How to choose a toilet: the right choice, which one is better to buy for a house, a specialist's advice, types without spray

There is a wide variety of toilets, differing in shape, size and material There is a wide variety of toilet seats, different in shape, size and material Historically, that the toilet, the most important thing in any home, that's just before it was a luxury vehicle, only the really rich people could afford to have it at home, Now this thing is essential. Imagine a life without a toilet in our time is simply impossible. Therefore, it is very responsible to approach the issue of his choice.

    • criteria: how to choose the toilet properly
    • Nuances selection toilet
    • existing types or a toilet to choose
    • What is the quality of the toilet better
    • How to choose toilet material
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criteria: how to choose the right toilet

Taking into account all these factors, the chance to buy a uniThe pelvis, which will serve for many years, grow at times. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider several criteria.

When choosing a toilet, the design of the room should be taken into account, where it will be located When choosing a toilet to consider the design space, where it will be located


  • price segment;
  • Type of toilet seat fastening;
  • The shape of the bowl;
  • Flushing system;
  • Anti-slip system.

You can also choose a toilet to understand what types or systems of flushing exist - direct and circular. The advantage of direct drainage is that the flow of water from the tank to the drain can wash off all the sewage that is in the center of the bowl from one time, but you need to use the brush to destroy the residues.

With a circular drainage system, the water movement is spiraling like a small tornado, which rotates by a funnel, evenly washing all the walls of the toilet bowl.

Such a system practically does not produce noise when draining and is very convenient to use, but, unfortunately, it is realized only in toilet bowls - representatives of elite sanitary ware. Its hygiene quality system highlights circular flush to direct, because it does not need cleaning, but over the years under the rim may form hydrochloric plaque, what we should not forget, giving its preference to the toilet.

Nuances of toilet bowl

In terms of aesthetics, all plumbing must be combined, so the correct purchase will help to determine the appropriate price segment. As in most products, plumbing is divided into several categories.


  1. Budget - this is an inexpensive, but a quality option for any family, the vast majority of plumbing produced in our country is included in this price segment.
  2. Average cost - the cost is already higher, and the country of manufacture: Czech Republic, Finland, or Poland( Forma), the price ranges from 10 000 to 17 000 rubles.
  3. Luxurious plumbing - is represented in our country by German and Austrian toilet bowls, the price, as a rule, exceeds 25 000 rub.

The toilet should harmonize with the interior in style and color toilet must integrate harmoniously with the interior style and color

The most common option is to opt for a budget toilets. Of course, it is worth listening to a specialist's advice, but do not forget, first of all, he is a seller, and only then an unselfish adviser. You need to choose the best possible option, which will suit the household according to all the criteria.

Also, in order to choose a convenient toilet, it is worth to inspect the sewer pipe and its bell.

Existing varieties of output, differ only in what it is more convenient to install to a particular apartment. The oblique outlet is convenient for the socket, which is placed with a slope, or near the floor itself. Horizontal output - is necessary if the bell is slightly raised above the floor. The vertical outlet is a rare case and occurs mainly when dismantling an old toilet bowl: the pipe passes horizontally under the screed, the bell is moved away from the wall by approximately 0.5 m. In such a case, it is possible to install such a toilet without resorting to a cuff from the corrugation.

Existing types or what toilet to choose

When the price segment is defined, each person will face the problem of a huge variety of models in each of them. In order not to get confused, you need to take into account several more criteria.

Types of toilet bowls, in the form of fastening are floor and suspended.

The choice should be made according to the parameters of the apartment. The floor version is a toilet that is familiar to everyone, which has a leg that turns into a bowl. There are models when this leg does not go along with the toilet, but is attached. From the advantages of this toilet bowl - ease in the production of wet cleaning. Another important criterion for buying a toilet bowl is the shape of the bowl.

The toilet bowl can be:

  • Funnel-shaped;
  • Belleville;
  • Visible.

Suspended toilet fits well in the interior, made in the style of high-tech or modern Suspended toilet fits well in the interior made in the style of high-tech or modern

If the area of ​​the bathroom is small enough, it makes sense to pay attention to quality suspended toilet bowls. They do not have knives and are literally hung on the wall, which helps to save considerably space. The structure of the funnel-shaped bowl, the following: a centered drain hole causes most of the waste to fall directly into the drain, when the water is drained, all the rests are washed off completely. This gives several very important advantages, such as no spray and easy maintenance of cleanliness.

