The sequence of repairs in the bathroom: the order of execution of works in Stalin

The sequence of repairs in the bathroom (photo 45): drawing up the plan, preparation and workflow


Table of contents

  • 1 Planning
  • 2 Do we need professionals
  • 3 Training
  • 4 Major works
    • 4.1 dismantling
    • 4.2 Installing sewer
    • 4.3 Decorating the walls
  • 5 Summing up
  • 6 Photo Gallery

You have decided to make repairs in the bathroom, but do not know where to start working? We will help you and share the secrets of the professionals.

Thus, the sequence of repair in the bathroom.

The sequence of repairs in the bathroomOutset that in order to repair their own hands must be a little more skill than for other work rooms. Whereas it is necessary to work with running water, and with the electrician, and the sewage system.

Tip! If you do not have any skills in dealing with sewage, electrical wiring and plumbing, hire professionals to quickly and easily make all necessary work.

First of all, decide that you want to get a result and what to replace. From this will depend on the price of repair. To associate all this with the planned work on data costs, you must draw up an estimate for repairs.


The sequence begins with a tour of the premises. Determine what you want to update, and how it will be implemented.

After that calculate all the costs that will be required in the embodiment of bathroom ideas into practice, and consider whether the costs are comparable to the scale of operations.

  • Calculate the costs and make a budget.
  • Be sure to allocate money for unplanned expenses.

All your calculations carefully check and consider whether to purchase those or other accessories.

Do we need professionals

Inspired the idea is simple, it is much more difficult to bring the work to the end, and in minimally compressed timeframe. Consider whether you can handle all phases of your own, you may want to invite some of them professionals.

Finished bathroom with their own hands or the hands of experts in any case should be beautiful, convenient, comfortable, and clearly working at all nodes, connections and junctions, preventing leaks and breakages.


The procedure for repairing the bathroom is necessary to begin with a study of the precautionary and safety measures.


  • Review the instructions to the used materials and tools.
  • Making repairs in a bathroom, unplug it.
  • Evenly time to perform certain actions.

Major works

Now sort through the order of repair. The sequence in this matter is very important, because the confusion of action may lead to the fact that will have to redo what has already been done.


  • dismantle the old tiles, freeing it from the wall and floor, bathroom fixtures, door frames, if the planned replacement of the door;
  • dismantle the rear wall of the toilet to free access to the riser pipe;
    The sequence of repair bathroom

    dismantling of pipes

  • dismantle the drains;
  • replace valves in the pipework;
  • dismantle heated towel rail;
  • perform shtroblenie walls.
    shtroblenie walls

    Shtroblenie walls without dust

Installing sewer

  • mounted water filter system, a pressure regulator, a collector;
  • make wiring sewers, water pipes;
  • mount the electrical wiring, the rear wall of the toilet, make ground;
  • mount screen.
    screen installation

    installation screen

Decorating the walls

  • primed the walls;
  • plastered walls and ceilings;
  • to lay tile, trowel seams;
  • put the skirting boards;
  • mount the ceiling fan;
  • install faucets;
  • connect towel rail;
  • install a toilet and connect it;
  • hang a mirror;
  • accommodate accessories.

Tip! In small rooms it is best to put showers and finishes to choose a light that visually enlarges the room.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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