Toilet bowl: dimensions and installation of the elbow, how to change corrugated drain, video, short corrugation

The bowl for the toilet will make it much easier to install such sanitary equipment Toilet bowl will make it much easier to install such sanitary equipment Previously, the entire plumbing system was made of cast iron, it is quite reliable, but the disadvantage is that the pipes were clogged with dirt, this caused a lot of inconvenience. To change the toilet was a very difficult task, as it had to be selected for all entrances and exits. The times have changed, together with the requirements for the toilet components, the pipes have been made of plastic, which is easier to change, it looks more attractive, and with replacement there is no need to contact plumbers. It was necessary to come up with suitable adapters for them. One of these adapters is corrugation.

    • Required dimensions of the toilet bowl
    • Nuances of mounting the corrugated to the toilet
    • Ways to install the tap for the toilet
    • How to fix the corrugation on the toilet
    • How to change the corrugation on the toilet: rules
    • InstallationFlush to the toilet( video)
    • Examples of fluting for the toilet( photo)

Required dimensions of the

toilet bowl The corrugation is a plastic corrugated pipe, it can also be called a sleeveor cuff. This is one of the most necessary and sought-after sanitary parts, designed to ensure uninterrupted drainage of water in the toilet. Corrugated pipe is remarkable( due to its construction) is stretched to the required size and is connected to the sewage system. It is a very reliable plumbing element, although it has some disadvantages.

Corrugated pipe refers to the weir system. From a solid pipe it is flexible, and from a drain cuff it is long. It is a plastic sleeve that drains water into the sewer system.

Choose the corrugation is necessary based on the type of toilet bowl The corrugation should be selected based on the type of toilet

The corrugation is characterized by its characteristics:

  • Rigid - differs in its wear resistance;
  • Soft - suitable for all types of toilet bowls;
  • Reinforced - in its construction is a thin wire;
  • Unreinforced - speaks for itself, it is not strengthened and cheaper;
  • Short - about 20 cm in size;
  • The increased length is about 50 cm in size.

This element is available in different sizes from 23 to 50 cm, and its diameter is 13.4 cm on the side of the cuff where it is put on the toilet bowl, on the other hand, where it is insertedIn the outlet of the riser, is 11 cm

It is selected based on the type of toilet, the distance between the last and the sewage, and the preferred service life.

Find this necessary element can be in any store that sells plumbing equipment. It is better not to save on such a necessary thing as corrugation. Savings can lead to a serious breakdown, which will bring, as a lot of inconvenience and spoiled mood, and the need for expensive repairs. The outlets can provide a certificate of conformity if the goods are of high quality.

Nuances of mounting the corrugation to the toilet

After choosing and buying corrugation, you can start installing it. The corrugated pipe is different in size and diameter, since it is installed on different plumbing structures. You need to start with the dismantling of old parts and install new elements.


  • Drain and block the water in the drain tank;
  • Remove the tank casing;
  • Detach the old corrugated from the toilet;
  • Make sure that the new whole and the required size, and diameter;
  • Install a new corrugation, attach to the toilet, then to the sewer.

If you unplug the old corrugation first from the toilet, you can drain the remaining water into the sewer. Especially important is this sequence, if the old corrugation is deformed, that is, it is stretched, or if it was installed at an angle to the pipe and its dismantling can be complicated. In the case of a compressed position of the corrugation, it is first necessary to dismantle the toilet itself. All this should be taken into consideration when connecting a new corrugation, as it will need to be changed in due course. In order not to complicate your work, think about it better in advance.

Begin the installation of the corrugation on the toilet is necessary with the dismantling of old parts To begin mounting the corrugation on the toilet, it is necessary to dismantle old parts

If you mount a new toilet and corrugation, first you need to connect the pipe to the drain, then install the toilet bowl, then connect everything together to the sewer. So it will be easier to install, without exerting unnecessary effort.

The very installation of the corrugation is an uncomplicated procedure, which you can handle on your own without the help of a professional. The edge of the corrugation, on which there is an internal membrane that provides a sealed connection, is put on a clean toilet bowl. To ensure greater tightness, the toilet bowl is coated with a sealant, then the wide end of the corrugation is coated with silicone. Dress it must be smooth and symmetrical, which will simplify the work further. Then leave the entire structure to dry the silicone. Then the other edge of the corrugation using a sealing ring should be installed in the sewer pipe. Before installing a new corrugated pipe, the old one is cleaned of contamination, sealing agents, rust and other debris. For certainty, the pipe needs to be smeared with silicone. In order to check whether everything is sealed, after the silicone dries, water is poured into the toilet bowl( into the tank or the toilet itself).Correctly installed corrugation does not flow.

