
  5. Prepare the mixture: to obtain a homogeneous mass mix the mixture with a warm( at least 30 ° C) water and mix thoroughly. To get started, the mixture should be infused for 12 hours in a tightly closed container. As a result, a plastic mass should look like a very thick dough.
  6. We apply wallpaper: using a spatula or trowel, we distribute liquid wallpaper in circular motions. You need to move from the center to the corners. After an hour and a half after application, you need to "walk" again with a spatula, leveling the surface;

After wallpapering, it is necessary to dry the surface within 72 hours.

The best liquid wallpaper in the bathroom: manufacturer reviews

According to buyers' reviews when choosing liquid wallpaper, it is worth paying attention to some manufacturers.

This is:

  1. Senideco is the production of France. Liquid silk wallpaper presented in a wide range of colors.
  2. Cotex ( Ave France) - cotton wallpaper, which comes in the form of sets for self-cooking, which allows you to choose the color consistency yourself.
  3. Silkcoat - Turkish wallpaper, good quality and low cost.

Plaster - liquid wallpaper from the Russian manufacturer. They have excellent quality, similar in characteristics with French manufacturers, they are easy to apply. At the same time, their cost is much lower.

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom( video)

So, based on your own needs, material possibilities and fantasy, using liquid wallpaper you can create a unique and unique interior in the bathroom.

design liquid wallpaper in the bathroom( photo in the interior)