At the drain bowl, the drainage hole is strongly biased forward. That is, impurities do not immediately fall into the drain, but into a small depression resembling a plate and fall into the pipe only when the water is drained. Just like the canopy bowl, the hole is shifted forward, but the groove is replaced by a slight bend. Most of the human waste immediately falls into the sink, the remnants are washed away by draining the water. Spraying with this type of toilet bowl is also a rare phenomenon.

What is the best quality toilet

If all the previous criteria were optional, then the anti-splash system is necessary for everyone. It is the prevention of splashes from the toilet. Of course, you can contact the seller with a request: "Advise!" Or believe the advertising labels, but is it not better to understand the principle of the operation of this system and not allow yourself to be deceived?

The drain hole, in the presence of an anti-splash system, should be as narrow as possible and be as low as possible, it is displaced in any direction and the water column level is low enough. Also important is the presence of a circular rim, but this detail is present in all modern toilet bowls by default and helps to prevent the toilet from splashing.

An excellent solution is to buy a toilet made of ceramics The best solution is to buy a toilet made of ceramics

To choose the best option with such a system will allow for simple calculations when purchasing:

  1. Through the extreme point of the outlet channel of the toilet it is necessary to draw a straight line parallel to the floor line.
  2. It is at the level of this line and will be the level of the water column.
  3. For successful implementation of the anti-splash system, it must be as low as possible.

It is also worth considering the convenience of mounting the drain tank. Types of fastening of a drain tank - joint and separate. Mounting the tank directly to the toilet, is a joint method of attachment. This method is familiar, easy and cheap enough. With a suspended toilet bowl, use a separate drain tank. It is placed on the wall or mounted in it. With this type of attachment, the tank can get a more powerful head and save space.

How to choose the toilet bowl material for the house

When the technical side of the issue was sorted out, it is worth remembering about the aesthetic component. Different materials are used for different toilet bowls, their difference is not only a different degree of aesthetic appeal, but also technical characteristics and even fields of application.


  • Faience;
  • Porcelain;
  • Steel;
  • Cast iron;
  • Decorative stone;
  • Plastic.

Toilet bowls made of faience, have a long service life and excellent appearance Toilets made of earthenware have a long life and excellent appearance

Faience is considered a classic material for the production of toilet bowls. They are cheap, and they are easy to find, and the color of the enamel can be any, but the disadvantage is that with many years of use, it can simply burst, but do not worry - 10 years old this toilet will serve with faith and truth. Porcelain toilets are manufactured using the same technology as porcelain toilets, but they cost an order of magnitude more, but the version that is made of porcelain can easily last 20-25 years, which is a weighty argument for buying porcelain plumbing.

The stainless steel toilet bowl is the most reliable of all. It is easy to clean and it is really impossible to damage it, which makes such a miracle of plumbing ideal for installation in public places.

Cast iron toilets are difficult to find, because it will be very large and bulky, and cast iron itself - the metal is soft enough, so do not even think about using a cast iron toilet bowl, because almost no one does them anymore.

The best types of WC

After reading this fairly detailed review, we can conclude that what would be the toilet bowls not present in the market, the best toilet seat for a male or girl's apartment can be chosen only if you measure the area of ​​the toilet room and determine if you want to have a castSuspension version or various wall modifications. If the bathroom and toilet rooms are connected, then it is necessary to take into account the design of the shell, it may be worth choosing an egg color set if you prefer the Muslim style of the toilet room.

Especially popular among consumers are toilets with a foot

ASD24This kind of toilet bowl does not fit into the usual Khrushchev, but it will not only complement the rich interior, but it can become the main decoration of the bathroom. The toilet that is made of plastic is an easy practical and very economical option for giving. At home, these toilet bowls usually do not.

How to choose the toilet correctly( video)

Modern and reliable options can have a unique form, but the most important thing is that it is comfortable and convenient to use it. The toilet bowl should please the eye and all the other parts of the body for a long time.

Design modern toilets( photo examples)