Ways of assembling the tap for the toilet

There is one more type of drainage connection by means of a tap. Connect the tap( background tube) in 3 ways that are suitable in this or that situation, depending on the location of the elements.

What are the connection options:

  • Horizontal output of the suspension type - runs the pipe parallel to the floor;
  • Vertical output - suitable perpendicularly;
  • The oblique output is installed at an angle.

Horizontal output is most often used. Sanitary parts are attached to the wall. Sewage is connected to the toilet using a sealing cuff. The vertical outlet and the outlet are directed downward and a siphon is placed in the bowl. So you can install the toilet bowl at the right angle. It's all very simple, you need to mark up, and mount a flange with a lock on the floor. The self-assembly of the sewage pipes should be carried out in the center of the flange. The toilet is installed on the flange by turning it to fix it.

You can connect the tap for the toilet in three ways You can connect the tap for the toilet in three ways:

Simultaneously, it is necessary to press the outlet pipe to the sewage pipe.

The O-ring ensures a tight connection. The oblique release is connected with superimposing the sealing winding. Winding is carried out with the help of a linen strand, oiled with linseed oil, which must be mixed with wax. The winding is made by not reaching the end of the nozzle by 0.5 cm. Then you can install the toilet and fix it, then insert the branch pipe into the sewer, and fix the connection. Connect plumbing to the sewer, the task is not difficult, it can be easily handled without being a professional in this matter. It is especially easy to do this using a corrugated cuff, and connecting with a tap is more difficult work.

Instruction: how to install the corrugation on the toilet

To install the old toilet, it will need to be cleaned of old cement, dirt, spreader. It must be clean, so that no deformation of new parts of the sanitary ware occurs.

To install the corrugation, you will need tools and a little time:

  • Draining, connecting, flexible corrugated tube;
  • Roulette;
  • Sealant.

To install the corrugation on the toilet, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools To install the corrugation on the toilet, the necessary tools must be prepared.

The latter is necessary to avoid leaking the toilet. You need to install the toilet on the planned place. Decide where it will be necessary to drill a tile, and mark these places.

After determining where to drill, the toilet can be temporarily removed to make holes for fixing the structure. Then put and strengthen the toilet.

You can start the installation of the corrugation, for this you need to smear the sewer pipe with the sealant. Then install it on the outlet and on the drain, after the sealant has dried, you can check whether everything works as it should, for this purpose, draw water into the sink and check whether it flows. If everything is sealed, the installation is finished.

How to change the corrugation on the toilet: rules

Replacement corrugation is sometimes required here and now, and the manufacturers took care to replace it was not difficult. Gofra is an adapter from the toilet to the sewer. Remove and wear it is not difficult.

There are cases in which another pipe can not be installed:

  • If the toilet is installed with a small offset;
  • If you install the wrong type of toilet bowl that was standing;
  • If a specific model with unsuitable dimensions.

Goffer has some drawbacks, it has thin walls, therefore, it is easy to damage. The pipe looks more profitable, compared with corrugated. It is not difficult to shorten, but when stretched, it can sag. The construction of the corrugated pipe can accumulate debris, both inside and outside.

The process of mounting the corrugation on the toilet When replacing a corrugated pipe normally, the old corrugated pipe must be dismantled and everything ready for installation. Clear the cement toilet can be using a chisel. If you do not remove everything that has accumulated on the old toilet and sewer system, when installing a new one, you will not be able to install everything as it should. The whole system can simply flow. Removed garbage and old means of sealing.

After that, you can put a new corrugated on the prepared place, you should do it carefully so as not to damage the new pipe.

It is necessary to install a new corrugated pipe once, and do not alter it, in the following installations, the sealing of rubber seals may be impaired. Basically, this manifests itself in corrugated pipes at a low price, or low quality of this element.

Installation of the corrugation on the toilet( video)

If there are leaks during the installation of the corrugated pipe, then it will be necessary to apply a sealant or install a new one, which is desirable. In order not to change this part often, it is better to choose its good quality. Examples

corrugations toilet( photo)